Chapter 46 The Final Destination

At Charlie’s Mansion, Charlie goes downstairs in a suit.

Seeing Karin, he smiles, “Ready?”

“Well, yes.”

“Let’s go. It’s almost the time.”

On the way to the airport, she pretends to admire the scenery out of the car window. A sudden word comes from her ear, “When you come to London, ask your boyfriend out to have a meal together?”

“What? Oh, okay.”

She actually refuses to do this in her heart.

After entering the airport lobby, she quietly says to Robert, “We sit together when we get on the plane.”

“Why?” Robert looks puzzled.

“I have something to tell you.”


When she gets on the plane and goes into first class, she is so excited that she can see her parents soon, and she forgets what she has says to Robert. When she is awake to the reality, she realizes that Charlie is sitting beside her.

She turns her head and sees Robert sitting in the back row, grinning at her.

“What are you looking at?”

Charlie frowns, obviously his back is uncomfortable.

Karin thoughtfully takes off his jacket and puts it behind him, “Do you feel better?”

He is a bit surprised and nods gratefully, “Much better, thank you.”

She doesn’t sleep well last night. The plane just got up, and she feels sleepy.

Unconsciously, she falls into a dream, and she sleeps very well. When she wakes up, she is resting her head on Charlie’s shoulder, and the coat that has been covered up on him is on her now.

“How long have I slept?”

Rubbing the hazy eyes, she quickly puts the jacket back to him.

“Not long. We are almost in London.”

She is startled, “What? That is so fast.”

“One hour late.” Charlie watches her gently, “Hungry?”


He calls the stewardess and asks her to choose some foods she likes. Karin picks up a piece of cake and stuffs it into her mouth..

“Eat slowly.”

Charlie unscrews the water for her, and smiles indulgently.

“Have you eaten?” She takes the water.

He shakes his head, “I’m not used to eating on airplanes.”


“Do your parents know you have returned?”

“No, I’m going to give them a surprise.”

“Can I visit your parents?”

She opens her mouth in amazement and quickly waves her hand, “No, absolutely not.”


“My family is traditional. If I bring a man home, my dad would shout at me…” Besides, she has a boyfriend.

Charlie smiles, “Is it so serious?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, then. I don’t make you embarrassed.”

“Thank you.” She says, feeling relieved…

That year when she went abroad to study, her father asked her not to be fooled by the world outside, and remembers that Barry is her boyfriend.

The plane lands at London.

At the hotel where she stays, Karin puts down her luggage and hurriedly says, “Charlie, I’ll go home first.”

“Where do you live?”

“It’s quite far, in the suburbs.”

“Then go back tomorrow, tomorrow I will let Robert pic upk you.”

“No,” she shakes her head, “This is my place. I am afraid he will get lost.”

Charlie thinks for a few seconds, and asks softly, “When will you come again?”

She hesitates slightly, “It depends.”

“My trip is five days in total. Don’t stay at home for five days.”

Apparently, her answer dissatisfies him.

“I know. I’m your tour guide. I will be with you.”

“That’s good.”

Karin rushes out of the hotel with eagerness, and takes nearly two hours to home. Seeing the familiar scene in front of her, she is excited and hurries forward, shouting, “Dad, Mom, I’m back…”

The first to rush out of the room is Karin’s mother Jane. She opens her eyes wide with incredible disbelief, “Karin, why did you come back”

What follows is her father Mike, who wears an apron around his waist and his hands are stained with flour. He is happy to see his daughter, but more doubtful.

“Karin, don’t you graduate in June? Why are you back now?”

She hugs her parents, and when she calms down, she explains, “I will accompany my boss to London for a business trip, and come back to see you by the way.”


Her father frowns alertly, “What boss?”

“It is my part-time job boss in Zurich. He is going to London to inspect the market. I happen to be from London and I know a lot about the situation here, so I follow him.”

“How old is your boss?”

“He is quite old, 50 or so…”

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she lies to her parents.

“Man or woman? Which country?”

“Oh Dad, why so curious. Don’t you even care about my study life?”

Jane glances at her husband and echoes, “Just go in the house.”

She hasn’t been home for more than a year, and her home is still the same. A small dumpling shop, two or three people sitting by the table, eating hot dumplings. Although it is not as good as a star hotel, it is the warmest in her heart.

“Are you hungry? I cook a bowl of dumplings for you.”

“Thank you, mom.”

Mike sits opposite her and begins to ask about her study and life. But he most cares about her love affairs.

“It’s not your right time to come back.”

“What happened?”

“Barry goes to training. He just left yesterday.”

He sighs regretfully, and blames his daughter, “Do not tell us in advance if you come back. If he knows that you are back today, he would not leave.”

Well. That doesn’t matter.” She smiles.

“Look what you say. You haven’t seen him for so long. Don’t you miss him?”

“We will be together in the future, anyway.”