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Eye Turn Off

Chapter130 No one wins

Vivian didn’t look at the others. She suddenly got up from her seat and said with a stiff face, “I’m full. Eat slowly. And I’ll go to work first.”

Finish saying, she pulled her chair to leave hurriedly.

As soon as Selina saw Vivian go, she quickly followed her and chased her out. “Vivi, wait. I’ll be with you.”

Grace looked at the dishes that hadn’t been eaten very much, and said happily, “Someone has poked a hornet’s nest, but she’s a little grumpy.”

William glanced at him and sneered, “I heard that her old man had already made a blind date of her.”

Both of them knew who he referred to.

Grace’s eyes twinkled and said without changing his expression, “I believe in my charm.”

All in all, he was confident in himself.

If William didn’t go on, he would.

“Do you still remember Louise?” William’s words broke his calm confidence.

With a bang, the chair was pushed down, and Grace disappeared.

William won but he looked not very good. There’s cold light in his eyes.

On the street, Selina held on to Vivian who rushed forward and asked, “Vivi, what’s the matter with you?”

Vivian took a look at Selina and found that she had already left the steaming restaurant. “No, nothing, it’s my fault.”

Selina was not stupid. How could she not understand the loneliness in Vivian’s eyes? “Don’t hide it.”

“No.” Vivian shook her head. She just didn’t know how to say it. It’s the result of her self-righteousness. No one else or William was to blame.

They’ve never been lovers, have they?

So she had no right to blame William for not taking her back to visit her family.

Selina directly hooked on Vivian’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Let’s go. Today I will ask for leave and take you to relax.”

Vivian hesitated for a few seconds and nodded, “I’ll tell Layla to ask her to take a leave for me.”


Selina waited for Vivian to make a phone call, raised her hand and signed a taxi, sat in with Vivian and gave an address to the driver.

The car started soon.

In less than half an hour, the car stopped in a quiet bar. Unlike the last hot bar, there was a melodious saxophone playing in it. The atmosphere inside made people feel relaxed.

Vivian had a look at the surrounding, only a few people were sitting on the bar and drinking.

Selina seemed to be an acquaintance. The waiter led them to the corner.

“Old rules.” Selina said to the waiter.

The waiter nodded and went away.

“There’s no one here. Let’s talk about it.” Selina slouched into the sofa.

“I just feel sick for a while. Is it really good to leave? You still have to interview him.” Vivian was not in a mood either. She leaned towards the sofa.

No wonder everyone liked the soft fabric sofa. It’s so comfortable to lie in it.

Selina put her legs on the table and said angrily, “Since William has promised, he will not break his promise. I am worried about you.”

I know nothing about his past.” Vivian showed a self-mocking smile.

Is it too much for William to keep secret? “You’ve been making love for so long, didn’t he give you any information?”

“Yeah, he is such a self-disciplined man.” He wouldn’t say more about what shouldn’t be said, and he wouldn’t reveal a trace of what shouldn’t be said. In the past four years, she had also asked him, and what she got was always indifference.

The reheated heart would also cool down.

“I think William is a terrible man. It’s good for you to be with John.”

Selina’s eyes were also quite keen, but she didn’t know William clearly at all. Up to now, she hadn’t got any useful news from Grace.

Vivian shook her head and said, “John shouldn’t waste his time on me.”

At this time, the waiter took a dozen beers, put them in front of a fruit plate, and nodded to them and left.

“You will cross the bridge when you get to it. Drink the beers.” Selina took a bottle of beer and handed it to Vivian and took one for herself. Knowing her concerns, she said comfortingly, “It’s just beer.”

Vivian took over, and they touched the bottle and took a big drink.

The concentration of beer was low, but when she drink it, she still felt a heat rush to her head, and Vivian looked up and took another sip.

“Look at you. You look lovelorn.” Selina said, reached out her finger, and gestured to the waiter.

The waiter saw Selina’s signal and came back, “What else can I do for you?”

“Get me a fire.”

“OK.” The waiter turned and went away.

Vivian saw Selina smoking beside her. She frowned and said, “Selina, aren’t you quitting smoking?”

“I’ll quit when I die.” As Selina said, she took another breath. The smoke spread around them. In the dark corner, it was even gloomier.

“Why, does Grace make you angry?” Besides him, Vivian couldn’t think of anyone else who could make Selina so upset that she needed to use cigarettes to ease her mood.

“No, I have nothing to do with him.” Selina said and squinted, “Louise has come back.”

Vivian just took a sip of the wine, and it gushed out. Selina didn’t care. At ordinary times, she had already said that it was disgusting.

“Isn’t he in another province?”

She remembered that Selina had been running for eight years, and Louise had been following her for eight years. She thought they were most likely to be together. At last, Louise himself went to other provinces.

Why he came back?

“Yes, he comes back, he’s still my blind date. Do you think it’s funny?”

“It’s really funny.” Vivian sighed.

She always knew that she was not as unrestrained as she looked like, and that everyone had unforgettable memories.

“What can I do?”

But she said suddenly, “why are you so afraid of Angie, that little bitch? If I were you, I am sure to get William back.”

“I’m not afraid. I just don’t want to be too rigid. I think I know myself.” Vivian’s eyes were slightly astringent. She didn’t want to, but fate forced her.

She didn’t want her love in vain.

“I don’t think William really likes Angie, but he seems to be stringing her all the time and I don’t know why.” Selina said what she felt.

“Don’t make a fool of yourself. If William doesn’t care about you at all, he won’t let you go to work in his company.”

Vivian felt that the wine she swallowed had turned into bitter drink, and her heart was numb with bitterness. “Selina, there are some things you don’t understand, which are not as simple as you think.”

Her entanglement with William was not that she could speak clearly in several words, nor did she want to involve her in it.