Chapter 315 There is no such person in our family!

The president of Well Group told us his opinion. At the same time, he talked to the president of Tyloo Home.

We signed the agreement on the spot. We had an appointment to visit the resort tomorrow. We could do landscape and interior design after reading the architectural design drawings.

When it came to itinerary, I was the happiest.

Because then I had reason to work overtime and could not accompany Ming every day.

Although he was very good to me these days.

The better he treated me, the more I cared about his hidden insidiousness.

I was afraid to provoke him one day.

So I’d better shorten the contact time with him.

The next day, the president of Well Group did not come. He asked Justin to drive me and Linda to the resort.

In the car, I pretended to ask Justin casually, “Mr. well, you and President Well said yesterday that I was like a person. Who am I like?”

I asked Ming President Well’s name in the evening. His name was Brady.

“You are like one of my aunts.” Justin said as he drove.

His words made me nervous.

I told Linda about my mother so Linda knew about it.

When Justin finished, Linda took a look at me.

I immediately asked, “your aunt?”

“Yes, but I haven’t seen her for a long time. I only saw her when I was a child.” Justin answered naturally.

He was a naive man.

He didn’t seem to think much.

“Is your aunt married?” I continued.

“No, my aunt has been mad in my mind. She seemed to die after being treated.” Justin said as he drove.

Was she crazy?

When I heard Justin say that, my heart was full of bitterness and affliction.

It was a feeling I had never had before.

Besides, his aunt was a stranger to me unless…

I looked at Linda. Linda was also looking at me.

We looked at each other. I hesitated and didn’t ask.

I didn’t think Justin knew much. I might as well ask Brady.

It was almost three hours’ drive from downtown to the resort. Of course, one of the reasons was Justin’s slow driving.

Because it was winter and construction hadn’t started yet. Linda and I just looked around.

It was over three when we went back. If we went back at Justin’s speed, it would be dark.

Linda couldn’t stand it. She grabbed Justin’s steering wheel and drove by herself.

We arrived in York in two hours.

As soon as we got back to York, Justin got a call from Brady. He called to invite us to dinner when he knew we were back.

Justin delivered Brady’s invitation.

Usually I would definitely refuse.

But this time…

I took a look at Linda. Before I could speak, Linda said, “let’s go.”


Linda looked at me and patted me on the shoulder. “We’re partners. If you have something in mind and you can’t work hard, I’ll lose!”

“Thank you.” I was very grateful.

That night, I had dinner with Linda and Brady.

In the middle of the dinner, Brady drank a lot. I took a glass of champagne and walked over and smiled to Brady and said, “President Well, thank you very much for buying our works and giving us a chance to design together.”

Brad waved. “I should thank you. I don’t want to give such good works to others!”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Do well this time. I’ll often ask you to do it later!”

I talked to Brady for a while. I suddenly said, “President Well, today Mr. Justin said that I look like one of his aunts. I think we have a special destiny.”

I thought Brady would be happy to hear that.

But when Brady heard that, he immediately became unhappy. He put down his glass and said coldly, “he’s talking nonsense. He has no aunt!”


“Excuse me, Miss Jones. I need to make a phone call and get out first.”

I wanted to go on, but Brady interrupted me. He put down his glass and picked up his cell phone and walked out.

There were only four people.

After Brady left, there were only three people left.

Linda came up and asked, “what do you say?”

I described Brady’s reaction. Linda nodded, “so Well Family really has such a mad aunt.”

“What’s the matter?” Justin looked at the two of us standing together and asked.

I looked at him and pretended to be angry and said, “Mr. well, you said you have an aunt. I just said the same to President Well, but he denied it and he was angry. If he breaks the contract, it’s all your fault.”

Because we had been with Justin for a day and Justin was easy to get along with, we were quite familiar now.

Justin immediately said, “it’s true! I’ve seen her!”

Then Justin’s phone rang and he answered. After listening, he frowned slightly. “My father said he left first. He specifically said that my family didn’t have the person I said…”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. I was just asking.”

I said with a smile.

It seemed that Well Family was deliberately trying to hide this person.

Was Justin’s Aunt Margaret? I could only wait for an opportunity.

We left after supper.

At the door I saw Ming’s car parked at the intersection. He was wearing a light gray coat and standing next to the car. He saw me and waved to me.

“President Jessop is here to pick you up. Sure enough, you love each other as the news says.” Justin said next to me.

But my heart was heavy.

To be honest, I was not really happy that Sean came to pick me up. Instead, I felt like a prisoner.

My every move was monitored by Ming.

Even if he didn’t ask me where I had gone, he knew where I had gone.

“Let’s go home.” Ming came to me and smiled.

He held me in his arms and waved goodbye to Justin and Linda for me.

Ming was driving.

Because his identity had changed. His car was changed from Lincoln to Rolls Royce.

His car had improved a lot.

I sat in the passenger seat and said nothing.

Ming seemed to see my abnormality and asked me, “what’s the matter?”

I looked at him and hesitated and said, “Ming, you don’t have to pick me up every day.” After that, I was afraid he couldn’t accept it. I added, “Linda and I are going to revise the drawing and I will be very busy next. My off hours are uncertain. If you wait for me, I may not be in the mood to work hard because I am worried about you…”