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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 47 The Chase

A moment later, embroiled in a tough fight against both Sam and Bionna, the Daughter of Sun, Mina, appeared to be losing. However, with an unexpected scream, she radiated dazzling lights and tremendous heat, overwhelming her two enemies all of a sudden. And the lights forced Glenn, whose magical force had almost recovered, to look away and close his eyes.

“Haha, as I’d expected, the mad woman played the same trick! Glenn, have a good rest here and try to restore your magic power soon. You’ll need to be joining us in chasing that crazy woman if she tries to escape. This time we’ll definitely teach her a lesson she will never forget!” Said Kyrie, wearing a crazily ferocious excitement on his pale face.

Glenn nodded subconsciously, pondering why he was being targeted by the two sides.

One probable reason might be that Mina’s utter arrogance had enraged the three students from the Black Isotta. And the other reason might be the fact that Glenn’s involvement seemed to have broken some rules.

Kyrie sneered as he twisted his body, and the next second he had disappeared. He then reappeared in the air and joined the battle. Energy waves caused by the roaring flames from their battle dispersed rampantly and intensely. This mighty power impressed not only Glenn, who was totally shocked, but also the surviving sorcerer students nearby, who hadn’t given up on the mysterious site and were peeking from the distance. They were so frightened that they dared not to push their luck further.

After a while, the glaring lights in the sky eventually disappeared.

Mina had lost. She threatened in her resentment before she slipped away like a shooting star. “Black Isotta. This is not finished!” So much hatred in her voice could be heard that no one would doubt her coming back for revenge in the future.

Kyrie motioned to Glenn, who then whisked out his magical stick Blood Bat Kiss and rode his wind element bat to the sky, and began to chase Mina with Sam, Kyrie and Bionna. They were so fast they looked like four beams of lights in different colors.

Bionna laughed with her seemingly innocent face. “Dear Mina, we were afraid that beating you wouldn’t leave you an impression deep enough. So, this time, even though we’ve taken your award, we’re gonna hunt you down till this trial ends. I wonder, after this wonderful chasing, would you still be convinced that you’re the best and dare continue to look down on Black Isotta?!”

Mina made no reply and just kept on flying.

But her silence was accompanied by an obvious, intense hatred. And she even risked her life by slowing down to kill some innocent students from the Black Isotta at the cost of some minor injuries.

In the sky, the powerful magical waves caused by Mina spread three or four hundred meters away in radius, and thus attracted everyone’s attention.

More shocking was the fact that the Daughter of Sun, whose magical marks equalled the sum of a hundred people’s, was being chased by four Desperators, and was scuttling in such a panic.

Sitting on the wind element bat, Glenn’s golden hair rustled as he watched the arrogant Mina through his Ashen mask, becoming excitedly satisfied.

He recalled the time when he saw Mina running after Bionna, and then when Sam, Kyrie and Bionna hunting her. At that time, like the countless other students, he had watched them in awe and fear, and also longed to be one of them.

Now he had become one! He was now being admired by those students who hid themselves somewhere beneath his feet.! This was indeed thrilling!

Never had he longed so for more power–for so long he had been trying to gain sorcery power as a result of experiencing the cruel rules of Black Isotta, but now, he wanted more power because of his desire to control.


At a camp far away on the ground, Lafite changed her eye to the Eagle Eye. She uttered a sigh as she looked at the five Desperators flying fast in the distant sky. But when she found out who the person was on that wind element bat, she was completely shocked.

After the five Desperators were gone, Chris and the others gathered around her and asked with curiosity: “Lafite, what the hell is going on there?”

“It’s four…Desperators chasing the Daughter of Sun.” Lafite said unwillingly. She then left without telling them that Glenn was in the formation.

Chris and the others didn’t think too much about it, mistaking her strangeness as being depressed at realizing the Desperators’ power was far beyond her reach. After her leaving, they kept speculating what on earth was going on in the mysterious land.

A day later.

Suddenly a powerful magical wave poured down from the air at Armbid and Belle. They went into great shock as they looked up. Scorching flames fell in the next second. Armbid yelled to Belle in fear: “Watch out!”

In the meantime, several mysterious golden lines appeared on Armbid’s body and the sword in his hand made a banging noise beginning to give out crackling electric sparks.

The ease in his face gone, Armbid, in his desperation, brandished his sword at the falling flame with all his might.


Belle shouted at him and almost immediately incanted a spell, summoning a gigantic turtle with a quake of the earth. The turtle was five meters wide and had a shell of sorcery solidified granite, which glowed in a cold blaze and appeared impregnable.


A huge explosion followed.

Armbid and Belle survived the explosion by hiding under the earth element turtle. Nevertheless, the turtle’s granite shell was mostly blasted away and a small part of it turned back into soil. If someone observed it from a distance, it would look like an ugly turtle without a shell protecting its masters faithfully.

“Survived?” Mina grimaced, but she dared not to dawdle and kept flying.

In a wheezing sound, the four Desperators with mighty magical waves flew over. They glanced down with amazement at Armbid and Belle under the cover of the turtle as they continued with the chasing.

Sam smiled out of politeness at Armbid as he had joined the Death Sail League.

“Sam, Kyrie, Bionna and… Glenn!?” Armbid couldn’t believe his eyes.

There was no wonder why Armbid was surprised. Even though Glenn had 30 magical marks, he had thought those were taken by some good fortune, and that he was as competent as Glenn. It never occurred to him that Glenn could be one of the Desperators, and yet…

Armbid clenched his fists tightly seeing this. Glenn showed a sneering face, laughing at him for having been so arrogant and ignorant.

Belle was also astonished, eyes widely opened. She then murmured: “G…Glenn?” She rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t in a dream.

It was him, the one in the Ashen mask and the one she met in the second mirror drop site a few days ago.

“No wonder that sharp-tongued lady has feelings about him. How powerful he is now! Is he some unknown genius in our school?” Belle gazed at him with curiosity.


It was not until the five Desperators had almost spent three days circling around the field that Sam asked his partners to stop the chase. During the chase, the four of them had been using magic stones to fully recharge.


“Sam, it’d be shameful for her to claim being the best student after this farce.” Bionna had gotten totally satisfied and became like an innocent angel again.

At present, Glenn was holding a test tube which contained blood samples collected from Mina during the pursuit. He shook the tube continuously with curiosity and could feel a mild change in the surrounding temperature.

“What is the blood for?” Kyrie looked at Glenn with amazement, asking a question Sam and Bionna were also wondering about.

“Are you gonna curse her with the personal information in her blood?” Bionna guessed. “But…it’s hardly possible for a sorcerer student to kill someone as powerful as her with merely a curse. And for those special curses that might work, an altar and more individual information will be needed, and it has to be a student talented in this field. “

“No…I just wanna find out why she could control the fire element with such ease, and I’m doing it with her blood. As you’ve seen, she had found a way to research into your talents.”

Glenn made a speculation from knowledge learnt from Mina that Bionna’s golden eye was supposed to be a profound utilization of some rare water sign. And Bionna’s attack properties could testify to this assumption–enemies attacked by her golden eye would all die of dehydration and eventually became mummies.

This reminded Glenn of his two twigs. If he could uncover the secrets lying inside of them, and combined them into his magical matrix, then his sorcery would at least improve by a level and become as competent as Bionna.

As for Sam’s gift, Mina had said it was from his symbiosis with a monster, which baffled Glenn’s comprehension, because he could think of no monster as being so powerful as to enable Sam to be physically immortal.

But if Glenn had seen Sam die once, he would not have been so confused.