Chapter 127 I Won’t Let Her Go

“Can’t believe it? But she was such a methodical liar that I would have believed her story if I hadn’t known what was going on. Now everyone on set is taking her story as fact!” Clara said angrily.

“Jessica, have you decided to leave it at that?”

Jessica didn’t want to sour her relationship with Ryan, so she had submitted to humiliation all the time. But in this case, she couldn’t swallow.

If she let her off this time, what would Amy do next time?

“It won’t let her off. Even if my brother doesn’t help me, I can still ask my grandparents and my parents for help.”

At the same time,

On the Internet,

The topic of “Jessica and Alex” had become the most popular topic in the search engine.

Tomato Gossip – According to the reliable information, Jessica seemed to fail to seduce Alex in the dressing room on set, so she became angry and wounded him so severe that he was rushed to hospital. (Video) Because the pictures of the scene were too pornographic and violent, they were not posted for the time being.

In the video, Jessica and Alex did not appear. But the blood-stained dressing room, and the onlooker’s accusations of Jessica, had made the netizens believe that what ‘Tomato Gossip’ said was the truth.

Led by Alex’s fans, the netizens condemned Jessica both in speeches and in writings. They abused Jessica with the filthiest words. There were also a lot of people asking for the video of the scene

When Jessica’s fans and some rational netizens questioned it, they were abused by Amy and Alex’s zealots and online ghostwriters employed by Amy and Alex. And even their families and ancestors were abused. By the end, thees people were afraid to speak.

“I’m going to see how that bitch Jessica can still get along in the circle!” Amy felt pleasurable reading those comments. Then she threw her phone aside casually.

The little assistant looked out of the window that was afraid of Amy’s grim smile and said, “A-Amy, we’re here.”

“Go and find Alex.”

She took great pains to find out which ward Alex was in.

But didn’t he drug Jessica? How did he get wounded?

There was a moment of doubt in her mind, but she did not think much of it. They were just partners, so the fact that Alex was injured was good for her.

As long as she took a few photos of his injuries and put them on the Internet, those stupid netizens would spare no effort to abuse Jessica.

She went into the hospital humming a song. After getting off the elevator, she was about to go to the ward where Alex was. But when she turned her head, she saw Ryan standing on the side of the corridor.

She was used to his look of a suit and tie. and it was the first time she had seen him in a white shirt. He stood facing the light, his butterfly-winged lashes casting a shadow over his face, which made his nose look high and straight, his features look handsome and noble.

Amy looked at him greedily, whose eyes was full of infatuation. He was such a perfect man, so how was that paparazzi worthy of him?

And such a noble, arrogant and busy man actually pretended to be nice to Jessica in order to sound out her feelings. He was so considerate.

“Mr. Howard? What a coincidence! You’re here too.” Amy called him sweetly and walked toward him with shyness in her eyes.

She came to him before he could deal with her?

His eyes were cold as he looked at her, and his thin lips curved with a chill.

To be honest, Amy was afraid of him. But when she thought of what Carol had said to her, her fear turned into shyness.

He must have liked her very much, for he had spent so many efforts on her as an aloof, unfeeling man.

“Mr., Mr. Howard. Why do you keep looking at me?” Amy brushed her hair off her ear shyly and timidly.

Ryan gave a sniff and said in a cold voice, “Are you coming to see Alex?”

Amy was nervous under his cold gaze. She lowered her head and swallowed with some difficulty. And then she grasped the opportunity to speak ill of Jessica.

“Yes. You’ve seen the news online, haven’t you? Jessica failed to seduce Alex. She got so mad because of that and wounded Alex so severely that he has been in hospital now.”

“Jessica shouldn’t do that. If she still loves Alex, she should agree to get back together with him directly. But she had to play hard to get. When Alex fell in love with someone else, she became anxious again and tried to seduce Alex and threaten him by taking pictures.”

Surely a man like him who came from a noble and proud family would no longer be interested in such an unscrupulous woman like Jessica?

Amy talked with more and more gusto and didn’t see Ryan’s cold face had been clouded over as if a storm was brewing.

He glared at her coldly and said in a cool voice, “I am on the spot. How do I not know Jessica seduced Alex, and also wounded him?”

“Of course you don’t…” In the middle of her words Amy understood what he had said, and her face went pale immediately.

Mr. Ryan was there? So he rescued Jessica?

His words sent a chill down her spine. She stumbled back a couple of steps and fell to the ground with a thud. Didn’t Carol say Mr. Howard hated Jessica and wanted to kill her? How did it come to this?

The expensive and shiny leather shoes stopped slowly in front of her, and the overwhelming pressure on her almost suffocated her.

He looked down at her, and his cold face looked grim. “I warned you not to offend Jessica.”

Took his words for granted?

“No, no, no, Mr. Howard, you misunderstood.” He tried to smile, but she couldn’t. Her face looked hideous. “I didn’t offend Jessica.”

“About what I just said, I read it on the Internet. It… It was the network media that stirred up enmity. I misunderstood Jess… Ouch!”

Ryan bent over, pinched her chin and said in a piercingly cold voice. “Amy Scott. Do you consider me as a fool?”

“No, I don’t! Mr. Howard. Alex forced me to do that! He has something on me, and I must do as he says!”

Her chin was very painful, but Amy did not dare to say anything. The cold sweat streamed down her forehead and she was shaking.

“Alex, I’m always so nice to you. You can’t accuse me of it.” Tears streaming down her face, Amy looked pitiful.

However, when she had just finished, Alex roared in the ward, “Amy, you bitch! It was you who wanted to hurt Jessica and forced me to cooperate with you!”

She had to impute these things to Alex. Or she was done for.

Ryan’s eyes darkened. He let go of Amy and winked at his special assistant behind him. The special assistant nodded sensibly. He went into the ward, carried out Alex who was lying on the bed because his penis was damaged and threw him to the ground.

“Mr. Howard, I know Jessica is your sister, and you have beaten me up twice. How could I have done such a thing if I hadn’t been forced to do it by Amy?”

Alex’s penis was damaged and was really hurting him, so he couldn’t walk. But he had to come out now and imputed all these things to Amy, or he wasn’t sure if he could live through tonight!

Amy was stunned. Jessica was really Mr. Howard’s sister!

Alex the bitch actually kept such an important thing from her. Was he trying to kill her?