Chapter 48 Love rises from her

When the two are deadlocked, a drunk man breaks in suddenly, “Mr Charlie, I finally succeeded…”

He hasn’t finishes, and looks at what happens. Robert wakes up halfway and quickly turns his back, “I didn’t see anything!”

Karin feels so embarrassed that when Charlie let go of her, she rushes in front of Robert and hurriedly says, “Robert, it’s not that what you saw. Nothing happens between us.”

“It doesn’t matter if it does.”

“No, really!”

Seeing that she is flushed in order to explain the situation, Charlie is dumbfounding.

“Well, you don’t need to explain, Robert is not an outsider.”

It is fine for him not to interject with them. But once he explains, things could become true in other’s eyes. Karin is furious and turns away in anger.

“Where are you going?”

He stretches her hands and gives a wink to Robert, who flashes quickly.

“Do you think it’s fun to tease me like this?”

She lifts her chin, feeling aggrieved.

“Sorry, I apologize to you for what I did, OK?”

“I care about your injury because I am kind, but you can’t make fun of my kindness, be kind to others!”

“OK, be kind to others. I remember.”

Seeing her mitigates her anger, Charlie teases and says, “Actually, if you don’t look at me like that, I won’t…”

“I’ll be careful in the future.” She promises.

Even if she is curious about Charlie, and has feelings for him, but she is an adult and knows what to do and what not to do.

“Let’s take you to the London Eye.”

In the evening, the most beautiful place is the London Eye..

Out of the hotel, she stares at Robert’s car and asks in amazement, “You bought a new car?”


“You just stay a few days and buy a car?”

“Well, is there any problem?”

“It is wasting money…”

At the bank of the Thames, Karin excitedly points at the London Eye. It is really beautiful…”

Charlie nods with a smile, “It’s a great place.”

“By the way, I’ll take a picture of you guys.”

She takes out a digital camera from her backpack and motions for Robert to stand beside Charlie. Charlie shakes his head, “No, I don’t like taking pictures.”

“Just one.”

Robert immediately agrees, “It’s rare Karin has the interest. Come on, I will take a picture for you two.”

Karin hands the camera to him, dragging Charlie to choose a place with good scenery, smiles, and the dimple blooms like a flower. With a click, the beauty of this moment is fixed forever…

Robert stares at the good photos, and says with a general feeling, “You are quite matched.”

Karin glances at him angrily and grabs the camera, “Let me see.”

She turns to the last one and someone pats on her shoulder before she has time to take a closer look at the photo, “Karin!”

Turning swiftly, she opens her mouth in surprise, “Aunt Lucy…”

“It’s you? Oh my god, I think I make a mistake!”

Lucy shakes her hand in surprise, “When did you come back?”

“I came back yesterday, I haven’t had the time to visit you.”

Charlie is not surprised that Karin meets her acquaintance. He steps forward and smiles politely, “How do you do.”

“Well, who is he?”

Karin explains, “This is my boss, Mr. Charlie.”

The atmosphere is a little embarrassing. Lucy looks up and down at the extraordinary temperamental man in front of her, pulling Karin aside, “Come with me.”

Karin is drags to a quiet place by her, and is ready to be questioned.

“You tell me the truth, have you betrayed our Barry?”

“No!” She hurriedly denies.

“Then why are you together?”

“I said he is my boss…”

“Such a young boss? And just now I saw you two taking pictures together. This is place is for lovers.”

“Who says that only lovers can come here? Then why are you here? Do you come here with your lover?”

“You…” Lucy is dumbfounded by her refusal, and suddenly frowns.

“Well, aunt, don’t be angry. That person is really my boss. He is a businessman in Zurich. Don’t worry.”


“Of course it is true. I dare not lie to you.”

Lucy shifts her eyes to Charlie, and still in doubt. The man is so outstanding. He is much stronger than her son. She has been worried that Karin would despise his son when studying abroad.

“Karin, let me tell you, although you are now an intellectual who has stayed abroad, you can’t dislike my son Barry. You think about it, would you have the opportunity to study abroad without him? Can your dumpling shop business be so good without him?”

Karin nods, Yes, I know.”

“It’s good if you know. By the way, why do come have to choose the time to come back? Barry is training outside.”

“No, auntie, I don’t know that Barry has gone to training. It is a coincidence. I went home and dad told me that.”

“Then don’t you talk on the phone? Is it true that you are a girlfriend and you don’t know the schedule of your boyfriend?”

She feels wronged with this, “It’s not that I don’t talk to him on the phone, but that he says the long distance fee is expensive so that we don’t waste money.”