Chapter 227 She acted coquettishly with James Grayson

Bella knew that while talking to James Grayson, she must be careful. He can see mistakes and logical errors in a glance.

She glanced sideways at James Grayson. “How can we have children in this posture? We haven’t done it several times.”

James Grayson, “…”

He felt a deep hidden bitterness in her tone.

Is it possible that he didn’t really satisfy her before?

This thing made James Grayson uncomfortable.

Bella went back to her carriage.

Bryan Damon looked at Bella with sharp eyes, like an X-ray. Ordinary people can be scared by such a gaze. She just glanced at Bryan Damon, pretended that she didn’t see him and sat back in her original position gracefully.

“Where have you been?” Bryan Damon asked in a cold voice, like questioning.

“I can’t go anywhere without reporting to you?” Bella defended.

“I’m your team leader now. I’m responsible for your safety. You’ve been out for six hours. Even if you talk to others for six hours, it’s too long.” Bryan Damon twisted his eyebrows.

“I’m not a kid. Besides, I’m on the train. Where can I go?” Bella didn’t want to answer.

“That’s why I am even more curious about what would take six hours on the train.” Bryan Damon retorted and asked again.

“My friend is also here, so I went to him,” Bella said ambiguously.

“Which friend?” Bryan Damon asked naturally.

Bella frowned. “You are the leader of this case. Even my leader has no right to interfere in my freedom to make friends. I think Mr. Damon takes himself very seriously.”

Bryan Damon gritted his teeth. His face was livid, and his lips were tight.

Even his assistant’s face was very bad, she knew that Mr. Damon was absolutely angry.

“Officer Bella, Sir is concerned about you. He has looked at his mobile phone several times, just to confirm your safety.” The assistant said.

Bella also felt that her tone was very rude. Actually, she wanted to hide it so she used sharp and strong language to cover up.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Damon.” Bella apologized.

Bryan Damon ignored her. He was sitting like a sculpture, totally motionless.

Bella took a look at him. She has apologized. It was his business whether he wanted to forgive her or not.

Her cell phone got a message, and it was James Grayson’s.

“If your colleagues ask you where you have been, you can say that I called you over, mainly to inquire about the case, it will be fine.”

Bella put her cell phone back in her bag. She has already said that she went to meet her friend, now she cannot change her words and it was a small thing anyway.

Bryan Damon adjusted his mood, looked at Bella and said, “What you think about going to the castle to sleep tonight?”

Bella looked at Bryan Damon in surprise.

The castle had a sense of mystery and death. It was even a bit gloomy and horrible to go in the daytime. He wanted to sleep there at night. This man had courage.

Bryan Damon raised the sarcastic corner of his mouth, “dare not? I heard that you were a doctor before. You shouldn’t believe in ghosts and gods.”

“I think I can sleep comfortably in the hotel,” Bella explained.

Bryan Damon’s face is worse.

“Is it comfortable for you to come out and handle the case? I’m sorry, I’m going to finish this case in three days. There’s no time to waste. You can go to the hotel alone. In fact, I don’t think I can have any help from your side.” Bryan Damon said rudely.

Bella was speechless as if she won’t have any choice than to live in the castle with them.

“I see,” Bella answered.

Bryan Damon said coldly, “Useless person.”

Bella was angry, but it was not good to quarrel with him face to face. She didn’t need to convince him. She just needed to decide for herself. But in her heart she was uneasy.

Bella sent a message to James Grayson and said, “You know Bryan Damon, a very famous detective. He is now the leader of this case. He asked me to sleep in that haunted Castle tonight.”

“Okay.” James Grayson sent a word.

Bella looked at his reply, there was a sense of loss in her heart.

Next second, she got another message and James Grayson said, “I’ve arranged it. We’ll also live in the castle tonight. I’ll bring two people with me. Don’t be afraid.”

Bella unconsciously smiled and she was relieved in an instant. It seemed that in his presence she didn’t need to worry. He gave her the feeling that he can protect her.

Bryan Damon snorted and said in a voice that Bella could hear, “still a little girl, who pretends to be mature and capable. But when she has something to do, she reports to her boyfriend to comfort her.”

Bella looked at Bryan Damon unbelievably.

How does he know she’s telling her boyfriend?

However, her behavior was really like complaining to her boyfriend for safety.

Is James Grayson her boyfriend?

Bella’s heart beat faster, she blushed and looked out of the window. The window reflected the little girl.

Bella sighed.

She just walked out of the shadow, and now she was falling in it again…

After a while, the train arrived at the station.

“Don’t fall behind anymore. Someone from Pingyan Municipal Bureau will pick us up. They have arranged for the night.” Bryan Damon spoked.

Bella knew that he was telling her.

She analyzed Bryan Damon from a psychological point of view.

He was arrogant, so arrogant that no-one else mattered, rude, proud, and egoistic.

Besides, he also knew her.

He has his own world. He didn’t let anyone come inside it. He never took initiative to talk to other people, but he occasionally talked to her. It showed that he was willing to let her come into his world, but he was still investigating.

Bella suddenly thought that such a Bryan Damon was also cute, so she smiled.

Bryan Damon suddenly looked at her, his face very plain. “What are you laughing at?”

“Guess.” Bella didn’t tell him.

“You’re laughing at me.” Bryan Damon said very clearly.

Bella smiled more clearly and her eyes were curved, “Rarely muddled. Ha ha. ”

Bryan Damon gnawed his teeth. “As expected, you are laughing at me.”

Bella didn’t answer his words and walked ahead.

People of the police station drove the police cars to receive them, and the colorful lights on the car were particularly bright and recognizable.

A strong man in public security clothes came forward to greet Bryan Damon and said, “I was waiting for you. You must be hungry, dinner is ready and our director is waiting for you. Please follow me to the car.”

“Um.” Bryan Damon responded coolly.

They were five in total. Each car has a driver and someone to pick them up. Bella wanted to sit separately from Bryan Damon.

She went to the second car, just sat in the back seat and Bryan Damon opened the door and sat next to her.

Bella, “…”

And the most unexpected thing that Bella didn’t think was that the director has also invited James Grayson for dinner.