Chapter 155 I Won’t Allow Others to Bully You

Lily feels aggrieved and can’t say anything. She can’t help crying again. Without waiting for Rex to wipe, it floods again.

When listening to her sobbing voice, Rex’s heart breaks into pieces. “Did they scold you?”

Lily shakes her head and doesn’t know how to tell him. She is afraid that he will quarrel with his grandparents if she says too much. Thus, she has no choice but to suffer in silence.

However, Rex can also think of the reason although she is unwilling to tell. His grandparents have come to mock Lily, but didn’t expect that he would rush back halfway.

Fortunately, he has hurried back. If he couldn’t come back, she may suffer more grievances and weep herself out.

“The old couple is feudalistic and conservative. When they were young, they were used to follow a pattern, so they still follow the same old standard now. You don’t have to worry about it. Wait till they understand you, they won’t say much anymore.” Rex raises her hand and tucks her hair behind her ears. He looks at the red eyes and leans down to kiss her.

The salty tears slide down into his mouth along her lips, it taste really sour.

“I, I don’t blame them for thinking this way. I just feel helpless…” After several days of cold war and suspicion, in addition to the harshness from his grandparents, she has endured too much and is on the brink of collapse.

Rex holds her back into his arms, his big palm wipes away her tears from time to time, her back is trembled because of it, “Relax, I won’t let you face it alone. I will find a way to let my grandparents accept you, okay?”

“It is difficult.” Lily closes her eyes sadly, “How can it be so difficult…”

The things that are easy for others are always difficult for her. After this hurdle, the next one will come, she never sees the end.

“Stop crying, your eyes will be swollen later.” Rex supports her to sit by the bed, getting down on one knee so as to meet her gaze.

Lily feels the warmth of the man’s palm; her eyelashes are still wet with tears. “I want to stay alone.”

Now, she has a lot of thoughts and emotions, which can’t be sorted out at once, thus she wants to sit for a while.

Rex is about to speak, but before it. The door of the bedroom is knocked from the outside, followed by a dull voice of the old man, “Rex, the TV suddenly can’t be turn on, go downstairs and fix it for me.”

Lily subconsciously raises her hand to wipe her tears and pushes him quickly, “Go ahead.”

Rex looks at the girl sitting by the bed, his heart twists uncomfortably. The sound of knocking continues to ring in his ears. He moves his vision, both hands leaving her waist and breathes out long breath before leaving for the door.

Once he opens it, Rex goes out and soon closes it again, isolating the man’s vision from the room.

The old man freezes, seeing that he only come out alone without anybody following him. He walks slowly down to the stairs; Rex looks clearly at the man’s unstable pace and steps forward to help him to the first floor.

“Rex, the TV…”

“Enough.” Rex doesn’t even look at the TV, his handsome brows is sinking and pressing together, and it is not hard to see his impatience and anger.

Realizing that the atmosphere is wrong, Rex’s grandma also comes out of the kitchen and stands between the two, then looks at him in disappointment, “Rex, why are you talking to your grandpa in this way?”

“I know you are dissatisfied with Lily. You think she is not good enough for me. You have been making everything difficult for her since you come. My silence doesn’t mean that I agree on you, I just hope that you can restrain yourself and don’t go too far. But now it seems that it’s useless.” His words are really firm. Just now Lily was crying sadly, but she refuses to say a word. And the last string of his endurance has also broken.

“Did we do anything wrong? Tell me about it. You guys haven’t been married yet, but you have lived together. Is it the behavior that a good girl should have?” The old lady says and feels ashamed.

Rex pulls his lower lips, “She doesn’t want it, but I forced her to come.”

At the beginning, he does threaten her to move here. But now, it becomes a reason for others to mock at her. They think she is promiscuous and is a gigolo.

The old lady obviously disbelieves it and mocks him, “I didn’t see that she is unwilling, it must be her ridiculous wish!”

Rex’s eyebrows twitched, the emotion has reached his head. But he couldn’t blame them too much. He finally understands why Lily is so helpless, and why she feels it really difficult.

When a person does not trust you, everything becomes sophistry.

“No matter what you say, as long as I’m here, no one can trouble her.” Now that an explanation is useless, he will become tough in this issue.

The old man stares at him straightly, “Well, now you’re angry with me and your grandma just because of that woman, right?”

“Not me, you force me.”

“How can we force you, why is it so difficult for you to find a clean woman to marry? It is fine for everyone except such a stinky woman from the street, you…”

“Grandpa!” Rex interrupts him, “Insulting her is insulting me.”

“Well, okay, since you want to protect her… okay, Rex, you are really good.” The old man pointed at Rex, and the crutches in his hand knocked hard on the ground twice, “Let’s go. Let’s go right now. Since you said that, then I will tell you that as long as we are in the family, she will not be allowed to enter the door. If you let her in, our relationship is over.”

The old man turns around immediately and walks away. The old lady stands in the place and looks at the old man, then looks at him again, she couldn’t help but complain, “Look at you! Hey, do you think that it’s worthy?”

In the end, she still unbuttoned the apron and walks out of the Villa with the old man. The door is slammed shut, even the shoe cabinet on the side vibrates twice.

Rex takes a deep breath and calls the driver to send his grandparents to the house safely.

After hanging up the phone, he turns around and sees Lily standing beside the sofa in the living room.

“Are they… gone?”

Rex’s hand that is holding the phone tightens. He slightly bows his head and walks toward her quickly, and then he puts the phone on the table side. He wants to hug her but Lily steps back to avoid.

The man freezes in the air, the noisy atmosphere from the living room just now freezes into an ice.

Lily blinks her eyes; her breath is trembling, “Is it because of me?”

Just now from the upstairs, she heard a noisy sound. She couldn’t bear it anymore and comes out only to hear the sound of the door closing.

When she comes down, there is only one person left. He turns his back to her and is calling the driver to be careful on the road. He stands by the huge window. The color outside of the window gradually dims and the bright light seem very lonely.