Chapter 48 New Owner of the Prize

The other three Desperators had waited so long before Sam, Kyrie, Bionna and Glenn came back to the mirror site. On seeing Glenn, two of them even flew straight towards him.

“Why didn’t these people enter into this mirror place by themselves?” Glenn thought curiously.

“You must be Ashen Mask Glenn Victor mentioned. How amazing it is that you survived Mina’s Blushed Flame.”

Hearing such a seductively charming voice, Glenn tracked and found a lady in a red-and-green dress embroidered with numerous red scorpions, and her leg was showing.

What’s more alluring was a spot of mysterious, golden light in her cleavage. Though she was wearing an inviolable expression, her eyes were inviting.

All of the other beauties in the world would all be cast into shade by her.

Through Sam, Glenn learned that her name was Claytia. She was a sorcerer student who had been digging into mental strength, curse and soul sorceries. And her symbiotic insect was of a rare species born for war.

“Call me Glenn,” said he coldly.

Facing Glenn, Claytia responded by biting her finger in a sexually temptingly manner, yet received no response from him. She became a little bit of unhappy and complained in a flirting way. “You’re not a romantic guy.”

The HalfRobot Victor snorted: “You finally come. I’m not satisfied with the way how you get into this though.”

Glenn didn’t reply. Rather, he looked down at the totem pillar, on the top of which the lazy Ghost Burglar was perching.

Ghost Burglar munched a bite of the red fruit in his hand and said casually: “Don’t look at me like that. I was led. I’m not interested in you at all. What I wanted was the reward my mentor has left for me inside of this house. “

“Reward? What’s reward?” Glenn was a little shocked.

“Enough with talk. Let’s get ready for getting into this house and end this trial asap,” said Sam. He then turned to Glenn. “Two things are required to open it. One is seven students with over 30 chain marks are gathered here. The other is that these seven pupils keep transferring magic force into the totem pillars for three consecutive hours without any interruption.”

The Ghost Burglar added: “if it were not for the second requirement, we wouldn’t have killed those students who were exploring this place. In fact, the reward will be withheld once we got over 100 marks It’s the school’s rule.”

Glenn grimaced.

It seemed obvious now. This so-called freshman trial was in fact prepared for Desperators. The fact that they were informed of so much exclusive information was a solid evidence.

On hearing this, Glenn became envied. “The prizes in the house were just the mentors’ gifts for them? But, since Mina couldn’t be here, then the winner of her prize might be someone else.”

Glenn took off and fell on the pillar which belonged to Mina. He then pulled out a magic stone and held it in one hand while using the other hand to inject magic force into the column.

No interruption occurred in this process. No students had the gut to challenge the Desperators after so many of them had been slain by them. As for Mina, despite that she incurred great shame, yet her injury was too serious for her to strike an intrusion.

Three hours later, Glenn felt a bursting of a strong force in the pillar beneath him and suddenly he had been transmitted to a new, strange space.

Looking around the grey sky, Glenn got astonished for not feeling any element energy.

“Where are we?”

“It’s a wormhole discovered by the Umbra School. It’s been solidified by the sorcerers and now become a treasure trove or something.” Sam answered without turning his head from observing a grey, ancient roll on a desk, which was not far from Glenn.

“Don’t loiter around. Stepped out of the bounds and you’ll be punished.” Bionna reminded him kindly from the other side, who was holding a test tube of blue blood in excitement.

Glenn stared around and found that hinged on a stone desk, there was an area of physical field in a radius of 100 meters which was emitting blue lights. And things beyond the field were visually unclear.

Laying his eyes on the other Desperators, Glenn noticed that they were all thrilled and was studying the reward in their hand. He went into excitement and couldn’t stop but stare at the desk before him and wondered what prize Mina’s mentor would give..

“It’s a crystal ball. There seems to be nothing special.” Glenn frowned.

However, as he picked it up, he felt a strange energy wave. Pondering a while, he realized something and got totally shocked. “It’s impossible…” His voice trembled.

In fact, a crystal ball, no matter how topnotch it was, would be worth a mere hundred magic stones at most. It shouldn’t be a prize in this mirror place.

“So, what makes it special then?”

As Glenn spent more time on it, he found some familiar waves. They were waves of enclosed souls!

“Split souls?”

Sorcerers could split souls for sure, and this sorcery served as a prerequisite for developing soul slaves. However, for a sorcerer under fourth level, no matter how talented he was at this trickery, the number of split souls would be limited.

In other words, split souls were rare and carried some knowledge and skill from the sorcerer who committed it.

“This was indeed a suitable prize for that powerful Daughter of Sun.”

Without any hesitation, Glenn began to combine his soul with the ones in the crystal ball. As the souls were blended, the souls’ information was transferring to Glenn’s soul.

“This was an ancient way of knowledge pass-on. Through souls!”

An hour later, Glenn had gained one tenth of the knowledge from these souls. It was a fulfilling experience and he had gotten tired. He then paused the transfer, and murmured in an exhilaration. “It was a rare fire element which can’t be put out.”

During the process, none of the seven Desperators ever left from their stone desks.

On one hand, they were immersed in their careful study of their own precious prize. On the other hand, any one of them made a move on the others, then there would be a dogfight among them immediately.

This was in fact the final test for these Desperators–If anyone was able to beat the other six, then he or she could own all the heritage treasures here in the house!

However, no one had the capability to achieve that. So, everyone just stayed in front of their desk and focused on their own share. And of course Glenn was more than happy with this fact given the fact that he was the weakest.

Ten days later.

Glenn was thrown into a woods with dried trees in the perimeter of the trial site following a distortion of space.

He felt a little dizzy and then he shook his head and looked around in amazement.

“What is this place? The trail should have been finished. It’s been ten days in this field.” Glenn guessed that he was in somewhere in the Bramble Forest where no one was around. .

Suddenly Glenn grimaced. He had sensed danger.

Six mental force waves were locking him by squeezing the natural energy around to enclose him.It seemed that if he moved around, there would be severe consequences. It was like sending some message or a warning.

Glenn couldn’t figure out why he was being targeted and by whom.

“Sorcerers from the six sorcerer schools in the 12th section?” A moment later, Glenn thought.