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Eye Turn Off

Chapter126 The intention of Angie

When it was time for lunch break, Angie came in with two big bags of things in her hands.

She said to the crowd, “You’ve been working very hard. I prepared lunch for you on my own initiative. I hope you don’t mind.”

The others looked at the bag’s logo and said excitedly.

“Thank you so much, Angie.”

“Angie’s considerate to us.”

“Angie must have done it for William.”

They all looked at each other and laughed at each other.

Angie’s face was slightly red, and she looked at the direction of Vivian unconsciously, “I only knew yesterday that my good friend also works here.”

Someone asked, “Angie, who is your good friend?”

“How could she didn’t know it until yesterday if she was her good friend?”

Angie smiled but didn’t speak. She waved to Vivian and said, “Vivi, why don’t you come here? It’s almost lunch break. Let’s eat together. I’ll give you some of your favorite dishes.”

Vivian sighed silently. She wanted to avoid it. Seeing that Angie didn’t think so, she put down the case in her hand and walked over.

“Thank you, Angie.”

“Vivi, Angie’s your good friend. I don’t heard that before”

Vivian looked at Amy, who was puzzled, and calmly replied, “Do you think it would be more appropriate for me to publicize it?”

Her face changed slightly, but she still kept a friendly attitude. “Are you still angry with me? I’ve apologized to you. I hope we can get along well in the future.”

Amy said her grievance carefully, as if Vivian was a person who had a lot of revenge. Vivian smiled lightly, “If you’re not angry, how can I be angry?”

Amy understood the meaning of Vivian’s words and there was a trace of hate in her eyes. Although Vivian was embarrassed yesterday, she was not affected at all, but she was not the same. She was not only reduced to a lower rank, but also unable to look up in front of her peers.

“Don’t be angry if Amy did something wrong. Vivian was like that in school before. She certainly didn’t mean it.” Angie seemed to help Vivian, but what she said made people misunderstand her even more.

The people around Vivian also became interested in it.

It turned out that when Vivian was in school, she was fond of making trouble.

“Angie, I would not care about it.” Amy also cooperated.

In a few words, they blamed Vivian for Amy’s troubles yesterday.

“Hey, what happened yesterday was the fault of Amy. William has given the answer. Do you think William is wrong?”

Layla also thought Angie was Vivi’s friend, but her words were so harsh, and she said together with Amy.

This is her good friend? It’s insulting to be a good friend.

Layla mentioned William and no one dared to speak again.

There’s a bit of displeasure in Angie’s eyes, but she hid it very well soon. She said, “I’m sorry for your misunderstanding, but I just want Vivi to be able to have a good relationship with her colleagues.”

Other people saw that Angie was not only sensible but also so knowledgeable. In addition, she went to the shop to book lunch for everyone.

Someone stood up to speak for Angie.

“Layla, Angie said that she wanted to help her. You’re going too far.”

“That’s right, and Angie is her best friend. How can she not tell her best friend and go to work with her boyfriend? That’s too strange.”

Seeing someone mention it, others pondered the meaning in their heart, and looked at Vivian with strange eyes.

Going to work with her best friend’s boyfriend without informing her best friend.

Angie also pretended to be a good person and said, “Don’t get her wrong, maybe she can’t remember to say it.”

The people next to her began to chime in, “Angie, you are kind-hearted.”

“Yes, I think someone wants to be a mistress.”

“My God! Yesterday, if it wasn’t for Vivi’s boyfriend to come to pick her up, now it’s really hard to clarify. Vivi, let’s go. Don’t stay here.”

Layla rolled her eyes heavenward in disgust and left with Vivian.

They remembered that they said they would help to take care of Vivian, and now they were gossiping next to her.

Angie hated Layla. She said softly and weakly, “I’m sorry for the trouble. Vivi’s boyfriend has his own company. Vivian didn’t come to work here on purpose.”

In Angie’s words, they couldn’t help thinking, yes, Vivian had a handsome and rich boyfriend. Why did she want to be an assistant in the office?

Did she actually love William?

Their preconceived idea made a lot of things changed.

Angie looked at the reaction of the crowd and turned her mouth. She knew when to stop. She left a little suspense for them to think about. She let them eat first.

Layla pulled Vivian and said angrily, “Vivi, how can you have such a friend? What kind of friend is that? She deliberately pushes you at the eye of the storm.”

“Thank you, Layla.” Vivian said softly.

“But why don’t you explain for yourself?”

Vivian’s eyes darkened, “This is what I owe her.”

Layla was tongue-tied, and she knew that there was something hidden in Vivian’s heart, but everyone had their own privacy, and she didn’t ask again.

“Let’s eat first. Stay away from her. Why doesn’t she be an actor if she is so good at playacting?”

“Well.” Vivian nodded.

In the canteen, Selina heard Layla say what Angie did.

“Wait for me to clean that bitch up.” she scolded.

“Selina, you don’t have to go. It’s not a big deal.” Vivian hurriedly pulled her.

Selina was exasperated at her weak to make good, “Three kicks don’t make a fart.”

Layla interrupted and said, “Selina, three kicks don’t make a fart, but they would make a shit.”