Chapter 129 If There Was a Future Life, She Will Never Meet Him Again

She said to him, “I want to go back by myself.”

He sneered as he walked in front. Can she go back by herself?

He shoved her back into the car, she stopped talking, and the feeling of hotness in the nasal cavity made her reach out to try, and sure enough, there was a nosebleed.

She sat alone in the back seat looking for a paper towel, but couldn’t find it, and her bag was still in the office.

No tissue, nothing to wipe her nosebleeds, she didn’t want to ask him to help her pull out a tissue, no matter if she was stubborn or what, she wouldn’t want to ask him for anything.

She wiped the endless nosebleed with her own clothes.

The nosebleed kept flowing, dizziness worsened, and she couldn’t help it but wanted to look up at the person sitting in front of me.

If this was the last second, she still hoped that all she can see was him.

In the blurred vision, she couldn’t see his face, and she could only see his shoulder in the position she sat in, as wide as before, but she didn’t dare to lean on it easily.

Now, he was covered with thorns all over, and when she touched them, they were all stinging like needles, and she was scared.

Holding the bridge of her nose also failed to stop the red blood that was constantly flowing out, just like all these years, her love for him couldn’t stop.

John Ran, if there was a future life, she will never meet him again. It was too hard, and it hurt too much.

“Cough …” The blood returned to the mouth, and she coughed uncontrollably, bleeding more.

He raised his eyes, and she in the built-in rearview mirror made him step on the brakes instantly.

After the “squeeze”, the car felt a strong shock, and the car behind them hit them.

What happened outside was completely disregarded by John Ran. He took a lot of paper towels to help Penny wipe the blood on her face, got out of the car and tried to stop her in the back seat.

As soon as he got out of the car, he was caught by the owner behind him. “How do you drive? You have to brake on the fast lane …”

John Ran took out the black wallet from his jacket’s pocket, gave all the cash in it to the other party, and gave him his business card.

He opened the back door and got into the car. His brows were deep into the deep river, and there was still tension and panic in his deep eyes.

Penny hid behind him, her voice was very low and dumb, “I’m fine, just a nosebleed.”

Just a nosebleed? Blood was on the sleeves, on the cheeks, and in the mouth.

“Are you dumb? Wouldn’t you tell me to take tissue for you?” she knew that he would no longer be tender to her. She was like this, and he was still so fierce and so yelled at her so loudly.

He used a lot of strength to hold the bridge of her nose to stop her bleeding. He must have hated her, otherwise how could he have struck her with such strength.

It hurt so much. She held back the tears in her eyes and said lowly, “It hurt, can you tap lightly?”

“You deserve it!” The strength of her holding the bridge of her nose did not decrease, but heavier, and her other hand did not stop, helping her wipe the blood from her mouth.

Penny looked at him, he was right, she deserved it, and everything was her fault.

“If I die, are you happy?”

His hand that wiped his nosebleeds shook suddenly, and it returned to normal in a flash, and the corner of his mouth ticked indifferently, “What? Want to use death to relieve yourself?”

Penny looked at him, didn’t speak, and instead of choosing to be relieved, she had no choice but to die beside him.

She smiled stupidly at him, thinking that after he changed, his face would also be cold. “No, I don’t want to leave you.”

The tears fell, and a drop of tears like a broken pearl ticked on the back of his hand stained with red blood. He frowned and looked at her for a while, then he grinned sadly, wiped her nose and wiped her tears at the same time.

His voice was very low and deep, like the ancient well from a thousand years, mysterious and vicissitudes, “You’ve mistaken me, I am John Ran.”

John Ran.

Penny laughed bitterly. Of course, she knew that he was John Ran. In this world, the only one could hurt her infinitely, only he John Ran.

She lowered her eyes, and her nosebleeds had stopped. She didn’t look sadly and smiled, “Yeah, it seems that too much blood loss has caused me insane. I just thought of you as Bob.”

The tears on her face were wiped dry by herself, and the nosebleed was stopped by him just now. She was also a doctor. Even if he didn’t help her, she would be fine. Just by his side. She became a mental retardation.

He stared at her for a moment and looked at her for a while, and did not start strangling her because of what she just said, which made Penny grateful.

It wasn’t until the police came over and knocked on the window that he went back to the door and got out of the car.

The police and the car owner who had just reported the alarm were about to speak, and found that the car was full of bloody paper and Penny with blood on her face.

John Ran first said, “Sorry, my friend suffered a concussion. She had a nosebleed just now. I’m fully responsible for this accident.”

The owner of the car behind couldn’t say anything. The police were keen and bent down to ask Penny’s situation. “Miss, are you okay?”

Penny nodded. “Well, it’s fine.”

They arrived at her house. She was supposed to get off consciously. But today, she was a bit helpless.

When he was impatient, he finally spoke irritably, “Here it is.”

She wanted to open her heavy eyelids, but she couldn’t open anything, and her sober consciousness made her respond, “Oh.”

“Get off.”

She responded with the same syllable, “Oh.”

John Ran tightened his eyebrows, “Penny, don’t challenge my patience.”

“… Oh” She didn’t want to, but she could not lift her eyelids because her limbs were weak.

John Ran had no patience. A pair of deep eyes stared back angrily at her, “Penny!”.

The word with anger could no longer be spoken, and the emotion of the brows grew stronger. He should not have come to her from the beginning tonight.

Get out of the car, open the door of the back seat, lift her out, and hugged her inside.

Penny struggled weakly, her voice sounding like a mosquito, “Let me go down, I can go upstairs by myself.”

He hugged her upstairs, entered the door, put her on the bed, said nothing, didn’t do anything else to her, didn’t even help her cover the quilt, or took off her shoes.

Even so, Penny lying on the bed said like a fool to him for sending her to the house, “Thank you.”

Thank him, for having loved her.

As if he hadn’t heard it, he left indignantly, and closed the door of her room with a “Bang!” After that, she could not see him and could not hear any sound.

He must have disliked her so much that he must have left.

Lying on the bed, Penny smiled sadly and did not know if she would die like this. Anyway, every inch of skin, every organ, and even the flowing blood in her body made her feel uncomfortable. Including breathing was also difficult.

Standing at the door of the bedroom and coming out of it, John Ran’s unpretentious imagination. Was she a fool, or was she unconscious? He had caused the disaster today, and she even thanked him.

Leaving her house silently, he still did not leave her alone and died. Thinking for a long time, late at night, he dialed Alice’s number.

In her sleep, Alice murmured to hear the mobile phone ringing, and pushed Benjamin beside him, stupidly saying, “Help me get my phone.”

On the nightstand over Benjamin’s side, Benjamin, who was disturbed by her sleep, frowned. So late, who called? He didn’t know he just experienced a fierce battle and is now sleeping comfortably. .

Reached out and helped Alice take the mobile phone, and handed it to Alice next to her. At one time, the phone screen was too bright, and Alice did not see the caller ID, and then connected the signal.


John Ran, who was sitting in the car, glanced at the time. It was indeed too late. He did not introduce himself redundantly, and directly said that he intended to make this call. “Can you lend me a hand?”

His tone was calm, Alice heard John Ran’s voice at once, and suddenly sat up, and then made sure that Benjamin beside her was relieved and calmed down, “If I can, I will.”

Benjamin heard that the conversation was heavy, and Alice’s sudden sitting up motion was also unreasonable.

John Ran bluntly said, “Penny is sick now. She was on the 20th of the Fifth apartment in the Sunshine Apartment. Please take care of her.”

This matter, Alice did not think about it and agreed without hesitation, “OK, I will.”

“… Thank you.” The only person he can think of this time was Alice.

“No. It’s OK,” said Alice.

Aside from many things, the three years her mother was in the hospital, he helped her too much, and among them, the person who should say thank you was her.