Chapter 151 Love Rivals Are United

Once the word fell, even Rex looks at him with a trace of surprise and confusion in his sharp eyes.

Lily only feels that her head that is already hot becomes even heavier, “Orson, Abby is my best friend, you can’t…..”

Only halfway through, she couldn’t continue it. Both of them are her best friends, she has been good friend with Abby for so many years, while Orson has taken care of her a lot in the company. She can’t say any harsh word, thus she stops.

Rex only watches as her body sways unstably. The five fingers placed on the side of his thighs secretly clenches. He is afraid that he may fail to control himself and take her into his arms.

Orson slightly sighs, “Lily, this is between me and her. I will take care of it. I know you guys are best friends, but I didn’t force her last night. Things are not as complicated as you think; I hope you don’t intervene in our affairs, okay?”

Lily is suffocated, “I know I shouldn’t intervene, I also have no standpoint to do that, but Abby is my best friend. If she is just an accident for you, I hope it will stop.”

Since what had happened couldn’t be erased, she doesn’t want Abby to get any harm from this matter anymore.

With it, Orson, who always has a calm expression, finally shows a trace of waves. This sentence is undoubtedly telling him to stay away from her since he doesn’t like her so that he would not hurt her.

Orson suddenly flashes back everything that happened last night. The woman’s white and dazzling skin, her passionate yet moist eyes, including the bright red eyes on the mattress he saw when he left……

There is a brief silence in the office; and the air seems to be condensed. Lily even suppresses her breath. Suddenly, the man who is sitting aside moves. Her vision subconsciously looks at the direction. Rex moves his leg.

The slender yet straight legs look sturdier under his trousers. He staggers slightly, straightens up his body. His voice is cold and ruthless, “Since you know you shouldn’t intervene, then don’t.”

One third of his words are angry words, while the rest are the truth. It is for her sake. However, Lily is too mad at him from last night. She is totally in a hostile state and doesn’t want to hear anything but just wanting to refute, “I’ve said that she is my best friend…..”

Without waiting for her to finish, Rex interrupts her directly, “Friend? Have you forgotten the previous matter? You think you are kind to them, but do they appreciate your kindness?”

He means something, which is about Jade to mock her. She is aware of it, but is also disappointed.

Everything in the past will always be a scar on her heart. And this sentence is undoubtedly rubbing salt in her wound.

In his heart, she is the one who deserves the consequences, everything is her own responsibility?

Lily’s eyes flicks twice quickly. All the emotions in her heart have turned into blushes around her eyes. She lowers the corner of her lips mockingly with self-depreciation, but still couldn’t laugh out, “Well, I’ve too much unreciprocated affection, are you satisfied now?”

After it, Lily turns around and leaves without staying anything, as if it could kill her if she stays here for another second.

Orson looks at the slim back that disappeared in his sight, and then turns his head to ask Rex, “Did you guys quarrel?”

The man keeps on staring at the figure until he is cut off by the door, “Yeah, there are too much things to take care of in recent days. She tried to provoke me again. Last night, she drunk so much in the bar, but she is disgruntled before I teaching her a lesson.”

“Lily is still immature. If you have anything to say, say it properly. Don’t quarrel with her; she is not an opponent for you.”

Rex pulls his lower lips, and his expression is tense, “There is so much to take care of in the North Villa lately, wait till these things end.”

Orson sighs silently, “Alright.”

“I’ll get going.” Rex takes two documents on the table and stands up, but then suddenly thinks of something and stops to tell him, “You should pay attention to your attitude to Abby, don’t go too far.”

Orson freezes for a moment. When he recovers, the man has walked out of the office as if there is a wind under his feet. He looks at the man’s strong back and shakes his head. He obviously cares about what Lily said, why is he acting up?

On the other side, after Jade loses her decking from Tim’s family, the police visit her and interrogate her about what she did to Rex in Q city soon.

This matter can be big or small. To be precise, it is nothing more than harassment or a kidnap in more serious case. If it goes worst, she might be sentenced. After all, the victim is Rex; Jade has known that she will certainly bear all the consequences.

Thus, before the police come to detain her, she has fled in advance. She doesn’t take any valuables except her ID card, debit card and a little cash. On the way out, she is very upset. After wondering for quite some time, she still couldn’t think of who could help her, there is no one. In anxiety, she suddenly remembers the mysterious number that has called her before. While gritting teeth, she dials it.

The phone rings a while before it is picked up, then a woman’s hoarse voice comes out, “Hello, what’s up?”

Her tone undoubtedly indicates that she still remembers her.

“You, didn’t you say you could help me? Because of the accident in Q city, I’m been looking by the police now. I’ve run away and had no place to go. Can you help me to find a way?” Jade stumbles out, it is easy to see how anxious and flustered she is at the moment.

At this time, Marina, who is standing at the master’s bedroom on the second floor of the Villa, looks at the holly in the courtyard outside the window. There is no trace of sympathy on her lip. “If you told me before the incident, I might be able to help you. Now that the police are looking for you, I can’t do anything for you.”

“Then what should I do? Didn’t you say that you’ll help me? What if I’d be sentenced…..” thinking of what might happen in the future, Jade can’t even say any words and sobs softly.

Marina listens to the crying sound and takes her phone away from her ears in disgust. After she calms down, she adds in, “Find a place to hide, I’ll contact you within three days.”

“Three days?” Jade is dissatisfied with the answer, “Now everything is so advanced and is connected to the internet. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to hide for three days. If I get caught…..”

“If you can’t hide then I have no other ideas. I will give you a task in three days. If you finish it well, I can guarantee you what you want.” Marina is giving the first empty promise to her. The fancy language can be omitted since she knows how difficult Jade is now. She has no other choice except turning to her for help.

Jade takes a deep breath and does not believe in Marina entirely, “Are you serious?”

Marina sneers, “Why should I lie to you?”

Hearing to her confident voice, Jade grits her teeth, “Okay then… Three days, just three days, I’ll wait for you news!”