Chapter 129 More Horrible than Beating Someone

But Jessica thought he was unwilling. Her ironic smile grew bigger. There was a sharp pain in her heart.

If it was Amy, he was unwilling to do that. But she was almost raped, and he did not even make any accusatory remark on the culprit Amy.

It was fine even if he symbolically said he would punish Amy lightly. But he didn’t.

Both of them did not speak. It was silent in the ward, and the atmosphere was getting more and more stifling and tense.

Clara was frightened by the coldness around Ryan. She could only reach out her hand to tug at Jessica’s clothes, and said in a small voice, “Stop it.”

Seeing the look on Ryan’s face, she was afraid that he would beat her when he lost his temper.

No, he looked more horrible than beating someone!

Jessica looked away, wiped the tears from her eyes, and went on to the bathroom. But before she had taken two steps, she was picked up suddenly.

Ignoring her struggle, Ryan picked her up almost roughly and walked toward the bed.

The overwhelming masculine hormone swept over Jessica. The temperature and smell of his body was very familiar, but she felt like she returned to that cramped dressing room.

Alex wanted to force her, but she could not struggle. The door was locked; the phone could not be connected. She was limp, and could only let him act wantonly.

“Don’t touch me! Let me go!! Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me!!”

Panic was pressing in on her. Her face was pale. She struggled and shouted regardless of the pain from the wounds. Her stomach kept churning and she was retching, but nothing came out.

Ryan held her tightly. His heart seemed to be clenched by an invisible hand, suffocating.

He looked down at the white-faced little woman in his arms, eyes full of veiled love, but when he was speaking, his voice was still emotionless.

“Jessica, look who I am.”

But Jessica could not listen to anything at the moment. Her lips could not stop trembling, and she almost crazy. “Let me go! Don’t touch me!”

“Mr. Howard, it’s better to put Jessica down. She is unstable now.” Clara was afraid of and hated Ryan, but she bit the bullet and said.

Jessica was his sister anyway and she was hurt by Amy like that. However, he was still partial toward Amy. Really abominable!

But she dared not utter these words.

Ryan frowned tightly. His well-defined and handsome face was frosty. He glanced at her coldly, and finally did not say anything, but just put Jessica on the bed.

When Jessica returned to the bed, she stopped shouting. But she covered herself with the quilt instantly and wrapped herself tightly with her back to him, who was still shaking.

“Don’t bathe until the wounds heal. I’ll arrange for someone to take care of you.” Ryan warned in a cold voice. His face was the same as usual, but his fists were clenched tightly.

Alex and Amy, he would never let them off.

Jessica hid in the quilt, shrinking into a ball, silent. She heard what he said, but she didn’t want to talk to him. He would have done what he liked if she had said no, and he had always been that way.

And although he said it was caretaking, it was a disguised surveillance actually. He knew that she hated to be confined. But he did it anyway.

Looking at this scene, Clara was more dissatisfied with Ryan. Jessica was already like this, but he was still so fierce!

Ryan pressed his lips together and didn’t say anything, a shade of darkness flashing across his eyes.

He just took a deep look at Jessica on the bed, picked up his suit jacket and sauntered out.

After he left, Jessica’s body stopped shaking, but she was still in the quilt, silent.

“Jessica, are you alright?” Clara sat beside the bed, her face full of worry and pity.

“I’m fine.” She just dared not sleep, and felt a little uncomfortable. Jessica said hoarsely.

How could she look like she was fine in this way? Clara said angrily, “If Mr. Howard doesn’t punish those two bastards for you, I will! Remember, all my family is policeman!”

“It should be put on record and be investigated. At least, charge Alex with indecent assault and Amy with accomplice, and then put them both into prison!”

Seeing that her good friend was so concerned about her, Jessica felt like a warm current passed through her heart, but she felt even bitterer. Clara, her good friend, tried her best to help her, but her brother, whom she had called him brother for more than twenty years, was favoring the culprit!

She sat up and shook her head at Clara. “Amy is my brother’s girlfriend anyway. If you let you family catch her, you’ll offend the Howards.”

“So what? Just watch Amy get away with it? Jessica, you don’t have to think so much. Even if my family is not as powerful as the Howards, but it is not that kind of family which can be bullied casually!”

“It is always bad to have one more enemy. And it’s not like there’s no other solution. I’m going to go back home and find my parents before the two people my brother arranged to spy on me show up.”

There were a lot of wounds on her, so Clara was not too happy about her going back home alone. They didn’t know when the two people Ryan arranged would come, so they immediately left just in case. They slid out of the hospital, and took a taxi back to the Howards.

There were only Ryan and Jessica two young people in her family. Ryan wouldn’t tell his family about those things happened on the Internet naturally. Jessica didn’t tell them either. Their mother seldom logged on twitter, so she didn’t know that. She was watching romantic drama at home now. She was so angry with the supporting actress and saying that she was too scheming.

It was the first time Clara saw Jessica’s mother.

No, she was not the same as the rich and famous woman Clara had imagined.

“Jessica, why are you in hospital dress? What’s the matter?” The mother saw Jessica who was pale at the first sight and felt so sorry for her. She quickly dropped the remote control and went to hold her.

Clara was anxious to defend Jessica, so when she heard the mother asked them, she hastened to say, “It…”

“Well!” Jessica coughed, and interrupted her. “Mother, it’s a long story. I’ll sit down and tell you.”

The matter about her and her brother was a family matter, so if Clara told her mother about it, she was afraid that her mother would be dissatisfied and felt that outsider was sowing discord.

Clara was not a fool, so she guessed her thought easily. She didn’t speak again and sat on the sofa quietly.

“What’s wrong? Who bullied you?” The mother looked at the love bites on her neck and her face changed. “Jessica, you…”

She was not pedantic, thinking that young people should remain chaste before marriage. It was because Jessica and Alex had been apart for a while and she had not heard of any new boyfriends.

Jessica felt a little embarrassed, but she did not avoid her eyes. “Amy cooperated with my ex-boyfriend and wanted to scheme against me. These wounds were left when Alex tried to rape me.”

“Is that Alex again?” The mother took a deep breath and exploded with rage. “Didn’t your brother deal with it later when Alex molested you last time on the set? How did your brother take care of it? How dare he hurt you again?”

“Who’s that Amy? Is she the inferior scheming girl who came to our house to have dinner and didn’t know how to act?”

She asked six questions without a pause, which showed her impatience.