Chapter 130 Wanted to Flinch at the Last Moment

Clara, “…”

Is the Lady…of the wealthy and influential family?

“Yes.” Jessica dropped her eyes and her eyelashes fluttered. She wanted to flinch at the last moment. She was a daughter of no biological relationship, but her brother was real a blood kin. She was not sure what her mother would do.

If her mother was dissatisfied with her because of it, it was not worth the candle.

When the mother heard this, she hastened to say, “What did you do with them? Have you taken your revenge on them?”

“… No.”

“Then why did you come back? Come on, I’ll go with you. They bullied your again and again. Do they really think that there’s nobody in our house helping you?”

She shouted at the servant, “Arrange the car, and I want to go out!”

Being cared by someone, Jessica felt like a warm current passed through her heart. But the more her mother did this, the more she wanted to flinch.

If she told the truth, wouldn’t it be a dilemma for her mother to be between her and her brother? She didn’t want to give her mother a hard time because her mother was so kind to her and kept her as her own daughter.

Jessica clenched her fists. This time… This time she was not really hurt. Or she should let off Amy temporarily and punished Alex the perpetrator first?

When she made up her mind, she came forward and grabbed her mother who was so anxious. “Mom, leave it out. About Amy and Alex, I…” can take care of it by myself.

In the middle of her speech, the mother interrupted her and said in the direction of the door, “Ryan, you are coming back at the right time. Amy, the one who came to our house before, and Jessica’s ex-boyfriend, ganged up on her.”

“Come with us, teach them a lesson, and vent Jessica’s anger!”

Listening to this, Jessica froze.

Why did her brother come here so soon?

She turned slowly and stiffly and saw Ryan standing in the doorway.

The suit jacket before stained with her blood, he has changed into a new dark blue suit, which looked noble and handsome, cool and aggressive.

“I told you, I’ll take care of it about Amy and Alex. Why are you still here with mom? Don’t believe me?” He looked at her coldly, his eyes like knives.

He protected Amy all the way, so how could she believe him?

Jessica pressed her lips together and lowered her head silently.

Was that an admission? Ryan smiled sarcastically and walked up to her, looking down at her. “So you came back from the hospital secretly and let mother help you?”

That was exactly what she had thought, but she changed her mind at the last moment for fear of embarrassing her mother. But there was no need to tell him.

He wouldn’t help her, and would protect one of the culprits, and she wouldn’t be allowed to seek help?

The woman he liked was worthy of help, but she was not worthy of help?

Under his aggressive gaze, Jessica’s lip couldn’t help shaking, but she looked up and said firmly, “Yes!”

Ryan’s face fell. His beautiful eyes looked as dark as thick ink, and piercingly cold.

Sensing that the atmosphere between the two was not right, the mother looked at Ryan, and then looked at Jessica, and said earnestly, “Ryan, why are you still mad at Jessica after she just went through that? The important thing is to teach those two bastards to vent Jessica’s anger.”

After that, Ryan looked away, agreed coldly and then sat down on the sofa.

He looked sullen now, so the mother was also afraid of him. But she still bit the bullet and said, “Talk is cheap. Let’s go now…”

“Mom.” Ryan glanced at Jessica coolly, and then his eyes fell on the mother. “I’ll take care of it without you.”

Jessica lowered her head, a hint of sarcasm appearing in her eyes. He would take care of it without mom? He was just afraid that mom would hurt his precious woman!

“When are you going to deal with it?” the mother asked immediately.

“When the time comes, I’ll take care of it naturally.” When he caught the person who took pictures of them secretly, he would begin to handle it.

But in Jessica’s opinion, these were just prevarication. His purpose was to stop the mother from doing anything, so as not to hurt Amy.

She dropped her head and bit her lips. And when she blinked, a drop of liquid fell on the back of her hand, which was cold.

Clara went up to her, who was so sorry, and comforted her in a small voice, “It’s ok, I’m still here. I’ll tell my dad about it when I’m home. That’s too much.”

“It’s all right. Don’t get others involved in it. Jessica wiped her eyes and sobbed quietly.

There would be a way to deal with Amy. If her brother was so protective of Amy all the time, she did not mind to use some foul methods.

They both spoke in such low voices that they could only be heard when they were close together.

Ryan sat on the sofa, looking at two people’s face which was almost stuck together. His eyes darkened.

“Jessica, your brother said he would help you, so he will certainly help you. Why don’t you just wait?” The mother was a careless person so she didn’t detect the atmosphere between these three people at all.

Jessica raised her head and smiled at the mother sweetly. “… All right, mom.”

She could laugh, but her red eyes could not be hidden.

The mother looked at her and said worriedly, “Why are you crying?”

Then Ryan looked at her, his eyes darkening. He reached out his hand to undo a button in a cold manner.

“Nothing. I just remembered that I was almost raped, and I am scared.” Jessica said hoarsely.

Listening to this, the mother felt very distressed. She held her hand and comforted her for a long time. And she turned to tell Ryan, that he must not let Amy and Alex off.

He agreed, as meticulously as usual, and looked convincing. But Jessica did not believe this time. She just found it very ridiculous.

He promised so quickly outwardly, but he was so protective of Amy secretly. If she hadn’t known the truth, she would have been fooled by him.

He was a better actor than she was.

“The wounds haven’t healed yet. Go back to the hospital with me.” When the mother finished, Ryan stood up and patted the fold that did not exist on the clothes originally. There was obvious nobleness and elegance in his every move.

If she went back to the hospital, she would be monitored by someone he arranged, so Jessica didn’t want to go back. But as she was about to refuse, she caught his warning eye.

She clutched the corner of her dress and nodded perfunctorily, suppressing her unwillingness and anger.

Her mother was going to follow her to see how the hospital was, and if she needed to change the ward and doctors.

But she was refused by Ryan coldly. “I have arranged all these. There are too many patients in the hospital. Don’t go in case you get the flu.”

“That’s right.” The mother did not insist. She just thought to herself that she would cook some soup or something at home and let someone bring it to Jessica.

Ryan drove the car, and Jessica and Clara sat in the back seats. They kept quiet all the way. Jessica didn’t want to speak and Clara didn’t dare to speak. In short, the atmosphere was very depressing.

“Don’t let me know again, that you sneaked out of the hospital. Otherwise, you won’t have to be an actress anymore.”

She was quite frightened this time, and she still had wounds on her body, so she needed to rest.