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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 126 I Love You

As soon as he stopped, he held Alice, who was still holding a mop, in his arms, and laughed evilly, “Did you miss me?”

“… Can you let me go first?” Listening to him with a sound of low laughter, she knew what he’s thinking.

How can he let her go, “No.” Not only will not you let her go, his hands were already touching her body all over.

As soon as Alice was agitated, the mop in her hand was poked at his strong waist. He was not strong but not light. “Let go of me!” This time was a commanding tone.

Benjamin pretended to be very innocent, and even raised his hands. “My wife, I haven’t dared to do something yet, you’re up here.”

Alice gave him a glance, and said, “Go take a shower. You are smelly.”

He spent the past three days in the ashtray, all he was with a strong and pungent second-hand smoke smell.

Benjamin glanced down at himself, to be honest, he also felt himself smelly, but this woman should not be so disappointed.

“You disappointed your husband too much.”

Hey, husband?!! Who? Where was he?

Alice looked at him with a serious cold face with a mop. “This ex-husband, as an ex-wife, I really can’t stand the unpleasant smell on you.”

Well, now that she had talked about this, and the relationship was so clear, he will wash it, and soon she will beg him.

Just two minutes after he entered the bathroom, he began to scream, “Miss ex-wife, do you have any clothes your ex-husband can wear here? Give me a one.”

“…” Alice was speechless, but she had to find one for him, otherwise he might really come out naked.

Alice helped him find home furnishings and knocked on the bathroom door. “You hand out the changed clothes.” She washed them first.

There was no response inside, and she knocked again, “Benjamin, can you hear … ah …”

The door was open, and she was dragged in by him. It was crazy, just let him take a bath, and he was comfortable putting a bath of water.

That’s it. She was holding the bathtub tightly by him, her clothes were wet, and she hadn’t had time to say what she wanted to say, and her mouth was blocked by someone’s hot lips.

During the whole process, Alice was half pushed from the beginning, shy in the middle, and then full of passion…

Alas, she was caught in the hands of this scumbag.

“Baby …”

“Don’t call me that, it sounds creepy.”

“Didn’t you hang around with me every day before, asking me call you like this?”

“You also said that it was before. At that time, I had a problem and I forgot to take medicine every day.”

Benjamin badly bit her nose, moved his lips up, and fell a deep kiss on her forehead.

“All your faults are pampered by me Benjamin, and the purpose is to let other man can’t stand you.” Then she can only belong to him Benjamin.

How can this man be so bad?

Seeing that she wasn’t talking, Benjamin was holding her sensitive earlobe and asked her mutely, “Why not talk?”

Alice was in fact, she liked his scheme for a long time. “You have already succeeded, what else can I say?”

Benjamin laughed, lying lazily on her smooth shoulders, enjoying the warmth at the moment, “Do you know that there is a very important thing, I have never dared to tell you.”

Suddenly, Alice had the spirit, and knew that he must have hidden secrets from her, “What’s the matter? Hurry up and say.”

She was serious, but he smiled affectionately. He helped her to cover the quilt, and his warm hands lingered on her cheeky face.

Looking at her eager eyes, he suddenly nervous, he licked his lips uncomfortably, and coughed gently, “or else I will say it later.”

Alice’s eyebrows were displeased. How could she let him say it later?

With a relaxed leap, she rode on him, two small hands holding his neck pretending to be a threat, “You must say now.”

She was very serious and mighty, but he smiled. His smile was smug and ambiguous, Alice moved her gaze with his gaze… she forgot that she was all naked.

She didn’t even think about it. She just lay down, not to let him look at her.

She was embarrassed and wrapped in a thin quilt on her body. She didn’t know whether it was because she was shy or angry, and she was breathing very heavily.

He smiled, yes, his Alice was like this. She was super cute and made him rejoice and made him love.

Reaching out and holding her tightly, his lips pressed against her ears, expressing affectionately, “I love you.”

He loved her. That was an important thing that he had never told her.

He felt that Alice’s body was suddenly stunned, and she was afraid to move.

Her response made him very sad, so many years, he was really stingy. These three words, he had never had the courage to tell her.

He patted her stiff back gently with his big hand and coaxed softly in her ear, “What’s wrong?”

Alice shook her head around his neck and murmured in a whispered voice, “No, I just seemed to be hearing.”

This fool, he had to hold her slap face, and asked her patiently, “Can you tell me, what you just heard?”

Alice still shook her head, “No, I want you to say it again.” It seemed that this stupid guy was not stupid.

With four eyes facing each other, the longing in her eyes moved him. He should be desperate to love her only.

“I said, I love you, I love you very much. When it started, I don’t remember, I just remember that in the world of Benjamin, Alice is mine, and I want to spoil this woman for a lifetime. ”

Shouldn’t such an affectionate confession be kissed by the other party, or the same romantic confession? It’s just that Alice didn’t play cards according to common sense. She stared stupidly at the man who she loved deeply, and then she stubbornly asked him, “If your mother and I fell into the water at the same time, who would you save first?”


She asked the question in the world that most men felt difficult to answer.

Benjamin thought that he was very clever to answer her, “I save my mother, and your son will save you, how about it?”

Alice gave him a white look in dissatisfaction, “My son can’t swim yet.”

Benjamin pretended to understand and nodded. He must quickly think of a better way.

“Then I will save my mother first, and then go down to save you, okay?”

Alice glanced at him again with dissatisfaction, “I will swim ashore when you go back to save me again.”

Well, this question was asked unreasonably from the beginning, and the answer was messy, the point that was completely ignored was that she could swim.

Alas, no, “Alice, when did you learn to swim?”

Alice rolled over, slid down from him, lay flat beside him, stared at the ceiling above her with an expression of innocence, “When I knew that I could only save myself if I wanted to live.”

Benjamin pouted and smiled, bending his fingers and tickling her small nose. “Fool.”

He didn’t explain to her why he chose to save his mom first. He just wanted to be with her regardless of life or death.

If she was rescued first and her mother had an accident, then they would really be unable to continue.

Alive, and without her company, is no different than dead, but a walking dead man.

The two were embracing each other on the big bed. The sunlight outside the window was very bright. Alice said, “Is it really good for the two of us to lie on the bed this day?”

Benjamin disagreed. “What’s wrong, you are my woman. I want to sleep whenever I want to sleep with you, and it won’t stop me during the day or night.”

“I told my godmother that I will pick up Pippi in the afternoon.”

“Pippi?” Benjamin thought the name was lovely. Maybe the little guy was too naughty, and she gave him the name.

Alice said, “Yes, your son’s name is Pippi.

Benjamin’s big hand was touching her under the bed, and the smile on his face was full of happiness. “Oh, my child’s mother is fucking shy.”

“Benjamin, don’t touch me. It is itching …”

This was the effect he wanted, how can he stop there.

From now on, just let them side by side, hand in hand, and can’t be separated again.

“Alice …”


“Call me husband.”

“I do not know how to call.”

“Then I teach you.”

“No, when I meet my future husband, I will naturally call.”

“I don’t think I worked hard enough just now.”

“Ah, Benjamin, you’re such a greedy wolf …”

Then he deserved the title.