Chapter 49 Have you been casting couch

Lucy’s expression is embarrassing for a while, “So how do you usually contact each other?”

“Whatsapp, E-mail.”

“Then can’t you tell him that you come back to London?”

“I told him, but Barry doesn’t seem to see the message, and I also called him, and he hangs up phone when he sees the long distance call.”

Karin’s expression is extremely depressed, and Lucy raises a question, “Well, Barry saves money for you. You shouldn’t complain.”

“I didn’t. I just tell the truth.”

“Okay, stop talking about it. Barry loves you so much. Just don’t betray him!”

After Lucy finishes speaking, she sighs and leaves with heavy heart…

Karin’s good mood disappears, and she walks to Charlie listlessly, “It’s late. How about we come here the other day?”

“Who is that?”

He carefully notices that her complexion is not so good, thinking that the woman has just talked something to her.

“My boyfriend’s mother.”

Charlie is slightly surprised, raising an eyebrow, “Your boyfriend’s mother?”


“How could it be so coincidental. Wouldn’t she be misunderstanding us, will she?”

“She will.”

She purses her red lips and is really grieved. From the first year of studying abroad, every time she returns to London, she will be complaining by Lucy, who never cares about her life abroad. The only concern is not to betray her son.

“You don’t like your future mother-in-law, do you?”

Charlie smiles and asks, she says, “It’s none of your business…”

“Tips for you. If your boyfriend obeys his mother on many things, then I don’t think you should marry him, otherwise you won’t be happy.”

“You hit me when I am down.”

“I am just telling the truth.”


Karin has long understood the truth.

“Dinner together?”

“I’m afraid not. I will be late at home if I eat with you.”

“It’s okay, I’ll send you home after dinner.”

“No. I don’t want to bother you.”

“I don’t think so.”

She sighs, “It’s my house is too far away from here. I’m afraid you will get lost.”

Charlie rubs his forehead, “So what is the use of GPS?”

“Well then…”

They find a restaurant with a very good environment. Three people sit and talk together and laugh. Two hours later, her dad calls her. And Charlie follows her, “Let’s go, I’ll take you back.”

Karin’s heart is mixed with a bit of unwillingness.

“Tomorrow, I will be busy with Robert. So you can stay at home.”


“Yes, when will you ask your boyfriend out?”

She says, “Oh, he’s gone to training outside the city.”

“Well, not the right time.” Charlie shrugs, “I thought we could meet.”

Karin whispers in her heart, “What’s good to meet him. He might hit you.”

“I will send you a wedding invitation when I get married, and you will always have a chance to meet.”

Charlie no longer speaks, his deep eyes focus on the wide road ahead.

After more than an hour, Karin shouts eagerly, “Stop, stop, just stop here.”

He is ready to get out of the car, but she stops him, “You don’t need to get off, it’s easy to expose yourself.”

“Exposure?” Charlie raises an eyebrow, “Are you casting couch me?”

Karin’s eyes narrow, and points to the signboard 100 meters away, “Can you see it? The dumpling shop is my house. If you get out of the car, it will not be good for my family to see you.”

Charlie sighs helplessly, “Well then, good night.”

“You drive carefully.” She gets out of the car and says to him at the window, “If you get lost, remember to call me.”

“Actually, I think it’s better to go and visit your family since I am here.”

“No, no. You go back to rest, bye…”

Karin waves her hand vigorously.

When she walks to the door of the house, she faintly hears a familiar voice. She suddenly has no courage to enter.

“Karin, why stand there?”

She turns back suddenly, “Mom, what are you going?”

“Buy cigarettes for your dad.”

Jane’s face is not very good. She is holding a white plastic bag in her hand. Karin only thinks that her mother has blamed her for being late.

“Lucy, you are here too.”

She greets her, trying to make a smile.

“Oh, Karin is back, so I’ll go first. We’ve met in the afternoon anyway.”

Lucy gives her a complicated look and gets up to leave.

“Don’t you sit for a while?” Mike asks. Karin’s heart hanging in the air, it seems that the mother-in-law has told her parents about Charlie.

No. Karin will come to my house for lunch tomorrow. Let’s talk by that time.”


She promises quickly, and doesn’t dare to neglect her.

As soon as Lucy leaves, she quickly asks her father, “Dad, why does Lucy come to our house?”

“What do you think? Of course it is your marriage with Barry.” Mike smiles.


She is taken aback, “Should we get married now?”

Inexplicably, whenever she mentions marriage, she feels really uncomfortable…

“Of course not now. No matter how urgent it is. They should wait for you to graduate.”

“Dad, don’t you worry about marriage. I will discuss with Barry.”

Mike stares at her in amazement, “Don’t worry about you? We are you parents.”

“Well, it’s the business of Barry and me.”

Karin is afraid of angering his father but she wants to clarify what she thinks, “Dad, I want to be in charge of my marriage myself. I don’t want you to interfere in it.”

“Don’t you dare!” He slaps his hands on the table, startling a few guests who are eating in dumplings, and Jane stares at him, “Go back to the house.”

In the back room, Mike snarls at his daughter, “You are in charge of your marriage. How dare you not to care about your parents’ feelings? You are so disrespectful to your parents!”

Karin is extremely speechless, and is angry, “Dad! I just think it’s Barry’s and my business. We just have to discuss it ourselves. Is that wrong?”

“Then I discuss with Barry’ mother about her children’s marriage. What’s wrong with me?”

“Don’t you think I don’t know, have you decided the wedding date?”

With her knowledge of her father and her future mother-in-law, they must have decided the date.

“So what, you will marry him sooner or later.”

“What you decided doesn’t count!”

She roars angrily, and rushes out of the house in desperation.