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Eye Turn Off

Chapter128 Swagger

An anonymous message.

[I will never let you go.]

With the bloody icon, Vivian’s heart sank. She pretended to be calm and shut down the dialog box. She checked the information source. She only knew it was from the intranet, but she didn’t know whose ID it was.

Her account had not been reported to the personnel department. Except for Selina, Layla, and William, no one knew it.

Vivian didn’t doubt Layla. She always felt that things were very strange. Maybe it’s a hoax.

She could only comfort herself like that.

“Vivian, you can return it to me later.” Layla was still smiling.

Vivian nodded and accepted, “Well, I’ll give it back to you after reading it.”

Layla didn’t leave at once, but she was close to Vivian and said mysteriously, “Vivi, be careful of Sherry.”

“What’s the matter?” Sherry was an intern lawyer just recruited these days. Besides Layla, she was a little girl who was willing to get along with her. She looked very innocent.

“I just saw her and Amy go out one by one.” That’s why she came here to remind her.

“Well, I see. Thank you. I’ll pay attention.” Vivian had an estimate in mind.

Just at the right time, Selina walked down with a dog tag on her neck, her red hair were changed into light pink, which looked more ostentatious.

Her appearance brought a different color to the dull office.

The employees of the office were all dressed in formal clothes. They were all black, mixed with pink, which was very conspicuous.

Selina received their curious eyes and said to them, “I’m coming.”

Everyone else was whispering.

“Who is she? She doesn’t look like she’s coming to work.”

“She seems to know Vivian.”

“I know her…”

“Selina, this way, please. William is in the office.” The receptionist was also surprised to hear that she was coming for an interview, but she still kept a proper smile.

“It’s ok. That’s my friend. I’ll let her lead the way.” Selina referred to Vivian.

The reception at the front desk felt a bit awkward. She had other things to do, but it was not suitable for other people to take her in.

“Don’t worry, I know William very well, and I’m upstairs. I won’t cheat you.” Selina shook her tag, regardless of the reception at the front desk, and directly pulled Vivian to go inside.

“Vivi, you should know William’s office.”

“Yes.” Vivian answered helplessly. She was so high-profile.

“Good. Let’s go.”

Vivian couldn’t help but nodded to the front desk reception and indicated that she would help Selina, so the reception at the front desk left at ease.

Looking at the heavy wooden door in front of her, Vivian knocked and said, “William, the reporter has come.”

After a while, the cold voice of the man came out, “Come in.”

Vivian pushed the door and wanted to go. Selina didn’t let her go. She pointed her small waist and signaled her to follow in.

Although she didn’t know what Selina was doing, Vivian still came in.

They didn’t expect that Angie had not left yet. Sitting on the sofa, Angie saw the two of them come in. There was a flash of anger in her eyes, but she didn’t show it because of William.

When Selina saw that there were two untouched boxes on the table, she smiled innocuously. “William has not eaten yet.”

William glanced at Selina, and then looked at Vivian, who was forced to come in with her head lowered, and said lightly, “Don’t you want an interview?”

“Don’t worry, you can have your lunch first.” Selina pretended to be patient.

But it didn’t mean that others had patience.

“Selina, you also know that William didn’t have a meal. It’s better to wait for the next time to interview him.” Angie was like a hen protecting the calf, watching Selina defensively.

She heard that Selina went to work in the magazine, but she didn’t expect that she actually went there. And she was still with Vivian.

Selina was not upset, pretending to be surprised and said, “Oh, I don’t know in what identity you decide for him.”

Angie took a nervous look at William. She knew that he didn’t like others to make decisions for him. Sure enough, he frowned a little.

But in front of Vivian, she didn’t want to lose face. She raised her chin and said, “Vivian know it clearly. And it’s none of your business.”

Selina took a look at the meal box, she said, “Someone just like to ask for an insult.”

Angie was very angry. She still pretended to be aggrieved and pitiful. “Selina, why do you always aim at me? Is it because I am the one William likes?”

Vivian’s five tight fingers behind her were loose. She knew that Angie said this on purpose.

“I’m going out first.”

Selina still wanted to say something about Angie. The clothes behind her were pulled. She had no choice but to give up.

William had put on his coat and walked over. He said in a low voice, “Let’s go for the interview.”

“OK, no problem. Can I take your assistant with me? I need someone to record it.” Selina nodded and pulled Vivian by the way.

William glanced at her, “At your disposal, Miss.”

Then he went out.

“Vivi, hurry up and follow me.” Selina looked at Angie and smiled.

Vivian was embarrassed for a while. She didn’t want to go. She lost her face yesterday. She didn’t want to see William for the moment.

Angie, who had been ignored for a long time, couldn’t help shouting, “William, what do you mean?”

Knowing that he was busy with work, she specially ordered a meal to for him. After coming in for so long, he ignored her, and she was not angry. She waited for him to have a rest without eating anything. Now he didn’t care about her and went out with Selina and Vivian.

“What I said yesterday is very clear.” William left few words and went out without looking at her.

Angie looked not very good. Selina and Vivian were going out.

She couldn’t help rushing to catch Vivian. Her eyes were full of mist. She pressed down the disgust in her heart and said sadly, “Vivi, aren’t we good friends?”

Vivian looked at the sad Angie and felt a little sympathetic. She just wanted to open her mouth.