Chapter 46 The Column of Fire and the Waterspout

A column of fire, which was three meters wide in radius, was sweeping through the forest. Streaks of land filled with vegetation had been scorched. And unfortunately, the moving fire post was aiming for Glenn.

Glenn was watching this while thinking of his capabilities being greatly overshadowed by Daughter of Sun, who he knew had set ablaze this fire.

“She must have over 30 points of mental strength to cast such an amazing sorcery!” Glenn marveled in awe. The fire column prompted his memory of Sorcery Dior’s ice column in resistance against the tentacles on the ship.

For a moment, Glenn neglected the fact that this fire was targeting him. As the heat wave nearly seared him, he was awakened from his memory; the fire had already encircled him. He protected himself by using the shield.

But soon, Glenn realized that he was going to die in a minute because a fifth of his magical strength had been used up in less than ten seconds.

The only thought in his mind was to escape.

But there was another difficulty: he had found himself in the middle of a blazing ground, and he couldn’t tell which direction would lead him out of this burning hell.

Glenn picked up a random direction and took a run. Yet, he couldn’t run out of the fire as if he was restricted in a melting pot and every place was inflamed.

Daughter of Sun was perching on the top of a tree. Steam was gushing upward from behind her feet. She had nearly none clothes to cover her white body now. She was actually controlling the movement of the fire to surround Glenn. The fire column followed him wherever he fled to.

Wherever the column fire had touched had been then burned to ashes.

In a tree far away, the Ghost Burglar was taking his pleasure in enjoying some crimson fruits. He seemed to be delighted at this “fight” or even enchanted!

“What a gorgeous scene! It’s the third time I’m seeing the Sun’s Daughter flexing her power, and I’m still not getting bored. The fire is purely an art!” The Ghost Burglar spit the fruit’s pit and laughed to himself.

Half a minute minute had passed. The section of forest Glenn ran through was completely charred. It was like a scene that appeared on the doomsday.

Glenn was now in a desperate situation. His magical force was about to run out out in a few seconds, and without the shield, he would be melted into liquid.

A cloud fell on Daughter of Sun’s brow.

“Why is he not dying?! Why doesn’t he die?!” Daughter of Sun cried, and she had to halt the fire to take a rest.

Glenn was a lucky dog, having avoided being burned, yet his arms and back had been covered in blisters. Worse, he had lost most of his consciousness since his magical force had been drained up, not to mention that the high temperature almost gave him a stroke.

Glenn’s breathing was barely perceptible at the time.

As the old saying went, “house leakage happens on a rainy day, and a broken ship runs into headwind.” Glenn’s nemesis– HalfRobot– came for his life.

Daughter of Sun had gone for Glenn for a strategic reason. If Glenn lived to join hands with the three Desperaters from the Black Isotta, she would be reduced to passivity. But for HalfRobot, he just wanted revenge.

HalfRobot turned up and kicked Glenn on his shoulder.

“Hah? Aren’t you that all-powerful divinity? Why are you under my foot now? Where is your bloody bird, anyway?” The HalfRobot chortled.

Glenn was still unconscious and thus was unable to fight. He was at the machine’s mercy.

HalfRobot mobilized his tail and whipped it at Glenn’s head, and the Ashen Mask couldn’t work its magic again without its master’s order.

Even the Ghost Burglar lost grip of the fruit in his hand after seeing this. He was sort of disappointed at the prospect of a shortened action scene.

“Ah–” A roaring sound thundered, which jolted Glenn back into life.

It was the Buzzing bug that had played the heroic role. For all this time, it had been taking cover behind trees and biding the time to his rescue. The Bug rammed HalfRobot and knocked him on the ground.

Daughter of Sun became impatient. She wanted to end this quickly. The second column of fire whizzed at Glenn.

The devil’s talons were here for Glenn’s life again.

HalfRobot drew back immediately as he knew its effect. But Glenn was too weak to take any action.

The Bug growled the second time, but this time, it sounded gloomily, as if it knew it was going to perish.

The next moment, the Bug pushed off the ground, galloped and pounced high into the air to Daughter of Sun.

Daughter of Sun was startled, and in no time, she dodged the Bug by jumping back onto the ground. She then moved her hands to direct the Fire Column to the Bug.

The Bug had no shield for its protection, so, the moment it was attacked by the Fire, it was obliterated. Nothing was left except for a miserable scream.

As Daughter of Sun turned her attention back to Glenn, he was nowhere to be found.

Kyrie, the Transformer, had gotten Glenn out under the nose of HalfRobot.

“That bitch has gone mad! Bionna will delay him, and I will send you somewhere safe.” Kyrie looked into Glenn’s eyes.

Kyrie spun his body and Glenn’s, and the next second, their bodies twisted and reappeared 200 meters away!

Glenn threw up because of this transfer. He sat down and began to replenish his magical force by consuming an intermediate magical stone. Seeing such a fancy stone, a surprised look appeared on Kyrie’s face.

“Bionna, it’s always a pleasure to see you!” Daughter of Sun’s pretty face displayed a ray of grimness.

“Save these polite sh*t! Let’s take a roll.” The Golden Eye Bionna snapped.

Daughter of Sun was enraged and produced the column of fire to get Bionna. On Bionna’s part, she focused all her power to her eye and shot out a waterspout from her mouth.

The waterspout was pure azure. It darted through the air to battle with the fire.