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Chapter 149 Making Love by Force

His sharply looks at her, just like cutting meat. But Lily is too drunk. She needs to blink for a few times before she could barely see who it is.

Looking at his handsome face in proximity, she grins, “Rex–”

She steps closer and reaches out to hug the man’s slender yet narrow waist. But before her hands reach, she is pushed back again. She feels grievance and her mouth pouts.

Rex’s eyes are deep; and his voice is unprecedentedly cold, “Tell me what you did tonight, huh?”

“What did I do?” Lily thinks for a moment, there is a chaos in her mind, “I forget…”


Rex squints, “Good, very good.”

Before Lily could understand his intention, the man has already picked her up. Yes, he takes her up on his shoulders and directly walks towards the second floor.

Lily only feels that the blood in her body is rushing to the top of her head, extremely dizzy. Her stomach is hurt by his shoulder. She has vomited once in the bar before, so this time, beside dryness, she couldn’t vomit anything out.

After reaching the bedroom, Rex doesn’t put her on the bed. Instead, he directly takes her to the bathroom.

With a click, the frosted glass sliding door is opened. Lily only feels that the heaven revolves and the earth turns; then she is put under the shower. She slightly bends to protect her stomach; she is very uncomfortable.

Rex feels distress when he sees her action. But thinking of her being drunk in the bar and being flirted by a man, the anger inside him couldn’t be suppressed.

“You’re quite brave enough, hah. You dare to be drunk and flirt with other men.” His words are blunt.

Even though Lily is drunk, she can still differentiate good and bad words, not to mention that his tone is really scary. Her dissatisfaction accumulated from the past few days also bursts out, “You can stay out without giving me any explanation, why can’t I?”

She blocks the words that Rex is about to say. And his heart is also blocked.

“How can you compare with me?” his smiles obscurely, “Okay, can you solve it by yourself? What will happen if I didn’t go there, have you thought about it?”

He even has a chill just by thinking of the scene just now. If he is a little late, she has been dragged into that room.

Lily bites her lips, her eyes gradually become red. She couldn’t restrain her emotions anymore, “Yes, you can handle everything. Nobody dares to do anything to you, including me. Even though I’m so curious that I almost become crazy, I still can’t do anything except believing in you!”

She is moved by his words. But he has changed a lot recently. Even though she wants to accept it, when it happens, sadness is still inevitable.

She can also be possessive; she also wants him to only be with her, looks at her and ignores everything. However, what happened is beyond what she wants. What she wants has been a kind of luxury now.

Lily is tortured and Rex is aware of it. However, he is selfish; he can only give her the greatest guarantee on the things that can be done.

But this is not enough. She still has resentment.

“You don’t believe me.” It’s not a question; instead, it is a statement.

By an impulse, Lily looks up and admits, “Yes, I don’t believe you.”

She looks at the man’s bitter complexion, speaking out from her chest, “You don’t say anything. You keep on shutting my mouth, how can I believe you? Rex, what are you doing recently, what are you thinking, I have no idea about it. You make me feel that I am just an unimportant person for you!”

“Unimportant?” Her sharpness stabs him, “Will I bring a unimportant woman to my home?”

He used to think that although he doesn’t express well, she can know what he is thinking. He never thought that she would belittle his love to this point.

Lily knows that he would not betray her, but she can’t endure such answer anymore. What she wants is an explicit answer, not an obscure one like this. Her trust has gradually diminished and her enthusiasm is disappearing.

“I don’t know.” She leans against the cold wall behind her and covers her face with her palm, “You give me some distance that I fell that you are out of reach, I really can’t understand you now….”

He is so good and excellent, even if he just stands at one place and do nothing, he is good. On the contrary, she is just an ordinary people; she is a girl who has been divorced. Once he is cold, she will have no confidence.

“Lily, look at me.” Rex pulls her hand way, pinching her cheek with his index finger and thumb, forcing her to look at him directly, “No matter what you are thinking about, can you just not force me in this way?”

The last thing he wants to see is the scene in the bar just now. He would rather she complain everything at him instead of torturing herself.

Hearing it, Lily suddenly chuckles, the corner of her eyes are a little wet, “Am I forcing you? If I have known that loving you would be so painful, I really hope I haven’t fallen in love with you.”

It is only some simple words, but it is shocking like an atomic bomb. Rex looks at the woman unbelievably; he even wonders that this might be an illusion.

“What did you say?” There is a tremor in the thick magnetic voice.

Lily sees the pain in his expression and is stunned, “If I have known that loving you would be so painful, I really hope… Um!”

Before she finishes her words, the man kisses her turbulently, blocking all the words she is about to say. He is not gentle at all. With a force, he kisses her lower lip unmannerly. His teeth knock the corner of her mouth, which makes her cries in pain.

His flexible tongue opens her gritted teeth, rams into her mouth, swallowing all her breath. His kiss is like a tsunami in the middle of the night and sweeps across her territory.

What an extremely crazy kiss. Lily couldn’t breathe for several times, her hands press against the man’s chest. She feels the heat under his clothes.

“Re, Rex…. Don’t….” She can’t even form a sentence and her voice is intermittent.

The man seems unheard, but stops the kiss before she is choking. Their forehead are pressed together, his breath fall on her face, “Would rather not love me? Regret now?”

Lily is like a stranded fish, desperately panting, the alcohol effect is even half-gone by his angry face.

His deep eyes are like eagle eyes hovering in the night sky, glowing with a chilling cold light. They are really sharp, “Lily, you must love me.”

“There are no rules for people to love someone. I can control my love!” Lily is driven crazy by his tough attitude, and her words slam him to the bottom line.

He laughs and says nothing. Let’s use actions to prove who has the final say!

The man’s strong arms hold the woman’s soft butt and lift her up on the countertop. His charming narrow waist is squeezed between her legs. His cool lips gnaw at her fair skin, leaving an ambiguous red mark one after another….

Lily is irritated by the icy countertop and keeps rebelling, but she doesn’t have much strength at all, “Don’t….”

“Don’t?” after these torturous actions, his lips become extremely red; and he looks like a demon, who comes to the world to take a soul, “Just accept what I give you.”