Chapter131 the newspaper that was quietly brought back

They spent their time doing nothing in the whole afternoon.

The two people didn’t talk much, each of them pondered in their own thoughts.

“It’s time.” Vivian said.

“I’ll stay here for a while.” Selina took out a card from her bag and threw it into Vivian’s arms.

Vivian put the card away, stood up and said, “Don’t drink too much.”

“Ok. Go. Don’t let my baby wait long.” Said Selina, pretending to be impatient.

Vivian shook her head helplessly and left first, because she was going to pick up Roe.

Thinking that Selina might not have gone back, Vivian took Roe back to her apartment.

As soon as he got home, Roe ran to the sofa and sat down. He said, “Mom, can I watch TV?”

Vivian put Roe’s small schoolbag away and said with a smile, “Of course, I will cook then.”

“Ok.” Roe gave a ringing answer. He took the remote control and began to turn over.

Vivian looked at his small figure sitting on the sofa. His two white and tender feet were shaking, and his big eyes were focused on watching TV. She gave a doting smile, took an apron, and walked to the kitchen.

As long as Roe was healthy, she could do anything for it.

Roe quietly took a look at the direction of the kitchen. Seeing that Vivian had entered, he secretly took out a newspaper from his schoolbag, and carefully put it on the table.

He was constantly looking for something with his short index finger, he turned the newspaper over again and saw the picture above, his eyes brightened.

He touched his chin, looked at the man above for a long time, and tilted his head and frowned.

Finally, he drew a conclusion.

–Dad looks so cold, no wonder mom doesn’t like him.

It turned out that Roe accidentally saw this kind of newspaper from the teacher. He borrowed it from the teacher by his lovely appearance, but he could not let his mother see that so it could only be hidden in his schoolbag.

While his mother was cooking, he secretly took out to have a look.

Roe poked William in the photo. He had a cold face and a terrible look that kept strangers back. He muttered with his small mouth, “Dad, you are a loser.”

After a while, he murmured to himself, “But we look like each other. What can I do? I’d better disguise myself.”

Roe found a line of address at the bottom of the photo. He didn’t know several words in it. He ran to the bookshelf and drew out his own little dictionary. Then he started to look it up with his small hands.

When he finished, he held a cute rabbit pen in his small hand and wrote a few words on the paper.

DS Law Firm, 19th floor, Times Building, Sunny Road, the city center.

He also used Pinyin to replace the words he didn’t understand. He picked up the note and blew the ink on it, and then folded it up and put it in his pocket.

Tomorrow seemed to be the weekend, so if he went to meet him and didn’t expose his identity, mom might not be angry.

“Roe, go wash your hands and eat.” Vivian’s voice came out of the kitchen.

“I see, mom.” At the same time, Roe hurriedly folded the newspaper on the desk and put it back in place, pretending that nothing had happened.

He ran to wash hands and eat calmly.

Vivian brought out all the dishes and asked, “Roe, don’t you watch TV?”

Why didn’t she hear a sound in the kitchen?

Roe sat on the chair, holding his chopsticks, and said, “I’ve looked at the time. The news hasn’t started yet.”

Vivian said, “Roe, why don’t you watch cartoon or children’s channel?”

Don’t kids like all this? She remembered that last time Roe and Selina watched the cartoon happily.

“Mom, we need to care about national affairs, and we need to think of danger although we live in peace.” Roe said solemnly.

Vivian couldn’t help smiling, “Who told you that?”

It was too early for him to know about the national affairs.

“The teacher says.” Just leave it to the teacher.

Vivian scooped up a spoon of peas and put them in his bowl, deliberately learning his tone and saying, “My little adult, eat more vegetables. Don’t be picky.”

Roe looked at the peas in his bowl. His bun face suddenly collapsed. He said piteously, “Mom, can I not eat peas?”

“No, I prepared them for you. In case you don’t grow tall, what should I do if it was because you eat too little vegetables?” Then Vivian put some green vegetables in his bowl again.

“Mom, I want meat.” Roe said bitterly.

“Well, hurry up.” Vivian put a piece of lean meat in his bowl.

Roe squinted happily, like a cute kitten waiting for someone to touch, and he started eating.

Looking at Roe’s ruddy face, Vivian’s eyes were soft. If there’s no problem with his heart, how nice it would be…

Roe took a few bites of rice, turned his eyes around, pretended to ask casually, “Mom, tomorrow’s weekend, do you have a holiday?”

He remembered that his aunt said that his mother went to work in his father’s office.

“Roe, I’m sorry, your aunt can go with you, and I have to work overtime.” Vivian also wanted to accompany Roe. She didn’t make up for her leave last time. This weekend, she could only go to work.

Otherwise, the personnel department would be unsatisfied with her, and her regularity of attendance would be canceled. For money, she could only bear it.

“It’s OK. I’ll go with auntie. Do you have a break at noon, Mom?” Roe pretended to nod his head obediently.

Vivian was very pleased and said, “I have two hours to have a break at noon. I will have a rest at 11:00a.m. and go to work at 1:00p.m.. Do you want me to have lunch with you?”

“No, no, mom, take care of yourself.” Roe quickly waved his hand. If mom had dinner with him, how could his plan be implemented?

“OK, I’ll go to see you when I get off work.”

Vivian didn’t know about Roe’s idea and felt extremely warm in her heart. Roe was so sensible while he was so young. She thought she was really lucky.

Roe had inquired about the news he wanted to know, and quietly ate the dishes in the bowl.

After dinner, he got down from the chair and took his bowl and chopsticks to the kitchen.

It was a habit that Roe had developed since he was a child, so Vivian didn’t stop him from doing so. It’s better for children to learn to be independent from childhood.

“Mom, I want to watch TV now.” Roe ran to turn on the TV and skillfully turned to the local news channel.

Vivian looked at his adult-like action, she smiled and said nothing. She started to pick up the dishes and send them to the kitchen to wash.