Chapter 226 Do we have a child

That was one of the most important reasons why she was willing to compromise with James Grayson. In her heart, there was a desire, that was hidden deeply, somewhere, but she also had the existence of a desire.

“Well, then play cards and draw it at will, okay?” Bella asked about the rules.

James Grayson nodded and asked the soldier to get a set of playing cards.

He shuffled the cards and let Bella draw one.

Bella took one, and he also took one.

James Grayson was very good at playing cards. He hardly lost.

Bella always played fair games. He was very careful, not continuous playing cards, he always let her do it first and then do his turn.

She drank a lot.

Finally, she was drunk…

Bella went to the bathroom vomited and came out.

“Come again.” She sat next to James Grayson. Her eyes were narrowed.

“No, you are drunk. No more drinking, you’ll hurt yourself.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Oh.” Bella smiled, with a little bit of starlight in her eyes, straddled on James Grayson’s leg, and naturally put her hand on his shoulders. “Do you care about me?”

James Grayson pursed his mouth and did not speak.

Her eyes were moving on his face. “James. If you hadn’t forgotten me, you can guess, how we will be now?”

James Grayson found that she was really drunk. Her face was red, and even her smile was a little naive.

“How?” James Grayson followed her words.

Bella grinned, her middle finger touched his soft lips, rubbed a little bit and said sadly, “Nothing, I’m not your type, you like Scarlett Evan.”

James Grayson frowned and held her hand. “You know Scarlett Evan?”

Bella nodded and tears rolled from the corner of her eyes.

Scarlett Evan, the cinnabar mole in his heart, and the thorn in her heart.

James Grayson saw her tears, there was a strange feeling in his heart. He wiped her tears and realized a possibility, “I broke up with you, is it related to her?”

It was not about her, but it was also about her.

Their breakup had nothing to do with her. She and Scarlett Evan didn’t know each other. They appeared in his life in different time periods. However, when she met him, he had Scarlett Evan in his heart. She could see from his behavior to Rachel Ainsley.

He lost his memory. He forgot her but he remembered Scarlett Evan.

This was the main cause of her suicide. This thought made her heart very painful, she didn’t want to mention Scarlett Evan again.

“James Grayson, I don’t like it, you always interrogate me.” Bella expressed her dissatisfaction.

James Grayson was silent.

Bella raised the corner of her mouth. “In fact, I know. You brought me by your side to recall the past.”

“You’re drunk. Take a rest. I’ll wake you up when we reach.” James Grayson picked up Bella and put her on the bed.

Bella pulled him down. Her hands were around his neck, and the distance between the two people was less than 10 cm.

James Grayson looked at her.

“Don’t you want to know what kind of posture we liked?” Bella asked.

James Grayson looked at her firmly. Two little Bella were reflected in his deep eyes.

She was smiling, weeping, her eyes had unpredictable emotions and a lot of despair.

“You’re really drunk.” James Grayson said.

Bella’s legs were wrapped around his waist, and she pulled him.

James Grayson approached her and looked into her eyes.

It was a very routine move for them. The difference was just that she was also active, liking it and cooperating.

This proved that, once, they really loved each other.

He thought that he should take advantage of her drunkenness to ask more questions. The secrets she wanted to hide may come out completely because of her drunkenness.

However, his mind flashed the words that Bella just said, “James Grayson, I don’t like it you always interrogate me.”

He looked at her tears, and his heart felt something. He bowed his head and kissed her on the lips.

The drunk Bella was very enthusiastic. When she kissed him back, she rubbed herself against him like a soft kitten, provoked him and stirred him up.

He did it, and she tied him around the waist.

The feeling was totally different from the previous cold passivity. At this moment she was real, active and fresh. He was very excited, breathing heavily, and his sweat also fell on her with his sharp chin.

He and she almost at the same time… produced sound, her voice was soft, gentle and pleasant, just like the sound of nature.

He had a completely different feeling.

There was an attraction to integrate him into her world.

James Grayson lowered his head and kissed her lips.

She opened her mouth slightly to breathe, her eyes were distracted, she was tired and fell asleep.

James Grayson got up.

He knew that Bella liked to clean up immediately. After cleaning up her, he went to the bathroom to clean himself.

He came out and Bella was still asleep. It seemed that she won’t wake up for a while. On the contrary, he was very conscious, thinking of every word and expression that Bella said and showed after getting drunk.

He had a premonition that they didn’t break up, but that he lost his memory and they separated.

Bella woke up naturally, opened her eyes and saw James Grayson sitting in front of the computer. The table has been cleaned up, even the empty wine bottle has disappeared.

She was drunk.

The last memory was that she went to the toilet.

She thought that she must be talking nonsense after getting drunk, and she was worried, “what time is it now?”

James Grayson looked back at Bella. “Nine o’clock, you wake up in time.”

Bella looked at his face and found no difference. “I… did I talk some nonsense?”

James Grayson raised his mouth, “Is it nonsense to tell what posture we used to like?”

Bella’s face turned red. Why did she say it?

“Besides this, what else I said?” Bella had a bad feeling.

“Oh, by the way, you didn’t say it. You did it directly.” James Grayson corrected.

Bella was dazed, and her eyes were widely opened. She looked at him and judged whether he was saying true or not. Mainly, they have had one before, and after that, they did it again or didn’t, she can’t feel the difference.

Bella could not see the truth on James Grayson’s face and asked in a low voice, “How I did it?”

James Grayson didn’t tell her and changed the topic. “Will you go with your colleagues or with me?”

Bella saw that he didn’t tell her, she thought he must be telling a lie. Her face relaxed a lot. “I’ll go with my colleagues. It’s not good to go alone.”

“I’ll go to that castle, too. I’ll get in touch then.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Um.” Bella got up and walked to the door.

“Bella, you told the posture that we like, it is not convenient for me to come out in that. You didn’t put on the birth control ring before, and I don’t like to use condoms. Have we ever had a child?” James Grayson suddenly asked this question.

Bella’s heart was beating fast, her back was stiff and tense. She didn’t return her head. Due to guilty conscience, she was afraid that James Grayson could see her heart through her face.