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Chapter 126 Liar


Because he didn’t like her. And he could easily make her feel wronged for a woman. But Clara was her best friend and would consider her things first.

But she wouldn’t tell him about that.

Jessica explained perfunctorily, “I panicked at that time. Clara’s number is the first one on my contact list.”

“Well!” Liar!

Ryan glared at her with cold eyes, and his handsome face was gloomy.

Jessica clearly sensed that he was angry, but she found it ridiculous. Since he hated her as his sister, did she have to think of him first when she was in trouble?

She let go of her bleeding lip and felt tired out.

Both of them did not speak, the atmosphere in the ward became depressing and cramped gradually.


At this time, Clara opened the door of the ward and came in hurriedly. When she saw the hideous wounds under Jessica’s sleeves and trousers, her eyes turned red immediately.

“This shit!”

He was such a fucking asshole!

Clara swore through gritted teeth and then ran to the bedside, feeling great pity for her.

Ever since her accident, finally here came someone who really cared about her. Jessica held the bed to sit up, and threw herself into Clara’s arms with tears in her eyes.

She released all her pent-up emotions.

“Clara, I…I thought…thought I would be… raped…by Alex. I was scared. He…he drugged me…I couldn’t break free. He pressed me…from behind, and…and…”

Jessica choked up and could not go on. She was afraid. She was really afraid. Especially when she was finally pressed to the ground by Alex and her face was pressed against the ground, she really felt insulted and afraid.

She cried so much that Clara’s clothes were soaked. She did not feel her tears were dirty, but only felt pity for her, and comforted her gently.

Ryan was standing beside them, looking at Jessica holding Clara and pouring out unreservedly. His eyes narrowed gradually, and his face darkened. The air pressure around him was extremely low.

It was him who had saved her. But the first person she asked for help was Clara. Now the most trusted person was also Clara!


Clara cuddled Jessica and comforted her. She suddenly had the illusion of being stalked by a wild animal. She patted Jessica on the back and when she looked round, she just met Ryan’s sullen eyes. All at once she felt a chill rising from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

She didn’t seem to have done anything wrong to Mr. Howard, did she?

“Thank you, Mr. Howard, for saving Jessica. If it hadn’t been for you, it would have been worse.”

Jessica was his girl, so it was natural that he saved her. Did he need someone to thank him for Jessica?

Ryan smiled wryly. His face didn’t soften at all, but looked more sullen.

Clara, “?”

Why did she feel that Mr. Howard seemed angrier? Didn’t she just thank him?

“Honey, I’m thirsty.” After a good cry, the pressure in her mind eased a lot. She was already thirsty, but she dared not ask her brother to get her water because of the way he looked.

“Ok, ok, I’ll go and get some water for you.”

Clara quickly got up and got some water for her.

Seeing that, Ryan gave a sniff. His eyes looked cold. Honey? Honey again. The first was Alex, and then Clara. She had so many honeys!

Wherever Clara went, she was stared at by a pair of cold eyes. She just felt that her blood froze and her body was so stiff that she didn’t even know how to walk.

What was wrong with Mr. Howard today? Why was he so hostile to her?

After Jessica drank the water, she felt her throat better. And then she remembered something and asked, “Weren’t you outside the dressing room afterwards?”

“I was there.” The very thought of it made Clara feel angry. “I saw that you haven’t come out for half an hour, so I wanted to go to the dressing room to find you, but Amy always stopped me! She…”

“Stop it.”

When Clara said that, she could guess that Amy might have something to do with it. She glanced at Ryan and interrupted Clara.

No wonder her brother would have come so soon. Did he hear the news from Amy?

But just now, he didn’t say Amy had something to do with it. Was it because he wanted to shield her?

Jessica smiled sardonically, her heart throbbing. What was she for her brother…?

This glance made Ryan frown. He opened his mouth, but at last he tightened his lips and said nothing.

“Don’t interrupt me. Even if Mr. Howard is Amy’s boyfriend, I have to make it clear today!”

Clara was used to Jessica’s fearless appearance. When she saw Jessica stooped to compromise again and again because of Amy, her heart was aching for her.

She was also very afraid of Ryan, but she still bit the bullet and said, “Mr. Howard, Alex the bastard can succeed this time, is because Amy cooperated with him, and tried to stall me.”

“Even if you don’t like Jessica, and you are partial to Amy. But you must be reasonable in the face of such a thing, right?”

“And Amy took seven or eight paparazzo to the dressing room. She discredited Jessica, and it also brought disgrace on your family. Are you going to see her act like this?”

When did he say he didn’t like Jessica?

Ryan’s well-defined jaw was tense. His eyes looked as cold as ice. “It’s not up to you to speak for her.”

He couldn’t forget that Jessica had called her first.

“Are you still going to shield Amy?” Clara was so angry that she was not afraid now. He left his sister alone, but was partial to a wicked woman. What was he thinking?

No one had ever dared to be so presumptuous in front of Ryan, not even the elders of his family.

His face fell. “I don’t need to tell you what I’m going to do.”

Before the accident, he had already had an idea about how to deal with Alex and Amy. But it just happened before he could do anything.

He should rethink about how to deal with them now.

But in Jessica’s opinion, he obviously determined to be on Amy’s side till the end. She shook her head at Clara who flushed with anger and felt disappointed in Ryan completely.

At first she thought that her brother would only be partial to Amy in trivial matters, but at least he would be fair in major issues. Unexpectedly, he was so fond of Amy. Even when such a thing happened, he still wanted to protect her.

Jessica bit her lip and held back the tears in her eyes.

“Have a good rest.” Ryan said with an expressionless face, and turned out of the ward. He should go to deal with Amy and Alex now.

The moment the door closed, Clara could not bear it any more. “Jessica, why do you stop me? Amy has done such an outrageous thing this time. Do you want to let her off?”


“Listen to me first, Jessica. You don’t know, Amy colluded with those paparazzo to distort the truth in front of everyone. Now everyone on set thinks that you didn’t succeed in seducing Alex, and wounded him!”

The result was too shocking.

Jessica eyelid twisted twice. She asked in disbelief, “What did you say?”

She seduced Alex?