Chapter 312 He walked straight to the bed

Ward’s words made me recollect at once!

One day!

Sean came back late. When he came back, I called him honey and offered to marry him.

But Sean didn’t say yes.

Now I remembered that Sean that night was really freaky and later groaned when he took a bath.

He must be suffering. Was he hurt?

The more I thought about it, the more I worried.

Was Sean afraid I was in danger when he sent me away?

If it was true.

But I soon woke up and looked at Ward suspiciously, “why should I believe you? How could you be so kind to tell me that!”

Ward touched his chin with his hand. “Well, I’m really kind.”

“Why did you tell me that?”

I continued.

Ward lowered his head and tilted his head and looked at me. He laughed viciously, “because I find you have the ability to mess up Jessop Family, so I’m guessing if you’ll do something after you know that.”

Ward’s words made me feel cold all over.

He was right. When I knew that, I didn’t want to leave Sean.

Then I was likely to do extreme things.

I didn’t speak. Ward shook his head. “Fortunately, you’re not dead, or I can’t see Jessop Family fighting and destroying itself.”

I looked at him and clenched my fist. I calmed down and sneered, “President Pater, you really overestimate me. They are both rich businessmen. How could they be manipulated by a woman like me? They just want to get what they want.”

“No.” Ward shook his fingers. “Men become stronger and more competitive when they have weaknesses. It’s like women become strong when they become mothers.”


For a moment, I thought maybe I was Sean’s weakness.

But I was not Ming’s weakness.

“Have you finished?” At this time, Ming just finished calling and came here. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “it’s cold outside. I’m afraid Becky will get sick.”

So many things happened.

Ming didn’t seem to have changed at all. He was still tender and considerate.

But in my heart, he had changed a lot in silence.

“Yes.” Ward shivered and rubbed his hands. “It’s really cold. I’m going home to find my dear. President Jessop, bye!”

With that, he closed the ballroom door and left.

There were only two people left here, Ming and I.

At this moment, my heart was colder than the weather.

“Let’s go home.” Ming whispered in my ear.

I wanted to say no, but his arm was on my shoulder. He didn’t use force, but it was like a net.

I couldn’t escape.

I could only get into the car with him.

Instead of going to York No.1, the car went to Grand Bay.

Grand Bay was the house that Ming showed me before. He planned to live there after we got married.

At this time, I didn’t feel the warmth I felt when he gave the bank card to me. On the contrary, it was full of resistance.

But Ming parked in the garage next to the villa and took me to the door.

The light in the room was on.

Next to the living room was a large French window.

The curtains were open. I saw that the furniture in the room was all set.

The house was decorated before. Ming and I chose furniture. Now it was all set.

There was a fingerprint lock on the door.

Ming put his finger on the fingerprint lock and pressed it.

He pushed the door open.

At this time, three servants at the door came over and said to us respectfully, “master, madam, good evening.”

I was shocked by them.

One of the servants took our slippers out of the shoe cabinet. She knelt down and carefully set them for us and said, “please change your shoes.”

I looked at her and was very uncomfortable. “Get up. You don’t have to kneel. I’ll take the slippers myself.”

“No, ma’am, you can’t do such a thing.”

The servant knelt and did not dare to rise or look up.

She spoke in a low voice and she seemed to be scared.

Ming said, “get up. Go back first.”


After hearing his words, the three servants stood up and retreated one after another.

I realized that although the three servants called me madam, they listened to Ming.

“Come on.” Ming took my hand and operated the fingerprint lock of the door.

Then he added the fingerprint of my finger.

Then he tried for me and pulled me into the room. He looked at me tenderly and asked, “here’s the furniture you ordered. I’ve arranged it for you. Do you like it?”


I looked at him and smiled reluctantly.

I couldn’t say I didn’t like it anymore.

And I had traded myself for what the Giant group needed. I could only accept it.

Ming showed me around.

Finally, we stopped at the door of the children’s room we had planned.

Ming opened the door and said to me, “this is Lester’s room. When will you get him back?”


Ming’s words made me nervous.

To be honest, I didn’t want Lester to come back.

Now Ming was gentle but I thought of what happened in the evening and the dozens of bodyguards.

When I thought of those guns aimed at Sean, I was scared of him.

I was afraid he would threaten me with Lester later.

But I couldn’t refuse him. I thought about it and said, “Lester’s kindergarten has winter vacation. Let’s wait until the winter vacation is over.”

“OK, we can pick him up together then.” Ming’s hand fell on my head and gave me a pat.

He didn’t use his strength, but my heart was shaking.

At night, I knew I couldn’t leave.

I knew what was going to happen.

Now that I had decided to stay with Ming, it was normal.

Ming took all the clothes from my house.

Although it was warm at home, I still wore a dress under my pajamas.

After taking a bath, I wore pajamas and sat alone at the head of the bed and dried my hair with a hair dryer.

I saw Ming coming in from the outside and coming straight to the bed through the reflection on the bedroom glass.