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Chapter 127 Let’s Fall in Love

When picking up Pippi in the afternoon, Alice felt that she was awkward to walk and gave a stern glance to Ben, but someone threw a wink at her shamelessly and whistled uncontrollably.

Uh … it’s going to make her angry.

On the way, Benjamin seriously asked Alice, “It’s my mother who took Pippi away?”

Alice in the co-pilot’s seat turned her head and glanced at him. He knew the situation very well, but didn’t say much, just “Oh”.

“Let’s move in and live together.”

“Why?” She was kicked out.

“My mother definitely likes Pippi. Just like this time, she made sure that I must be fine, but she still took the opportunity to take Pippi. In fact, she just wanted to take care of Pippi.”

“I don’t agree, I will take my son alone, and if she wants to see her grandson, she will go to see him.”

Benjamin looked at her unreasonable way was pretty cute. She was getting strong now, but luckily, he was more patient than before.

“So much trouble, I think …”

Knowing that he wanted to teach her a lesson, she interrupted directly, “Whoever thinks it’s troublesome. Don’t go to see my son.”

Alas, can such a girl be a wife?

Benjamin continued to convince her, “It’s not good for you to do this, and it will have an impact on the communication between you and me.”

Who wanted to communicate with him?

Alice turned her head and looked at the window to ignore him, but in fact she was already thinking about the words he had just said. If the godmother really liked Pippi and was reluctant to separate from Pippi, maybe she should compromise.

Now Joan, her husband was in jail, and the company she founded had fallen into the hands of others, and her son had been separated by another person because of a gap between her and the woman. The exhaustion of her, mind and body, was definitely not to be associated with appearance.

She agreed with Benjamin’s proposal. It should not be a compromise, but filial piety as a child.

Benjamin didn’t know what Alice was thinking, thinking that she was still angry with him, when he got home, he had to talk to her well, “I want to have a peaceful life with you.”

Alice turned around and rolled her eyes at the serious one who suddenly said, “Come on.” He had said something similar.

Who didn’t want this, she wanted it more, but she didn’t know what went wrong, so that two people with such a deep relationship, always made mistakes.

Alice suddenly called him, “Benjamin …”

In the quiet carriage, her nice voice spread like a beautiful melody. He turned his head and looked at her affectionately, the corner of his mouth slightly tilted, “Huh?”

She bit her lips and made a decision to love with all her strength, “Let’s fall in love.”

Benjamin laughed. Weren’t they in love? He reached out and clasped her head firmly, kissing on her soft lips. Taking a breath, “Okay, this time whoever flinches first is a coward.”

“Driving safely!” She really couldn’t stand him. He was still driving, and still doing this.

He stepped down on the accelerator at the foot of the vehicle. Today, he was in a good mood and drove like an airplane.

Alice said, “You have to listen to me in the future. If I am wrong, I was still right.”

Benjamin wasn’t hooked. “That won’t work. We have to set the principle.”

“Sorry, there is no principle here.”

Benjamin was not in a hurry, and took the opportunity to seek benefits for himself. “You can have no principle, so don’t blame on my bottomless line.”

What’s the bottom line? Did he have any?

After arriving home, Pippi kept laughing saw his mother. Two little hands stretched out to hug, Alice quickly hugged her sweetheart, and the mother and son kissed each other.

Benjamin watched as he stood beside, reaching out and hugging his mother in his arms. “Your son is here.”

Joan pushed away her son with a distasteful look. The son had forgotten his mother when he had a wife. A few days ago, because she couldn’t accept Alice and he didn’t speak to her.

“Don’t you come back in the morning? Where did you go these past few hours, and you still remember to go home?”His mother’s jealousy was fiercer than his daughter-in-law.

Benjamin’s cheeky winked at his mother, “I’m in a hurry to give you one more grandson for you.”

Alice almost rushed to him and scolded him.

Joan was pleased in her heart, and she agreed with her son very much. But she still gave her son a disdainful look.

Then, Joan said that the nanny had prepared the meal, and she let Alice eat and then left.

Pippi was taken care of by her grandmother when she ate. For three days, the ancestors and grandchildren got along well. Pippi was not at all troubled. He was always naughty.

Benjamin didn’t stop fooling with her when he ate, or he kicked her under the dining table and showed her the the happiness between his mother and his son sitting opposite each other.

Alice ignored him, and she would not miss it. She had already made a decision in her heart.

Benjamin put meat in her bowl, winking at her, Alice stared at him with a cold eye, “You still fooling me around. Believe it or not, I will go now.”

“Oh …” This time it was Benjamin’s leg that was kicked severely by her mother.

“Mom, I’m going to do a paternity test. I seriously suspect that I wasn’t born to you.”

Joan said rudely, “No need to do it, you are not.”

After Alice was full, she hugged her son. “I’ll hug him for a while. You eat first. It will be cold later.”

Joan was afraid that Alice would take her grandson away. She was reluctant to let them go, “No, I’m not hungry.”

Alice asked Joan with peace of mind “Would you like us to live here?”

Joan nodded without thinking, blissfully blurring her eyes, “Yes, yes.”

Benjamin was also amused by the side. It seemed that he was anxious from the beginning. This little woman had settled her mind.

Someone, it was true that there was no bottom line and no lower limit. “Mom, please help us take care of your grandson at night.”

Alice glared at him, he turned a blind eye, and his heart had blossomed beautifully.

Life was probably unsatisfactory. Eighty-nine percent was unsatisfactory, and one or two percent was wishful, happy, and comforting. If we choose to live a happy life, we must often think about the good things that were twenty-percent, so we will feel fortunately and know how to cherish.

It’s not compromise, and it’s the natural acceptance of life with your joys and sorrows.

Frustrated John Ran went to Penny’s apartment without saying a word. All the rooms were searched and he didn’t see her. She wasn’t on the night shift tonight. Where can she go?

He was already stagnant in his heart, and he couldn’t find her who could let him vent, even more irritable.

After dialing the phone of the bodyguard of Penny, Ran learned that Penny hurried out an hour ago and he followed her on the way. Because of a road accident and the traffic was blocked, he and Penny were lost. It was just determined that she had gone to the hospital. There was an emergency.

John Ran didn’t want to think about why he came to the hospital. He could call her. With a single command, she would appear in front of him as soon as possible.

But he came and stood at the door of the operating room. He had been standing for almost an hour.

He understood that the hard work of a doctor, especially during surgery, it was common to stand in a surgical station for a period of four to five hours with high mental stress.

The indicator light on the operating room was finally off, and the patient’s family ran to the door nervously and worriedly. John Ran stood motionless and stared straight into the direction of the door.

She came out and did not see him. She was patient and told the patient’s family about the patient’s condition, and she was obviously tired. The smile on the corner of the mouth made the patient’s family look very happy.

She was a qualified doctor. Just as John Ran was preparing to lift his foot and pull her back home to take a good rest, someone appeared behind her. It was a doctor wearing the same blue surgical suit.

He smiled and put the hand that had just been taken off his glove on Penny’s shoulder. Penny not only avoided, but also looked up at the other side, both of them smiled slightly, not knowing what was being said.

At this moment, the smile on her face was really dazzling. For how long, she had never smiled before him, which made him mistakenly think that she would not smile like this anymore.