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Chapter 150 Drunken Mistake

The next morning, Lily doesn’t wake up when the alarm clock rings, but wakes up in a burst of coldness and sourness. The first thing after getting up is to see if the man is still there or not.

As was expected, he is not there, which really makes her disappointed.

From working overtime to staying late outside, now he doesn’t even there when she wakes up.

Lily sneers at herself, but doesn’t know how to face such situation. She is even getting used to this kind of ‘rules of life’ of not seeing him.

She has forgotten a lot about last night. There are only a few parts flash in her mind, including the parts after he brought her home from the bar.

Sitting for a while, she gets up, wears shoes and walks into the bathroom. The clothes she wore last night is still left in the bathroom. It is enough to imagine the situation; he almost possesses her in a vent style. She is reluctant, but since they know each other well, she gradually lost herself and was controlled by him.

Standing in front of the mirror, Lily opens the corner of her pajamas; her body is densely covers with a trace of marks left by him, bruises everywhere, very scary.

Since they are officially together, he has rarely been so violent. Even when they are having sex, he cares about her feelings very much. But last night, he has completely lost his mind.

Lily doesn’t dare to look at it any longer; she is afraid that she will lost control again. She then turns to take off her pajamas and calmly takes a hot bath.

After a bath, she doesn’t feels relaxed, instead, she feels even more tired. She is still a little bit dizzy. Lily makes some oat to cheer herself up before going to the company. She is there on time.

After the morning meeting, she receives a call from Abby, “Are you all right?”

Her voice is still hoarse, obviously she just wakes up.

Lily walks to an exit stairs, “I’m fine, and how are you, where did you sleep last night?”

Over the phone, Abby pauses for a moment before she speaks again, “I’m in a hotel.”

The two of them have really understood each other. They can hear every meaning of every single word; Lily presses her brows, “Are you okay last night?”

“I’m fine, what can I do….” Abby apparently raises her voice, but couldn’t conceal the guilty conscience between her words.

Lily lowers her voice, “How did you get to the hotel last night, did someone pick you up?”

To this point, it is difficult for Abby to conceal what happened last night. What’s more, considering the relationship between Rex and Orson, Lily will know about it sooner or later.

This time, she explained everything that happened last night precisely, “After arriving at the hotel, well, as you know, I was drunk, I’ve forgotten the details. I only remembered that I met him last night. As for how we had sex with each other… I really forgot it.”

Lily’s eyelids jump. Thinking about Orson’s delicate yet elegant face and Abby, she is confused.

It takes a long time for her to find her voice, “You guys…. Sleep together?”

Over the phone, Abby sits on the big mattress and looks at the messy clothes on the floor. She scratches her hair messily, and replies quietly, “Hm.”

“…..” Lily almost doesn’t breath, “Do you know that it’s a drunken mistake?”


“Then why did you do it?”

“….” Now, it is Abby’s turn to be silent.

She is also shocked and feels lost. After waking up and remembering everything, she really wants to die. She actually sleeps with a man that she curses every day?

The God is playing a joke with her….

“What do you want to do?” The thing has already happened, and there is no way to get back to the past, they can only retrieve the loss.

Abby’s voice is very sad, “What can I do. In the world of adults, I can’t blame anyone, but accept it.”

Hearing her words, Lily couldn’t continue to blame her. She doesn’t know what happened between them, but she still blames Orson. Whatever it is, Abby is drunk last night. As a rational and responsible man, he shouldn’t take an advantage from it.

After hanging up the phone and hesitating for a moment, Lily still decides to take an elevator to Orson’s office.

His office is next to Rex’s. When she knocks on the door, she secretly feels grateful for not meeting Rex. But unexpectedly, as soon as the door opens, she sees that two of them are sitting on the sofa in the center.

Lily stops on her steps. If his secretary isn’t there, she will really turn around and leave.

Obviously, Rex doesn’t expect to meet her in Orson’s office. His dark eyes show slight surprises but he quickly suppresses them. The oppressive sight also moves away.

It stays on her for no more than three seconds, and then passes by quickly.

Lily originally wants to leave, but she suddenly changes her mind when seeing his reaction. He doesn’t care anymore, why should she hide?

Orson looks at Lily and thinks that she is here for Rex, “Do you guys want to talk? Do you want me to leave?”

Unexpectedly, Lily pushes the door and directly says, “Orson, I’m here for you.”

“Me?” Orson’s eyes glances at the cold man on his side, and feels somewhat puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

Lily takes a deep breath, “About, my friend, I want to talk to you alone.”

She deliberately stresses on the word ‘alone’, fearing that Rex may not know what she mean.

As soon as he heard it, he recalls the memory with Abby last night….

“It’s working time, talk later.” Before waiting for the two to talk more, a cold voice interrupts in.

Lily grits her teeth and can’t help dissing him, “How can you know whether it is a private matter, what if it is important.”

“Official business should not be said here.” He puts down the folder in his hand, with his eyes falling on her with a strong degree of scrutiny, “This is leapfrog report.”

Leapfrog report.

These words are really an indescribable irony in Lily’s ears, “You really made a clear difference between official and personal.”

The man doesn’t reply. His long yet slender legs overlap. There is a posture which tells that he is looking down on her, making Lily feel so small in front of him.

Orson, who feels that something is wrong, immediately plays his role, “Lily, just say it. Rex is also not an outsider. You don’t have to be so polite to me.”

If it is something else, she will definitely not say it at this time, but it is about Abby, she has no intention to postpone it.

“Orson, what happened between you and Abby last night?”

“Nothing happened, just like what she said to you.” Orson’s attitude is much more outright than she thought.

Lily bites her lips and loosens them again, there is some hesitation in her tone, “Do you like Abby or…. Is it just an accident?”

“An accident.” Orson blurts out without hesitating, breaking the last unrealistic fantasy of Lily.

His reasonable yet sensible expression seems to tell that everything happened last night is just out of impulse, not love.