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Eye Turn Off

Chapter129 You know it well

Selina had pulled her aside and said to Angie, “You don’t have to say that. We know what you think in your heart.”

After saying that, Selina did not care about her and left with Vivian. He did not want to see the hypocritical woman behind her any more.

She hurt Vivian but pretended nothing happened. There wouldn’t be such a good thing in the world.

Angie looked at the back of them. The anger in her eyes almost burned them into ashes. Selina messed up her good thing again.

And that bitch, who clearly said she would not take William from her.

Bitch, she would never let them go, never.

Out of the office, Vivian said in a small voice, “Selina, is it really good? You’d better interview William alone. It’s not good to take me.”

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you see me eat a little at noon?” Said Selina.

Vivian was shocked. “Did you know that William didn’t eat?”

“No, I guess. Hurry up, you know William is not a patient person.” Of course, she couldn’t say she had a spy.

William drove them both to a steaming restaurant, where someone had ordered good dishes and sat waiting for them.

Grace said with a smile, “I ordered all the dishes and wait for you. Why you’re so late?”

“Ask your woman.” William said.

“Honey, what have you done? Come and tell me.” Grace reached out and wanted to hold her.

Selina dodged quickly, roll her eyes at him, and sat down with Vivian.

Grace smiled and followed up.

Vivian looked at the dishes, and then understood that William had already made an appointment with Grace before eating. However, were they two too wasteful? If she didn’t come with Selina, how could they eat them all?

It seemed they couldn’t even eat them all.

At the table, Vivian felt uncomfortable sitting next to William. She also thought of what happened yesterday and she dared not look at the man beside her. She just casually ate some.

Selina was enjoying Grace’s service. At the same time, she also paid attention to her, “Vivi, you didn’t eat much in the canteen. Why you didn’t eat here?”

Vivian noticed that the man’s fingertips paused. She was more anxious. She didn’t want to attract his attention. Selina was definitely on purpose.

She could only say, “I’m not very hungry.”

“Well, it’s good to be thin. Don’t give me so much meat.” Selina was not happy and roared at the man next to her.

Grace was not unhappy, coaxing her and said, “It’s OK, a thin person will be blew away when the wind comes.”

“…” Vivian cried without tears. Will she be blew away when the wind comes?

Suddenly there was something in her bowl.

The man ordered in a cool voice without a trace of wavering, “Eat.”

Steamed pork with flour was her favorite dish.

“I’m not thin.” Vivian protested in a whisper.

Although she was a bit hungry, she didn’t want to eat much.

William came with a saying, “Hard bone.”

Vivian didn’t understand what William meant. When she thought about it carefully, her face immediately turned red. Asshole, he said she was hard skinned.

“Better than you, hard rock.” Vivian did not dare to say it out loud. She murmured in a low voice.

But she forgot how keen the ears of the man around her were.

The man’s mellow voice replied, “I think that’s praise.”

Vivian felt that her ears were all red. Does he have superhuman ears? He could hear everything she said.

Selina didn’t hear what they said, but seeing Vivian’s blush, she jokingly said, “Vivi, what are you doing? Your face is so red.”

“Nothing. Steaming is hot. It’s normal.” Vivian pretended to be calm and picked up the chopsticks calmly and started to eat the food in her bowl.

“I don’t think you are hungry. It seems that someone is better than me.” Said Selina, pretending to be hurt.

Vivian was embarrassed.

“If you still want to interview me.” William’s words were for Selina, and his words were self-evident.

Selina shrugged and said, “OK, I won’t say.”

William said he didn’t care but he was not happy now.

Grace leaned on the chair and said, “How about interviewing me, honey?”

“You are not valuable.” Selina lied. In fact, Grace’s bonus was not much less than William’s, but William was more difficult to deal with, and he was too mysterious.

According to the people outside, he’s like the wind, but why didn’t she feel it at all? Instead, she thought he’s dog tail grass, and he’s following her all the time.

Grace said slowly, “Really? I remember I got several invitations from the magazines and entertainment newspapers, including those from your magazine.”

“They have no taste.” Selina deliberately annoyed him.

Grace was not angry, he just looked at her directly with his long and narrow eyes, “And, what do you want to interview?”

Selina turned over her head directly, crossed Vivian, and said to the orderly man, “When can I interview you?”

She had already wanted to leave.

Vivian also looked at William and wondered what she would interview.

William took a sip of tea and said, “Ask her.”

Selina glanced at Vivian and asked, “Ask her? Why? ”

Vivian nodded. She was not him. How to answer it?

William lifted his eyelids, glanced at Vivian, and said lightly, “You know the most about me.”

“No, it’s not entirely clear.” Vivian’s heart beat fast, and stuttered.

What does William mean? Can she speak on his behalf?

Selina smiled, “Vivi, it seems that I only need to interview you.”

“Selina, I don’t know it. You’d better ask him.” Vivian seemed to think of something, and the throbbing heart slowly cooled down.

In fact, in addition to these four years, she knew nothing about William, she did not know where his parents were, she did not know whether he had brothers and sisters, and she did not know the meaning of his words.

They felt the atmosphere grew embarrassing. Selina didn’t know why Vivian was angry, and the man’s face seemed to be gloomy.