Chapter 230 Hidden Intention

“People used to hear women’s voices in this castle. Sometimes it’s like someone having sex. Sometimes, it’s like a hysterical scream of abuse. Sometimes, it’s sad crying. Sometimes, it’s that kind of hysterical laugh, like a female ghost.” The policeman explained.

Bryan Damon’s assistant trembled with fear, “Stop it, I was not afraid. But after listening to you I am afraid.”

“Did it happen before or after the disappearance of the teenager?” Bella asked calmly.

“It should be in the same period. Those children just went in to take risks when they heard the legend of the haunted ancient castle. Unexpectedly, just one was alive but he went crazy and others were dead.” The policeman sighed.

“How many teenagers were there?” Bella asked immediately.

“Three, two disappeared. Our police went in and looked for the castle. They didn’t find anyone.”

“Have you found any blood on the ground?” Bryan Damon asked suspiciously.

The policeman shook his head. “No, that’s why that place has become a Ghost Castle. No one dares to approach, and no one dares to go.”

“That Ghost Castle is so dangerous. Why don’t you demolish it?” the assistant complained.

“That castle is Intangible Cultural Heritage.” The police explained.

“How is it possible? I’ve seen the castle. It seems to be a European style. How did it become an intangible cultural heritage?” the assistant did not understand.

“There is a legend about this castle. At the beginning, there was an emperor who hired a painter from abroad, maybe his name was Giuseppe Castiglione, who was also proficient in architecture.

There was a eunuch in the palace. He was very rich. When he decided to retire from the palace, he spent a lot of money to buy architectural drawings from Giuseppe Castiglione.

The eunuch was from Pingyan. When he came back, he built a castle in Pingyan.

It has been said that there are many treasures in the Imperial Palace in this castle. However, many people have gone in to find them, but they haven’t found them.” The police explained.

“It’s a thing of a long time ago that it should have collapsed. Why this castle still exists well?” the assistant doubted.

“It’s strange, but the master of the castle has built it many times. The master of the castle preserved it all his life. Later, the state accepted the castle as an intangible cultural heritage, which is still preserved.”

The police finished, and the assistant understood somethings. She turned back and asked Bryan Damon in fear, “There isn’t really a ghost in this castle, right?”

Bryan Damon raised his mouth and said coldly, “If you are afraid don’t go.”

When he said this, he looked at Bella.

“Is it really possible to not go?” The assistant asked she was really afraid to go.

“Yes.” Bryan Damon replied.

“Then I won’t go.” The assistant said with a shallow smile.

“If Miss Bella is afraid of not going, then she can also not go.” Bryan Damon deliberately said it.

Bella really didn’t want to be looked down upon by him. “I didn’t say I was afraid.”

The assistant got off the door of the hotel and the car reached the gate of the castle.

It was dark and there were no street lights around the castle.

“Is there no light in the castle?” Bella asked the police.

“There were, but because no one has lived for a long time, the power has been cut off for a long time. There must be a generator in it. I don’t know if it can be used.” The police explained.

Bella frowned.

How could they go there in such darkness?

She was worried and some uncontrollable fear came out.

Bella didn’t know when James Grayson came behind her, he put his arms around her waist and lowered his voice, “don’t be afraid.”

Bella looked up at James Grayson.

James Grayson has already looked away and has loosened her waist. He said to Bryan Damon, “You sit in the car with your people. We will go in first and turn on the generator, then you can come in.”

He said and took his men in.

Bryan Damon stood in front of Bella and looked at the back of James Grayson’s disappearance. He said thoughtfully, “the people in the military region are really fierce in their work.”

“It’s their responsibility,” Bella added.

Bryan Damon looked back at Bella and doubted, “do you adore soldiers?”

“They deserve our admiration,” Bella said without any disguise.

“They or he, you and Mr. Grayson know each other, don’t you?” Bryan Damon guessed.

In Bella’s opinion, Bryan Damon was really smart. As expected, he was famous for his keen observation and insight.

Bella didn’t answer him directly, “Let’s compare and see who finds out the murderer first.”

Bryan Damon turned around.

The castle lightened up.

Because of the difference of the time era, in many places, the bulbs of the 1980s were still used, but the emitted light was very weak.

Bryan Damon took his people and went in.

Bella has just stepped into the castle, and a cold, overcast wind with a musty smell came. There was also a bad smell in the musty smell. She didn’t know what it was.

“Choose any room to check.” Bryan Damon said and his eyes were on Bella, with a provocative meaning.

Bella ignored him. She swept the hall and asked Mike, “In which room did the deceased died?”

“First floor, the one by the stairs,” Mike said.

Bella looked at the room by the stairs. It seemed that there were some shadows floating in the room.

She held her breath, her eyes stared at the door of the room, and she walked slowly.

“Hey.” Bryan Damon suddenly made a sound, in the quiet atmosphere.

Bella was frightened, and she screamed.

James Grayson rushed out of the room beside the stairs, ran to Bella immediately and asked anxiously, “Are you ok?”

Bella calmed down and she knew who did it.

She looked at Bryan Damon angrily. “Are you sick? Why are you scaring me?”

“I thought you are brave, but you turned out to be a paper tiger. I asked for the room by the stairs. No one can rob my things.” Bryan Damon said arrogantly.

Bella ignored him, looked at James Grayson and asked, “What did you find in it?”

James Grayson shook his head. “There is no secret door, no special things, just a common bed, a table, three walls, no windows.”

“I want to go to another room. Can you accompany me?” Bella asked.

James Grayson saw that her face was scared and it was still white that had not recovered. He immediately nodded.

“It’s cowardly to see a room that needs company. You shouldn’t have come here if you are so cowardly. Maybe, someone wants to accomplish something besides what one set out to do, like a drinker not really interested in alcohol.” Bryan Damon said.

Bella looked at him and didn’t understand why he always targeted her.

James Grayson swept Bryan Damon. His eyes were deep. He put his arms around Bella’s waist, pulled her to his side and said meaningfully, “in fact. I am also a drinker not really interested in alcohol.”

Bella, “…”