Chapter 128 Don’t Pretend to Be Poor before Me

Penny’s inexplicable feeling a strong cold, which made her shiver, and she turned her head involuntarily, just only one glance, and her whole body was frozen like an ice.

The colleague beside her didn’t know what happened to her suddenly, and asked with concern, “What happened?”

Penny shook her head, squeezing a smile, “it’s okay, and you go to the office to prepare the patient’s surgery report. I have a friend here and I’ll greet him.”

The man nodded. “Okay, just give me the report of the operation. I will watch the patient’s situation at any time. Go back to rest first.”

Penny smiled and said nothing.

There were only a few meters away from him and her at the door of the operating room. She didn’t know what had happened to him suddenly? He got more suffocated all over, as if she were closer.

But she had to get closer, and she walked towards him carefully, step by step, her feet were heavy as lead, the surgical cap was taken off and put into the surgical gown, and she stopped at a distance of one meter away from him. .

She tried to make herself smile at him, very far-fetched, very sad, and a little scared. She just opened her mouth to talk to him, but he suddenly turned around and walked away.

Penny didn’t call him or chase after him. She even doubted whether he was a ghost or not.

Looking at the back of him, she pouted and smiled, turned and walked towards the office. Today, she had three operations, and now she was tired. She had no strength to even run to please him. Since he left now, let her take a good rest.

John Ran frowned and left angrily. When she saw him just now, the moment of panic made him extremely angry. What was she panicking about?

No, in her world, he was more terrible than a ghost. She once said that he was a living devil.

That’s why she was so afraid to approach him, every step was so difficult, every step was thinking how to shrink back.

And she forced a smirk at him. He would rather not smile. Since she was so scared, don’t approach him. Why should she force herself? She can live without him.

Penny returned to the office. Dr. Patrick was writing the surgery report. Seeing her return so quickly, he said, “Thank you for the surgery tonight. How about having supper?”

Penny took a glance at the phone, so late, “Next time, I want to go home and sleep well.”

Dr. Patrick understood that sometimes they can only choose between eating and sleeping, and they would rather choose to sleep, which was really exhausting.

“Let me help you call the driver.” Dr. Patrick said he had taken out his mobile phone and was ready to make a call.

Before Penny had time to refuse, a chilling cold came, and she was enveloped by a shadow. Her small face was imprisoned by his cold big hand, and her lips were covered by his bones…

Everything came so suddenly, Penny didn’t even think that the person who didn’t leave her any room was John Ran who had just left, regardless of the occasion.

She blinked in panic and tried to struggle. This was the hospital and the duty room. There were nurses and family members of patients at any time.

What the hell happened to him tonight?

Dr. Patrick thought that John Ran was a bad guy and went forward to help Penny.

“Hey, let go of her, or I’ll call the police.”

Call the police?!! Why was he so funny?

Before Dr. Patrick touched Penny, John Ran had let go of her and punched Dr. Patrick’s face, even the eyeglasses of Dr. Patrick’s face were knocked to the ground.

Dr. Patrick was snored for a while, and when John Ran’s second fist was about to be beaten, Penny’s first reaction was that she could not involve the irrelevant Dr. Patrick because of his hatred for her.

She pushed Dr. Patrick away vigorously, accepting his fist.

John Ran didn’t expect that she would do that. The fist that was thrown out could not be collected at all, and hit her head so heavily and so heavily.

John Ran’s fist was originally aimed at Dr. Patrick’s face and because of height difference, and that fist hit on Penny’s head.

At that moment, Penny felt that the sky was spinning, her ears were buzzing, and she could not hear any sound. He wanted to open his eyes to look at him, and there were stars everywhere.

She seemed to feel dead.

She seemed to be dying.

God was really fair; let her die in his hands.

She wanted to smile at him one last time, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, but the tears in her eyes fell.

She felt that her body was shaky, and she desperately wanted him to hug her. She didn’t know if she would die, but she wanted to make him pitiful for her.

She smiled and cried, and she called him, “John …”

How long hadn’t she called him like this?

The one who rushed to hug her was not John she had been craving for a long time, but the same injured Dr. Patrick, “Dr. Penny, are you okay?”

At that moment, she seemed suddenly awake again. She could hear Dr. Patrick’s voice, and she could see that there was still no expression and no wave in John Ran standing in front of her.

She understood. It turned out that even if she was going to die, he would not hold her again. She must have been beaten silly just now, and forgot what he said before.

She shook her head slightly and wiped away the tears on her face in concealment. “I’m okay, I’m really sorry.”

Dr. Patrick could not help frowning. Her apology was telling him that she knew the bastard who beat him.

How did Penny know such a bastard man? Dr. Patrick felt that God was really unfair to her.

Dr. Patrick smiled at Penny. “I’m fine. And you, that fist …”

John Ran didn’t have the time and mood to listen to their two nonsense here, without any pity, he clamped Penny’s thin wrists and yanked out.

Dr. Patrick wanted to persuade this violent man, and Penny stopped him with his eyes.

Penny was almost dragged out by John Ran. She hadn’t eased her fist just now, and she was so dizzy that he let her go anywhere.

She was thrown into the back seat of the car by her. She was thinking of sitting upright, and had not had time to move her body. He had already sat in and closed the door forcefully.

Penny frowned and looked at him, puzzled. Shouldn’t he sit in the driver’s seat?

Penny had a bad hunch, she couldn’t help curling up her body, she didn’t want to.

Her timid look at him made him very unhappy, there was a suffocating chill in the closed compartment, and he snarled at her, “Smile.”

Smile? Even if she was humble again, can she laugh at this time? She stared at him stupidly, and couldn’t laugh. She would rather dig out the scarred heart in her body that had been tortured by him and provided him with the smile that he wanted.

He rushed to her like a devil, tearing her clothes, and she refused.

“No, no here.” She begged him bitterly, panicked like a helpless child.

He chuckled coldly. “Not here, how about going to your office?”

He was a neurotic.

Penny closed her eyes in despair, she should not beg him. She should not have a hint of hope for him.

She allowed him to do everything to her. He had no desire but to avenge her.

He pushed her away relentlessly, and finally calmed down in the carriage. He sat there motionless, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Today’s Penny was so tired that she was about to collapse. His appearance even made her nervous, and her stomach was so crowded that the nausea made her uncomfortable.

Opening the door hurriedly, there was a trash can next to the parking space. She ran over with dizziness and vomited.

Now she was disgusting herself, and her tears and snot collapsed.

She couldn’t care about her embarrassment. When she was exhausted, she was paralyzed by the unpleasant trash can and leaned on the post behind her, smiling sadly.

John Ran, who was sitting in the car, stared at her sitting on the ground, her clothes were messy, the window glass was covered with film, and he was not visible outside.

He didn’t need to conceal his gaze looking at her anymore, he asked himself, was he happy to insult her like this?

Why did he only feel pain?

Why did she laugh? Shouldn’t she be sitting there in distress and crying hysterically?

Isn’t she going to get in the car, yeah, she would rather sit beside a trash can like a beggar, rather than get closer to him.

What she said was still clearly in his mind, ‘he is gentler than you, and he will never do this to me. ‘

His five-year relationship with her did not match her one-night relationship with another man.

The passer-by asked Penny who was sitting on the ground. She smiled so much at passers-by. Only to him, she always smiled so fake.

She shook her head and the passerby left.

He didn’t like her now, got out of the car and pulled her up from the ground. “Don’t pretend to be poor in front of me.”

Was she pretending? Obviously it was the fist he had just concussed her. He was also a doctor, he also understood.