Chapter127 One litigation, one success

“You don’t understand the metaphor. It’s disgusting!” Selina was speechless.

Layla laughed, “Ha-ha.”

Seeing that Selina didn’t plan to go to Angie, Vivian sighed, “What do you want to eat? I’ll bring some for you.”

“I’d like to have rice with braised pork and a chicken leg.” Layla immediately raised her hand and said.

“Layla, do you think you’re answering the question?” Selina was still a little unhappy. If she was there, she would tear the mouth of Angie first.

Vivian smiled and didn’t care about Selina’s angry words. “I know, Selina, you want to eat sour-sweet fish.”

Selina snorted without refuting.

Vivian nodded clearly and stood up in line to take rice.

After Vivian left, Layla curiously asked Selina, “Does Angie has something to do with Vivi? I think that they’ll fight for a long time.”

“It’s a woman’s jealousy. Anyway, that woman is devious. Just be careful. I won’t work in your place. If that woman bullies Vivi again, you can tell me.”

Selina waved her fist fiercely.

“Well, I know what to do.” Layla nodded happily.

The two people lowered their heads and whispered about the solution.

When Vivian came back, they pretended as if nothing happened between them. She raised her eyebrow and jokingly said, “Are you going to sell me to get a good price?”

Layla took a look at the slim Vivian, and said with a trace of envy, “You are too thin, and it’s not worth selling.”

“It’s still worth some money.” Selina stared at her chest with a bad smile.

Vivian said angrily, “Hurry up and eat.”

They were eating and chatting.

“I’ll go there later. I don’t know if William is in the office.”

Layla took a bite of the chicken leg and asked vaguely, “Selina, what do you want to do with William?”

“Of course, to interview him.” Selina were eager to try. She didn’t know if she could discover some gossip.

Vivian had no interest. If they knew that she had exposed their group number, they would not be so happy.

“What do you want to interview?” Layla heard that Selina was going to interview William. The food she just swallowed was stuck in her chest. She beat her chest so hard that her eyes were nearly rolled up.

Vivian quickly handed over her cold water cup and said, “Layla, you need to drink some water quickly.”

Layla quickly drank over a big mouthful of water, pressed down the food, and said with a long sigh, “My god, I almost thought I would choke to death.”

“That’s absolutely big news.” Selina was stupefied for a few seconds and answered. This might be an exaggeration

“That’s true, but it’s too humiliating. It’s not the point.”

Layla asked, looking at Selina excitedly with her little eyes that were blinking.

“Selina, how can you let William promise you to interview? You don’t know that many people had complained to me. Many magazine reporters came here to interview him but they all came back with disappointment.”

“Well, that’s rather an exaggerated way of putting it.” Selina said proudly.

Layla nodded hard, “Of course, there was a newspaper that published the photo and information of William without the consent of him. As a result, they received a lawyer’s letter the next day.”

“We are a firm and there are many lawyers, and later that newspaper was accused.”

“It’s so exaggerated.” Selina didn’t believe it.

“It’s true. You can check the records. Selina, are you sure that he agreed to interview? Although your magazine are famous in this city but he is a lawyer. He’s good at litigation.”

Layla thought it was not enough, she added, “One litigation, one success.”

Selina pretended to cough, looked at the silent Vivian, knocked on the table, and said, “I’m going to the battlefield right now, and I don’t know if the news is accurate.”

Vivian learned William’s usual action, slowly put down her chopsticks, said lightly, “The information is accurate.”

“That’s good.” Selina was relieved. She didn’t want to have a lawsuit.

Layla asked suspiciously, “Vivi, Selina, what are you two talking about?”

“I must have secret weapons. Hey, don’t worry. I think she’ll treat you to dinner after it’s done.” With so much money, she couldn’t get away with a meal.

Vivian also nodded generously, “No problem, you can choose the restaurant.”

Layla couldn’t understand it any more. “Selina, why would Vivi pay for the meal?”

“Go or not? You can choose.” Selina directly threw out a temptation.

Layla nodded, “I’ll go, of course, I promise you two are satisfied.”

After the lunch break, Vivian and Layla went back to the office first, and Selina had to pick up something.

As soon as she entered the office, Vivian felt that the atmosphere in the office became very different. Although no one spoke, their eyes were not as calm as they had been at the beginning.

There was more malice, contempt, and more disdain.

It must be Angie who said something misleading.

Layla felt angry and wanted to say something. Vivian had first said before her softly, “Layla, don’t say it, they won’t.”

Because yesterday’s words of William, even if they didn’t like her and doubted her, but they had no exact evidence, they could only say it in their hearts.

Layla understood Vivian’s words, but still felt uncomfortable. She hated them, who were boastful but did things worse than villains.

“You’re right. We can do our own work well.” Layla deliberately increased the volume. Only time will tell.

Some people felt guilty. When they saw Layla’s fierce eyes, they immediately bowed their heads and pretend to be busy.

Vivian looked at Layla’s lovely appearance with a funny look. “Layla, have you sorted out Yvonne’s case? Can you show me first?”

“No problem. I’ll bring it to you later.” Layla ran back to her seat.

Vivian went back to her desk first, but she didn’t expect there was a message.