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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 153 He Rushes Back

Once the word fell, Lily’s body seems to be cut through that she felt so cold. There seems to have a cold wind in it. She wants to block herself, but her body is as heavy as an iron.

This sentence, Rex’s grandpa has told her on the phone before. When she listens to it again at this moment, the inferiority and pain actually increase.

Lily lowers her head. The old couples sit on the sofa and say nothing. They are waiting for her to express her opinion. However, before Lily has time to speak, the door of the Villa is opened from outside.

In the tranquil room, a click sound fills the air; followed by the unlocking sound of the door, the thick gold-plated door is pushed open. A familiar figure appears on the door.

The man’s long body blocks the light, which passes through his body and outlines his overall appearance vaguely.

Lily looks up and watches as the man walk toward her step by step. She doesn’t recover until she is taken into his arms, “You, why are you going back?”

Rex listens to her soft voice and quickly glances on her body. After knowing that she is fine, he relaxes, “I didn’t check my phone on the meeting, but I called you just now, you didn’t pick it up.”

At that time, he is having a public meeting, which takes quite some time. During the break, Joe hands over his phone. After seeing Lily’s missed call, he thinks that she rarely call him, but before he can be happy, he sees those message–

Your grandma and grandpa have come here.

Seeing these few words, Rex doesn’t want to go on the meeting anymore. He suspends the meeting and postpones it, and then flees all the way to the Villa.

Lily touches her pocket, her phone is not there. “It is in the kitchen, I didn’t hear it.”

The two are whispering to each other. However, their voice is low. The old people are too old to hear it clearly; they merely see that the two are so close together, which makes them feel uncomfortable. So they clear their throats.

Lily looks at the man and stands up immediately after it, feeling a little touched and sad. She feels touched when she hears that he went straight home. And she feels a little sad that she is happy with such trivial thing.

“Rex, have you finished your work?” the old lady is pleasant to see him back and steps forward to greet him, her vision couldn’t be removed.

Rex looks at his grandparents who are sitting on the sofa and suddenly feels uneasy, “Grandpa, grandma, why are you suddenly here without telling me?”

If he prepares, it wouldn’t be so awkward.

However, the old couples has already had a thought, they did it in purpose. Recently, the news has been heated; and is a person who is good at keeping secrets. Since they can’t get any information from Rex, they can just come unexpectedly.

Thinking about this, the old man’s face changes, “Why? Can’t we come without telling you?”

They are still his grandparents anyway, Rex can’t say anything, “That is not what I mean, I’m afraid I can’t treat you well.”

“You don’t have to worry about him anymore, he is strong.” His grandma waves her hand and cries out her husband who is sitting next to him, “Your grandpa and I have nothing to do, so we came here to see you, but we didn’t expect that you’re not here.”

Now that Rex is back, she won’t make the atmosphere as stiff as before. She knows well the temper of her grandson, who is as stubborn as a donkey. The more they compel him, the more rebellious he will be. It won’t pay if they insist.

“Rex, do you still have work in the afternoon?”


“That’s great, let your grandma cook you a meal, you like carrot dumplings, right? Let her make it for you.” His grandpa speaks out, “There is no one who can make it for you here, I’ll let the driver buy some fresh ingredients.”

Rex fully understands the real meaning behind their words. If it is in normal times, then it is fine. But now that Lily is here, after thinking of it, he gently refuses it, “No need for the trouble, I don’t usually cook, let’s eat outside.”

“Food outside is not as good as homemade dishes, besides, since we’re here, it’s not a trouble!” after speaking, he also looks at Lily, “Is it inconvenient for Lily?”

There is a throb in Lily’s heart, she quickly explains it. “You think too much, I’ll go with the driver to buy some ingredients.”

As soon as the old man said it, Lily either can’t refute or keep silent, which really puts her in a dilemma.

Rex presses his eyebrows, he is about to burst out his temper. Lily pulls his sleeve and whispers, “You’re free in the afternoon anyway, it’s all for you.”

Rex lets out a breath and raises an eyebrow and asks, “Can you make dumplings?”

There is some embarrassment in her face, “Emmm… let’s try.”

She often rolled the wrappers when she is a kid, so she is skillful in making wrappers. Just that the appearance of the dumplings she wrapped is not that good and that she is not good in making the stuffing for dumplings.

“Don’t regret later.” Rex leaves such a sentence and says nothing, leaving her in a mess alone.

The old couple insists on making dumplings and it is hard to turn down their warm-hearted offer. Lily couldn’t say anything about it. She takes her wallet and goes out with the driver to buy ingredients.

After she left, Rex comes downstairs, he has changed into a casual clothes. The old man is drinking a tea and watching TV in the Living room. The old lady is busying herself in the kitchen.

Rex turns around and sits on the sofa opposite to the old man. He glances down at the tea on the table, which hasn’t been drunk yet and turns cool.

When he raises his vision, he happens to meet the eyes of the old man. After all, they are families, they know each other.

“Say whatever you want. Please don’t look at me like this.” the old man clears his throat, his heart is like a mirror.

Rex doesn’t say anything and picks up the cup from the table to take a sip of the cool tea, and then slowly puts it down again, “What did you tell her?”

Hearing the words, the man snorts coldly, “Are you defending her?”

“Maybe.” Rex nods and admits generously.

The old man chokes for a while, his complexion changes, but Rex is an adult after all, he can’t be angry, “Rex, I’ve told you before. Although our family didn’t ask for a high standard, we definitely didn’t want a divorced one. Besides, her family is now in a big storm and mess. Do you know what you are doing now?”

“Don’t make it into a big trouble.” Rex’s expression is very calm. It can be seen that the old man’s words doesn’t affect him, “Without me, it might not be in such a mess.”

With Lily’s own effort, it’s impossible to fight against Tim’s family. Thus he has helped a lot.

“You!” the old man squeezes the crutches, “Your grandma and I didn’t agree anyway, don’t think about it.”