Chapter 148 Highfalutin, Well-Dressed But Did Nothing

In a panic, Lily reports the address casually. The man keeps pulling her, and she hangs up the phone accidentally.

Abby, who has been waiting for Lily for some time, coincidentally walks to the corridor and witnesses this accident.

She rushes over and pulls away the man’s hand, “what are you doing!”

The good thing is interrupted, the man is about to get angry, but once he turns to see Abby’s beautiful face, the swearing word in his mouth become a joke, “Yo, are you two good friends? Good timing, let’s go together.”

The man reaches out and Abby shrugs his hand off, “Go away!”

“Huh, go away? You will beg me in a moment!”

Seeing the two want to go away, the man turns sideways to wink at the other companion in the back. The latter comes in and cooperates with him to drag them away.

This kind of thing is very common in bars. When people are drunk, nobody cares.

Lily is already drunk; her body is so soft that she has no more energy. She is dragged into the room after a few pulls. When she is about to open her mouth and bites the man, a sharp cold wind suddenly passes by her, and she can only see a dark shadow. The man who grabs her wrist immediately stumbles and falls down.

The man is unprepared, only feeling a great pain in his stomach. He is kicked by a huge force, and his tail vertebra hits the ground. It seems that it is split up, and it must be really painful.

The man was arrogant a few minutes ago, but now he can only curl up on the ground to protect herself. He prepares to see who just hit him. But at the sight of the man, he is so scared that he almost pees in the pants.

“Re, Rex?”

Not bad, he knows who he is.

“Did you touch her?” Rex slightly opened his thin lips. His words make the man frozen on the spot.

He changes his posture from half-lying to half-kneeling, “No, no, I didn’t…. ah!”

Without waiting for him to explain, Rex has already beaten the man in his face. The strength is so hard that they can even hear the sound of the man’s nose breaking.

The music in the bar does not stop. However, there are already a lot of people quietly watching them. The bar’s manager and security doesn’t dare to take any action. It’s not because that they don’t care, but, hey dare not to.

Who is Rex? Almost all residents in the entire J city know him, especially in a place like this bar. There are somehow some grey areas in the business world. The boss of the bar has told them for many times, that they must not offend Rex at any time and in any place.

Even though he wants to destroy the bar, the boss will not dare to say anything.

Rex punches him one after another. He wishes to nail him into a mud. Blood flows from the man’s nose and mouth, but Rex doesn’t stop until the man become unconscious.

In the world of adults, people pay attention to mind and action. The most disdainful thing is to use a fist. However, today, Rex can’t help to hit the man.

He just fails to control himself when he sees that Lily is held in the man’s arms.

He uses an off-white handkerchief to gently rub his hand. His gesture is very elegant, which is so different from the brutal one.

Lily has completely dumbfounded. She is so drunk that she couldn’t stand upright.

Everyone is worrying about Lily after seeing the scene. But the man just bends down and picks up the woman without saying one word. Despite the huge movements, she is carefully guarded around the neck. The movements make the surrounding women breath in envy.

Abby is still able to walk uprightly. Following at the back, she stumbles out of the bar. Once she is outside, she sees Rex jamming Lily into the car and hurries over. But unfortunately, her legs don’t support her. She falls on the ground with a stumble…..

Abby exclaims and closes her eyes to prepare for the pain, but the imaginary pain doesn’t strike. Instead, it is replaced by a warm and firm embrace.


Why doesn’t it hurt?

One second, two seconds, five seconds…. Abby opens her eyes and sees a handsome but unwelcomed face that is rooted in her memory.

It turns out to be him?!

“Why are you here?” Abby hates him so much that she jumps three meters away. However, the man is faster than her; he has already pressed her into his arms.

A low yet soft voice resounds on the top of her head, “stop moving, or I’ll really tie you this time.”

Speaking of the word “tie”, Abby suddenly recalls the memory before, but…..

“Let me go! I want to find Lily!” While struggling, she shifts her direction to Rex’s car.

It only takes twenty percent of Orson’s strength to hold her. His face is filled with helplessness, “They are couple, why do you want to intervene?”

“No! Rex doesn’t even go home at night, why should he control Lily!” Abby is even angrier than before. Seeing the car driving away, yet she is still struggling. With anger, she slaps Orson’s shoulder, “You guys as a lawyer are a trash! Highfalutin, well-dressed but did nothing!”

Orson: ???

Abby is finally released, she then points at his handsome face fiercely, “What are you looking at, it’s you!”

“…” Well, after living for thirty-two years, this is the first time that he is scolded by a woman. This feeling is quite weird.

Abby turns away after scolding him; she doesn’t want to stay him anymore. Even though she is stumbling, her back still shows stubbornness.

Orson shakes his head, and still fears that she might have an accident. He takes the car and follows her behind, and deliberately turns on the high beam light to shine on her.

Abby tries to ignore the man and the car behind her. But the two beams are so strong that her eyes are hurt. She couldn’t bear it and finally knocks on the man’s window.

“Boom, boom, boom!” The three sounds are loud enough to show how mad she is.

Orson sits in the car and looks at the drunk yet angry face outside. He even wants to laugh. After a leisurely look, he finally lowers the window and the smile also fades away, “What’s up?”

“What’s up?” Abby laughs angrily, “What do you mean by your light?”

Orson’s phoenix eyes slightly flickers. For the first time, he looks at the woman seriously. His sensible yet restrained eyes finally show a bright color, “I want you to get in the car.”


Rex drives the car in an average speed of 180, which makes them get back home in less than forty minutes. The car stops in the yard and the man unbuckles the seat belt. He then gets off and passes by the front of the car to pull the woman from the co-driver seat out.

Lily, who is wearing a pair of high heels, couldn’t keep up with his speed. She is mostly being dragged from the door to the living room.

With a snap, the light of the living room is turned on. The bright light instantly illuminates the whole room. Before she could adapt, her cheeks are suddenly pinched by him, leaving two red marks.

Lily pushes him twice. These movements undoubtedly add more flames.

Rex looks at her distracted eyes. With the smell of alcohol from her body, his eyes are even colder, “Can you explain why you are in the bar, huh?”