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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 47 Restless heart

At ten o’clock in the afternoon, Karin is busy helping her parents clean up the store, and the her mobile phone rings.

She looks down at the number and hurries to the door to answer it.


“Are you home?” Charlie says.

“Yes. I am going to sleep.”

“How is it going home?”

She raises her eyes, looks up at the stars, and answers him with a smile, “It’s nice.”

“I really envy you.”

The lonely tone softens the soft corner of her heart. She knows that Charlie’s parents are no longer in the world. Even if he is admired by all people, what he longs for is just the most ordinary happiness of ordinary people.

“Do you need to talk about investment tomorrow?”

“Well, I want to talk, but it is in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon will be free.”

“All right, I’ll rush over tomorrow afternoon and accompany you in London.”

Charlie is obviously happy, “Okay, I look forward to it.”

“Yes, do you rub the medicine on your back?”

Unconsciously, she cares about his hurt.


“Why? Doesn’t you ask Robert to help you?”

“He’s clumsy, I refuse him.”

Karin rolls her eyes, “Charlie, you usually look easy-going. How can you be so picky?”

Before he could answer, her mother’s voice comes out of the room, “Karin, what are you doing? Come in and close the door.”

“Okay, mom.” She says quickly to the phone, “Okay, my mother asks me in. I won’t tell you, good night, I wish you a good dream.”

The next day, after lunch, she solemnly tells her parents, “Dad, mom, I have to go to work in the afternoon. If I come back late, don’t wait for me to have dinner.”

“Well then, be careful on the way.”

“Oh, I see.”

On the way to Charlie, she is a bit of scare. Why she doesn’t miss Barry at all this time, but in her mind, all she wants is Charlie, worrying that he is not used to living in London, not used to the eating habits, worrying that he would get lost, worrying about his injury…

Although she knows that these concerns are actually superfluous. However, she just couldn’t control it.

At the entrance of the five-star hotel, she takes the elevator to the 16th floor, and Charlie lives in Room 202.

Ringing the doorbell, no one answers for a long time, so he goes to Robert’s room next door, and still no one answers the door.

She takes out her cell phone, dials his number, and it takes a long time to connect, “Hello?”

“Where are you?”

“I’m with my partner. Have you come?” Charlie’s voice sounds a little drunk.

“Yes, when will you come back?”

The other side responds immediately, “Wait a minute, I’ll go back now.”

After about half an hour, Charlie rushes back to the hotel.

Karin leans on the wall of the corridor and uses her mobile phone to chat with Billie.

When she hears the footsteps, she looks up suddenly, and a handsome face comes into her eyes.

“Where’s Robert?”

“He stays there.”

Charlie opens the door with the room card and sits lazily on the sofa with his eyes closed.

“Are you drunken?”

“Well, a bit.”

Karin pours a glass of water for him.

“Thanks.” Charlie nods with a smile.

“How’s your back? Turn around and let me see.”

Opening his white shirt carefully, there is still a bruise on his back. She reaches out and presses it, and he straightens his spine with pain.

“Does it hurt?”


“Lie down on the bed and I will give you some medicine.”

Karin raises the curtains in the room, and the room suddenly becomes brighter. Charlie is lying on the bed, and closes his eyes to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Washing her hands and taking out the medicine box, she wipes his back with disinfectant first, and then applies a thin layer of ointment, so as not to hurt him, the massages for him gently.

Charlie has fallen asleep.

Karin is so foolishly looking at him. She wants to reach out and touch his eyelashes to see if it is real or artificial…

“Why look at me like this?”

Charlie suddenly opens his eyes, his thin lips rise slightly, and he stares at the person close to him with a smile.

Karin is startled when he suddenly wakes up, embarrassed and buried her face in her arms, “Who is looking at you, I am just thinking about something.”

“What are you thinking? Your ears are hot?”

He moves his body and gets closer to her.

His warm breath is in her ear. She is afraid of losing her mind, and steps back, but she stumbles, and he stretches out his hand and pulls her back.

She falls back to the soft big bed. What surprises her is that Charlie grabs her wrists with two hands, and asks with a smirk on his face, “Why are you so scared of me?”

“Who is afraid of you!” She struggles awkwardly, “Let go of me…”

“What are you afraid of?”

Charlie is so close to her, so close that she could hear his heartbeat. She gives up and frankly says, “Yes, I am afraid you will…”


She blinks her eyes and shakes her head, “You won’t do that.”

“That might happen.”

Charlie smiles suddenly, his handsome face slowly moves down, and he is about to kiss her red lips. Karin refuses, “Charlie, you cannot do this to me!”

She twists her body, trying to break free of his restraint, and seeing her struggling so hard, Charlie yells, “Don’t mess around.”

Like warnings and reminders.