Chapter 311 He’s pissed off people for you

Ward was surprised.

When I went with him, Ward asked me, “what did you say? Ming is afraid that you may look at other men more, but he would like you to come with me.”

“I just told him the truth.”

I knew Ming a little bit.

He seemed to be an extremely insecure person, so all he need to know was the truth.

If I wanted to stay with him safely, all I had to do was not hide anything from him.

Ward and I didn’t go to the round table where he was, but to the rest area in the corner.

There were wide sofas and snacks.

We sat on two sofas, and I asked him, “tell me.”

“Daniell’s car is really about me.” Ward paused.

I thought he admitted that he did it.

“You! Why!”

Even though Daniell had been dead for so many years, I couldn’t calm down when I knew that Ward did it!

I stood up excitedly and looked at him.

“Don’t get excited.” Ward said, “I’ll take you to a place first. Of course you can take Ming. He certainly won’t agree with you going with me.”

Ward’s hands were in his pockets, and his face seemed serious.


I was a little wary.

Ward couldn’t help smiling. “I let you take Ming. Are you afraid I will hurt you? I’m a husky at best. The real wolf is the one behind you.”

His metaphor was obviously humorous.

But I understood that Ming was not simple.

I hesitated and got up and took Ming and left with Ward.

Ward drove us to an independent building in the center of the city, which looked normal from the outside. Its lights were off and it didn’t seem to be open.

“Let’s go in.”

Ward took out a key and opened the door.

He went to the door and opened a nearby switch with the key. He turned on most of the switches in it.

The lights in the whole building immediately lit up and it became bright!

I stood at the door and could see that it was a ballroom and it was very well decorated.

Ming and I followed Ward in.

I didn’t know if it was because it was night. The whole ballroom was very cold and the atmosphere was strange.

We went around the ballroom. This style was familiar. I looked up at Ward. “Is this Daniell’s design?”

Ward nodded. “Yes!”

“Isn’t it good? Why did you harm him!” I looked at Ward excitedly, “if you are not satisfied with his design, you can tell him at the beginning. If you think it’s a waste of money, he can redesign it. Why do you make fun of other people’s lives!”

After so many years, when I saw something designed by Daniell, I had mixed feelings!

I walked up to Ward and slapped him without hesitation, “I’m going to kill you!”

I was not strong enough. I slapped ward and he didn’t move.

And he didn’t seem to be angry at all. He smiled. “Look at the design again. What’s wrong with it? If it’s just that I’m not satisfied, will I be angry? I’ve damaged his car for a long time, but he caught up that time, which shows that this kind of thing is backfire.”


Ward’s words made me understand something.

I looked around at the bar.

I just looked at it roughly. But when I looked at it carefully now, I immediately felt creepy!

It turned out that the strange atmosphere and cold was because the room was designed to be a hell room!

“Get out!”

After realizing the problem, I pulled Ming out.

I looked at it as I walked out. Although I only knew a little about the hell room, this design was too cruel. If the place was open, Ward may be disabled!

Even his family may be ruined!

I suddenly thought of the text message in Daniell’s cell phone.

He said he would take a bet.

Was that it?

Why did Daniell study it?

When I got to the door, I looked at Ward and asked him incredulously, “is it designed by Daniell?”

“Of course.”

Ward said calmly.

“It’s impossible. This is very professional knowledge. I am in touch with Traditional Design Gang so I know it roughly. It’s impossible for him to know such a thing.”

I didn’t believe it at all.

Ward smiled and took out his cell phone. He found out a few pictures and handed me his cell phone and said, “this is the original pictures. Take your time and tell me when you finish.”

I began to read them. Daniell’s style was so familiar to me.

Rendered renderings and vector graphics were Daniell’s style!

Moreover, the pattern of this hell room was infiltrated in this picture.

I was getting more and more scared.

I couldn’t believe Daniell did such a thing!

“This is not the first time Daniell, who is noble in your mind, has done such a thing. I found out that he started doing this when he was in college. But at that time he didn’t seem to be good at it and didn’t do it very well.” Ward said.

“You’re lying to me!”

“I’m lying to you? I have evidence. Give me your email address. I’ve prepared them for a long time. I will send them to you.”

After Ward finished, I dared not give him my email address.

I was afraid!

The design of the ballroom was very delicate. The drawing hid everything. Layman couldn’t notice it!

He didn’t do it for the first time!

Why did Daniell study this?

Ward looked at me. “I did have the brake pads of his car damaged. I wanted to give him a little warning, but he drove on the highway. He’s done a lot of bad things, so he deserves to die.”

“Nonsense!” I stared at Ward. “He must be forced by you!”

“Really? I think you forced him. He likes you but he can’t compare with Sean, so he did extreme things and wanted to be rich.” Ward stared at me. His eyes were like a viper!

I dared not even look at him.

Because the messages on Daniell’s cell phone he used before he died showed many things.

At this time, Ming’s cell phone rang. He went to answer the phone.

After Ming left, Ward suddenly changed his face. He put his hands on his chest and smiled viciously. He approached me and whispered, “there was another reason why Sean broke up with you. He pissed off the underworld and was hunted down to help you with Daniell’s case. He was seriously injured and almost died.”

I looked at Ward in surprise.

Ward went on, “and then I heard that he went home that day in order not to worry you.”