Chapter 130 Accompany His Beautiful Young Woman to a Date

After finishing the call, Benjamin beside had been turned on the light, staring straight at Alice, the expression was not very good, “It’s so late, in your husband’s bed, talking to another man, do you think it is appropriate?”

Alice asked him, “This ex-husband, please find out the relationship between me and you now, who my husband is, I don’t know yet.”

Ben was stubborn, and he was exhausted now, but he can’t have this title. Is there anything more disappointed than this?

“Alice you made it clear what is our relationship now?”

Alice responded politely, “Sex partners.”

Sex… sex partner?

Alice got out of bed and began to get dressed. Benjamin asked her, “Where are you going in the middle of the night?”

“Dating, are you going?” She was afraid that she would not be able to handle other things by herself, and in case it was John Ran’s trap.

Benjamin did not hesitate, “Since you begged me to let me go, I have no reason not to go.”

“…” Did she beg him? Even if she didn’t say that just now, could he let her out of this house tonight?

After getting on the car, the driver Ben asked, “Where is this beautiful young woman go in the middle of the night?”

Alice gave him a white look, and told her the address what John Ran had told her.

Benjamin frowned and said directly, “Penny’s house.”

After saying that, he regretted it. Even if he knew it, he should pretend not to know it. He straightened his waist and held the steering wheel. On the surface, he focused only on driving, but he was very disturbed.

Alice slowly turned her head and stared straight at him, to see when he could not hold on, and let him raise his hand to surrender.

Benjamin felt that he was almost penetrating by the woman’s sharp eyes, and he had to turn his head and smile at Alice, “Darling, wasn’t Penny my primary doctor, and my heart is her Fiance’s, so it’s not surprising to know her address, you say so. ”

Alice stared straight at him, still not saying a word, just a red light, Benjamin uncontrollably picked Alice’s delicate chin, “Little girl, are you jealous?”

After the green light, Alice turned her eyes, looking forward, and there was a touch of confusion in the good-looking eyes.

She said lightly, “I heard that that person loves Dr. Penny. I have always been curious. Now when you see Dr. Penny, is your heartbeat normal? Is there an uncontrollable heartbeat?”

Benjamin’s eyes tightened, he could understand Alice’s words, and when he saw Penny, whether his heartbeat was normal or not, he knew exactly.

The heart was changed, the brain was still awake, and memory and thinking can still control some abnormalities.

Benjamin smiled like a joke, “What’s wrong, your romance is now science fiction? But I think that your brain-burning idea is very strange.”

His refusal to answer, Alice was still able to detect it, but she didn’t dig it too deep.

She had to admit that she was afraid of losing him.

When they reached the door of Penny’s house, no one answered the doorbell. Alice had no choice but to dial John Ran’s number.

“Is Dr. Penny’s home?”

John Ran, who was still sitting in the car, looked up and forgot about the still-lit window, “Yes.”

“But nobody opened the door? I pressed the doorbell for a long time. Is Penny seriously ill?” Alice was anxious.

The call was over. Alice and Benjamin muttered dissatisfied. What happened to Penny? John Ran was able to call and ask her to come over, which proved that Penny definitely needed care.

Benjamin suddenly thought that the car that had been rear-cranked was also in the parking lot, “John Ran was in the parking lot.”

Alice looked at Benjamin, “Then …” What was he trying to do?

When the two were still puzzled, John Ran stepped out of the elevator. The steps under his feet were a little urgent, but they were also deliberately suppressed.

He opened the door with the key and was ready to leave without saying a word, but was stopped by Benjamin. Neither he nor Alice knew what was going on? John Ran left like this and always felt that something was wrong there.

Benjamin and John Ran looked at each other with hostility. Alice still wanted to go to Penny first.

“What else do you want to do?” Benjamin felt that John Ran was too extreme now. Some things should be passed in the past. What they had to face was tomorrow and the future.

John Ran smiled coldly, without answering, “My brother’s heart is still adaptable in your body, right?”

Benjamin frowned. He had been checking that person’s life history, but among the members of Ran’s family, there was no such person. Now John Ran said in person, that also confirmed his all-time guess.

“Dr. Penny … Dr. Penny. Wake up …”

Alice’s anxious voice spread in the suffocating space. The two men ran to the same room at the same time. When he re-bedded the bedroom, John Ran paused, meaning that he stared at Benjamin’s nervous back complexly.

Sure enough, he was still very anxious, huh, interesting.

After Benjamin passed, Alice said anxiously, “She’s hot. Let’s hurry her to the hospital.”

Benjamin nodded, and without hesitation, picked up Penny who was lying unconscious on the bed because of a high fever.

But John Ran blocking the door reminded him intentionally or unintentionally, “So nervous? Is it you? Or is the heart in your body nervous?”

Benjamin frowned and concentrated on John Ran. At this time, he still had time to test these things! If something bad did happen to Penny, wouldn’t it be him who finally regretted it?

Alice couldn’t care this, so he just hurried to send Penny to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, there was nothing physically cool in the car. Alice opened a bottle of water and slapped Penny’s forehead gently. She must have a fever of forty degrees now.

How could John Ran do this, knowing that she had such a high fever, that she would not send her to the hospital? At first, what she saw in his email was his inseparable love for Penny, but in reality, how could he be so cruel?

After treatment in the hospital for more than two hours, Penny woke up. Alice was sitting in a chair beside the bed, Benjamin was standing behind Alice, and John Ran was always outside the ward. No one knew it even he left.

The female doctor came in to tell Penny. She took the case and glanced at Penny on the hospital bed.

“Dr. Penny, you are pregnant.”

Penny smiled very lightly. It seemed that he was not surprised at all about this unexpected thing, “Yes.”

The doctor still reminded her heavily, “But it can’t stay.”

Penny frowned slightly. “I know.”

Sitting in the waiting area outside the ward, John Ran was taken aback. What was his feeling? He knew it best.

Child, his and her child.

Many years ago, they sat in a rented house of less than 20 square meters, and dreamed that they would have a big house, talking what their home would be decorated, and their children would look more like mother or father.


He felt hurt because of her peace. She said she knew.

She knew the child couldn’t keep it, but she never mentioned it to him that she was pregnant.

This is the world, he step by step became the person she hated most in her life, the person she most didn’t wanted to see.

He thought that every step of his plan was perfect, and perfection could drive each of them to death, just like how he was cornered years ago.

He was ultimately wrong, and in the case of mistakes, there was no way out.

He got up and left the hospital. No one understood the silence and sorrow of his back.

The doctor left the ward, and Alice looked at Penny distressingly, not knowing how to comfort her. Benjamin put his big hand on Alice’s shoulders, knowing her heart palpitations, hoping that the temperature of his palms would not make her too sad.

Penny said, “Thank you for taking me to the hospital.”

Benjamin bluntly said, “It is John Ran who can’t worry about you alone and let us pass your house. It was also the door he opened for us. When he came to the hospital, he was there.”

In fact, Penny knew that, otherwise they would not be able to enter her home. Even if he had just left, she could see him through the windows and doors of the ward.

She smiled tiredly, “Oh.” It was a polite response.

Alice distressed and pulled Penny’s hand without an infusion. “You see, he actually cares about you, he just …”

Penny interrupted Alice’s words. She understood what she wanted to say, “In the past few years, he has tortured me in the name of love. It is better to die than to live. I think I can stick to it. It seems that I overestimate myself. ”

When you were exhausted, you can continue to persist, but if your heart was dead. It was the end of everything.

Penny smiled at Alice. “I’m really grateful to have you here so late. You can go back to rest. I live here more casually than at home. My colleagues will take care of me.”

Alice was still very uneasy, and looked back at Benjamin. Benjamin said to Penny, “You can call us if you have anything you need.”

“Thank you.” Penny smiled politely.