Chapter 154 It is My Fault, Stop Crying

Rex sighs helplessly, “I know you’re conservatives that you can’t accept a woman who has a marriage history, but Lily is not the person like what you think. She is very simple and kind. She has no bad habits. She is not frivolous too…”

“Enough is enough; you’re just blind with love that everything is good.” The old man interrupts him by waving his hand off.

Rex shakes his head and doesn’t want to continue to chat. The two rarely visit him, so he doesn’t want it to burden them. For Lily, he knows that he won’t change his attitude only because of a few words of his families.

Half an hour later, Lily brings the ingredients into the house. There are carrots, mutton, fresh fruits and also vegetables. Rex wants to come up to help but is blocked, “Don’t make troubles. If they see this, they will be unhappy again.”

She walks to the kitchen all the way and places it on a clean counter. The old lady just finished kneading dough and is checking it for the second time. She points at the refrigerator and asks, “There is no pepper at home, and did you buy it?”


Lily scratches her mind. They didn’t let her buy pepper just now.

Seeing her appearance, the old lady has already figured out the result, “You didn’t buy it?”

“I thought we don’t need it, so I didn’t buy it…” After it, Lily adds in hastily, “I’ll go and buy it now, do you need anything else, and I will buy it together.”

“Just buy the pepper first, let’s see later.”

See later…

Lily has no choice but to go back and walks out of the door of the villa. She looks at the lit car in distance and then walks there feebly and tells the driver, “Let’s go to the market again.”

The driver is slightly puzzled, “Are we going again?”

They just came back ten minutes ago.

Lily nods, “Yes.”


Once the car starts, Lily looks at the scenery outside the window and feels aggrieved. In fact, the old lady doesn’t forget to let her buy pepper, she deliberately asks her to run an errand again so as to to show her strength.

If Rex doesn’t rush home just now, she doesn’t know what she will face again. Now that Rex is home, they won’t go too far.

Lily leans her head against the car window, feeling very tired. It seems that a weight has been put on her shoulders, which make her couldn’t lift it up. Facing the elders, she has no choice but preforms her best. The rumors make it difficult to eliminate these negative effects.

It is understandable to think about it. If she was his grandma, she might also not allow a woman to ruin Rex’s reputation. However, the more she thinks, the more tired she feels.

She has had a round trip just for a packet of pepper. When she gets home, the dumpling stuffing is already seasoned.

When the old lady sees her, she says, “How can you just arrived, I’ve seasoned all of it. Put it aside.”

Lily grabs the pepper in her hand and stands still.

The old lady stops her movement and turns to look at her, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Lily inhales deeply and puts the pepper on the cabinet beside, “I will help you to roll the wrappers.”

The old lady doesn’t expect that Lily will say it, and gives her a deliberate glace, trying to find some negative emotions on her face. But she fails. She couldn’t see anything except some depression.

The two are busy working in the kitchen. Lily’s speed is not very fast, but fortunately, the rolling is symmetrical. The old lady is experienced in cooking and wraps quickly. Therefore, Lily doesn’t dare to slow down herself. When all stuffing is wrapped into dumplings, her right arm is numb.

Lily rubs her shoulders and arms. After seeing it, the old lady takes the dumplings aside, “It’s all done, you can leave.”

“It’s okay, I’ll cook the dumplings. You’ve been busy all afternoon, go out and have a rest…” As she said, Lily is going to get the spatula.

The old lady avoids her hand and speaks a lot harder, “Lily, you don’t have to be so polite. This is Rex’s house, you’re the guest, and you should rest.”

In a word, she directly pulls Lily’s position ten feet away while showing her attitude. For them, she is merely an unfamiliar ‘guest’.

Lily exhales deeply and constantly consoles herself to stay calm, don’t be anxious, “You think too much, I just want to help.”

“No need.” The old lady’s gaze meets hers, “I know what you mean, we have a firm attitude, but you don’t have to change our mind, it’s useless to do this.”

Lily frowns, “I have no intention to change your attitude towards me. I also know that these things will not change easily. I can understand your attitude, but I didn’t do it on purpose, I just want to help.”

“Oh.” The old lady sneers as she says, “Everyone can say such a nice word, Lily. If you are really sensible, you should take an initiative to leave after seeing our attitude. We didn’t want Rex to be involved with you, you’ve delayed his future.”

The old lady becomes more and more annoyed, her tone has become shaper, and her attitude is very firm. She shows no mercy for Lily.

Lily lowers her eyelids; her throat shakes and says weakly yet softly, “I didn’t want to delay him.”

“Did you think that the outsiders will stop talking about it? Maybe it is like what Rex says, you’re not a bad girl, but in our eyes as elders, you have a marriage history after all, what do you think what outsiders will say?”

Lily is rendered speechless and doesn’t know what to say.

The two are in a stalemate, which makes the atmosphere become very heavy, the old lady sighs, “Enough, you go out.”

After it, she turns around to do the things on her hand, never giving a glace to Lily again.

Lily wipes her hand and walks out of the kitchen slowly. When she goes upstairs, she happens to meet Rex, who just comes down from the study room. The two look at each other, no one speaks but her eyes are already red.

Because of the things in the bar before, the two has been in a cold war. Even though they live under the same roof, they rarely speak. They are always sulking and pretending to be indifferent. If it is not for the two people today, he might not come back.

At this moment, looking at the woman’s red eyes, and also the extreme endurance in her eyes, Rex’s heart is like being grasped by a pair of invisible hand, which is very painful.

Seeing that her tears is about to fall, the man stretches out his arms to hold her into his arms and puts his big palm in her back, gently comforting, “Don’t cry.”

It is better for him not to say, once he said it, the tears soon falls down like an unscrewed faucet. The old man is still in the living room, which makes her suppress her voice. There is a grievance in her heart and she bites on the clothes in his chest.

The hot tears soon penetrates the fabric and wet the skin of his chest, it is like a strong acid that is splashed to him. Rex takes her into the room and closes the bedroom.

After two days of a cold war, the two bodies hug each other tightly, no language is essential for this time. Lily cries for a long time and doesn’t calm down until her eyes is swollen and couldn’t see clearly.

Rex gives a gap between them to wipe her tears on the face. His tone is really soft as if he’s coaxing a child, “Lily, it’s my fault, stop crying.”