Chapter 156 It’s Time to Meet Her

A meal has been messed up just because of her. Lily is not in a mood. Especially when she sees that Rex is standing there alone, she blames herself and feels guilty.

She is simple; all of her emotion is showed on her face. Rex can see it through a glance, and at the same time, he feels distressed. He then forcibly pulls her into his arms, “why are you hiding, they are not here for a meal, don’t blame yourself.”

He would rather she complains to him when she is wronged, not blaming herself all alone.

Lily’s hands and feet are cold. Too many things have happened today. She doesn’t know how she feels now. She always thinks that falling in love with him is so tired, but never thinks that he also carries a lot of burden.

Not all men can fight for a woman like this, but he did it, which also distressed her.

Rex grasps the woman’s cold fingers. His strength is as firm as his heart. “It will be fine, don’t think too much, and let me solve it.”

Lily sucks her nose and nods, “I know my past will be a burden for you. But Rex, can you just hold me tightly, I’m really confused. If you really want to let me go, just tell me, I won’t force you.”

Hearing it, Rex feels that he’s heart is being hit hard, and the pain is dull. Instead of letting go, he held tighter, “As long as you want, I won’t let go.”

Lily’s mouth is pressed into a line. After crying for quite some time, her tremble voice is steady, “Okay.”

As soon as the word fell, Rex bents down his waist.

When the old people leave the Villa, Marina has received the news. Maxx doesn’t hide and tells her everything, since she asked a lot of aggressive questions.

After learning that the two old people have met Lily, Marina couldn’t calm down at all. Her head is full of fantasies, wondering what they said and whether they would accept Lily or not.

What if… Marina shakes her head. There is no what if, she definitely won’t let these possibilities to happen!

She must take an action.

Marina goes upstairs to take the phone that is placed on the drawer. Since she hasn’t recovered from the shocked emotions, she almost knocks herself to the ground.

Maxx quickly steps forward and supports her. His palm touches the back of her hand. This is the first time he is really close to her, his heartbeat suddenly accelerates, “Marina, are you okay?”

Since the last conversation, Maxx doesn’t call her Ms. Marina anymore; instead, he calls her at an intimate name, Marina.

Marina is disgusted for a while and quickly steadies her foot while quietly withdrawing her hand back, “I’m fine.”

After she finished speaking, she looks at Maxx with begging, pretending to be weak in her voice, “Help me get the phone from the tableside of my bedroom.”

Maxx thinks that she is desperate and wants to contact Lily, there is an embarrassment on his face, “Marina, you know I am one of Rex’s assistance, I can’t provide you any information. If you contact Lily now, I might be exposed and I might not stand by your side anymore…”

“Are you afraid?” Marina cuts him off, examining his evasive eyes and adds in after a moment of contempt, “You can rest assure, I am not looking for Lily. I have someone else to contact. You won’t be exposed, don’t worry.”

Someone else?

After doubting for a while, Maxx thinks of Jade. Could it be that they are in constant contact?

Seeing that he is suspicious, Marina lowers her eyelids and rolls her eyes. Suddenly, her feet become soft and she pretends to be unintentionally leaned on Maxx’s arms, “oh…”

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Maxx’s thought is interrupted at once, looking nervously at the woman in his arms.

Marina only feels that her skin that is touching his clothes is very disgusting. However, she doesn’t get up immediately. Instead, she keeps on leaning against the man’s tough body, “I am a little dizzy, and can you please hold me up.”

Maxx is worried about her condition and has no doubt. He bends over to hug her up. It is inevitable for him to touch her as they walk together.

Although Marina is ill and still not recover yet, he can see her beauty. Even though she doesn’t have much flesh on her body, her skin is amazingly white. Maxx couldn’t help but think of the scene when she accidentally appears in front of him in pajamas with two unbuttoned button on the collar, which is enough for people to have an illusion.

Thinking of it, Maxx’s hands tighten. The thumb catches the flesh on her waist, which makes Marina’s face even paler, but she still needs to act up a little.

After a hard way through the bedroom, Maxx puts her on the bed. Marina pulls the drawer and takes out the phone. After finding the number, she looks at the man who is standing on the side, “You can go out now.”

“Will you be all right alone?”

Will you stay with me if I’m not?

Marina sneers at the bottom of her heart, but dare not to expose it. She just regards him as an unworthy one. If it wasn’t for him to look after her, she would not even look at him.

“Marina?” Seeing her staying silence, Maxx calls her out in worry.

Marina recovers and smiles faintly while saying, “I’m fine, maybe it is because of lacking of rest. Relax. I will call you if something happen.”

“Okay then. I will be in my room, call me any time.”

“Yes, go out now.”

She watches as Maxx leaves step by step. Until a click sound rises, Marina loosens her acting; her face is cold and also bitter while calling Jade.

The phone rings a few times before it is picked up. The other party’s voice is a little excited, “Hello? You’ve finally called me…”

“Cut the crap. Now that the opportunity has come, do you want to seize it?” Marina doesn’t have a mood to listen to her nonsense and asks her straight away.

On the other end of the phone, by looking at herself in a muddy ground and ruined rural courtyard in front of her, Jade is fierce and resentful, “I have nothing left now, so I’d be careful to go out. I am afraid that I’ll be recognized by the police. As long as there is a chance, I will seize it.”

Speaking of which, she pauses for a moment to take out a 2 dollar cigarette from her white dress and lit it. After sucking a deep breath, she laughs lightly, “Say it, what should I do.”

Marina inhales deeply; her hand inside the quilt clenches up, even the smooth quilt is nipped by her. She grits her teeth and says, “Rex’s grandparents went to his house today, Lily has already met them, so we must stick to the plan. I’ve stayed in the broken place for too long; it’s time to meet her!”