Chapter 152 Won’t Accept a Divorced Woman

Since the last accident, Rex hasn’t had a meal in the house for two days. Lily knows that this person is waiting for her to make n apology, she also knows that she is the one who starts it. However, thinking of what he has done recently, she just couldn’t take the lead. Therefore, there comes a cold war between them.

But at this moment, to Lily’s surprise, Rex’s grandparents come.

It’s on Saturday, Lily is sleeping lazily upstairs. Rex seems to have a half-day itinerary and meeting today. As soon as she opens her eyes, she hears a bell ringing from the door.

It’s less than half past nine, who is coming at this time?

After Lily lives in The Villa, besides those good friends of Rex, she has never met any other visitors. There is no maid in the house. She walks over and opens the video on the side of the door and sees two people standing at the door with rickets and crutches, obviously there are two elders.

“Hello, who are you?”

Hearing the outgoing voice, the two look at each other, the old lady’s breath is a little unstable, “I’m Rex’s grandma, and shouldn’t I ask you about it?”

Hearing it, Lily freezes violently. The sharp voice on the phone last time almost immediately rings in her ear.

That phone call really leaves a deep impression on her. So that after a long time, she still has a fresh memory, and now they suddenly visit……

Lily has no idea and dare not to delay but opens the door immediately to welcome them.

She is still wearing pajamas and has no time to change, “Sorry, I didn’t know you’re coming so I didn’t prepare anything….”

“You don’t need to prepare.” The old lady interrupts her with only a sentence. She gives her a glance and walks to the living room.

The old man follows behind and glances at her pajamas, which also makes him frowns, “What time is it, why are you still wearing pajamas.”

Lily’s face burns. She closes the door and goes immediately to the kitchen to cut fruit and make a tea. While waiting for the water to boil, she calls Rex, but unfortunately no one answers it.

Is he still on meeting?

Lily frowns tightly and puts her phone down, she is very worried. After thinking about it, she still decides to send him a message. And after the water boils, she deliberately brews a black tea.


The fragrant tea simmers with the heat, giving a fresh fragrance. Unfortunately, the mood of the two old people is not good. That tea cup is placed on the table, and no one moves.

The white mist rose and looks pitiful.

Lily lowers her eyelids, not knowing whether she should stand by the side or walk away. She is aware that both of them will question her.

As expected, after a while, the old man says, “Are you living with Rex?”

When answering this kind of question in front of the old man, Lily couldn’t lift her head, and her voice is as low as that of a mosquito, “Yes.”

The old man continues to interrogate her, “How long has it been?”

Of course, Lily wouldn’t say the exact time, “It has been a while.”

There is a silence in the living room; the light of the morning comes in. But it doesn’t make people feel warm; instead, it makes Lily feel that she is exposed to nowhere and adds more tension and anxiety.

“We’re not for you today.” The old lady’s voice is very steady and confident. Before Lily could relax, she adds in, “But since you’re here, we will talk to you for a while.”

Lily’s heart jumps, already knowing that the following conversation will not be too pleasant.

“Sit.” Seeing her standing, the old man finally speaks.

Lil’s heartbeats accelerate. She obediently sits on the sofa opposite to the two. Her waist is very straight, and she dares not to relax, “You can say it.”

Both of them glances at each other, obviously doesn’t expecting that she will cooperate. However, they don’t think twice, after all, people nowadays are hypocrite for the sake of money.

“We’ve heard about you and Rex, I won’t say too much, so I will ask you a word, do you think you are a good match for Rex?”

This sentence is undoubtedly a sharp sword that stabs right into Lily’s heart, poking every piece of it.

Is she a good match?

She doesn’t have a confidence either, let alone from the outsider’s viewer. And it is because that they don’t match each other, she is judged by the outsiders badly.

In the eyes of outsiders, she is just a woman who has divorced, who has a black history of marriage, and she is a vixen who climbs on Rex. Even though she is only a victim of those fake histories, no one will care.

People often only see the side they want to see, they don’t care about the truth.

Lily looks down at the carpet under her feet, her hand clenches tightly. She is afraid that she can’t hold and escape.

After a few seconds of delay, she whispers, “I know a lot people think we’re not suit, but things like emotions are vague, we’re in love with each other, so…..”

“So you want to be with Rex?” the old lady laughs, but her old voice is still dignified, “Did you ever think that Rex might be affected by you? Those bad scandals gradually approach him. He is such a good person since he was born, but will you just watch him get a bad reputation just because of you?”

Her every single word stuck into Lily’s heart like a knife.

About what she said, she has never thought about it, but the man is too strong that it seems everything can be solved. She has never dealt with these things.

Yes, she dares not to think about it.

Seeing that Lily lowers her head and keeps silent, the old couple finally calm down. If Lily keeps contradicting, the result will be worse.

“Break up with Rex, you didn’t suit.” In the end, this sentence is spoken out.

They say it so blankly that Lily doesn’t know how to resist.

The pink lips opens and closes before spitting out a sentence, “Actually, I really understand your feelings. I know what you are worried about, which I’ve thought about it. If I didn’t have any love for Rex now, I will agree on your request, but now our love is true….”

“True love?” the old lady cuts her off, the wrinkles at the end of her eyes is slightly ceased by the force of the eyes, “You have a marriage history before, and you must know how to control your feelings.”

Lily tighten her hand again, her fingernails is trapped in her flesh, but she doesn’t feels the pain as she’s overwhelmed by the pain in her heart, “I did nothing wrong on the last marriage.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, but Rex family will never accept a divorced woman as our daughter-in-law, do you understand?”