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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 147 Chaos in The Bar

After Jade returns to J city, Jev and Susan come to her within a few days. After being laughed at by Rex, she just wants to follow Tim. Although he is a bad person on his luck, his intrinsically superior is still bound to outdo the inferior. At least, he owns a company.

However, little did she expect that the accident in Q city would be known by Jev.

When Jev questions her, she doesn’t admit it. However, when she hears that it was Lily who told them about is, she has no more excuses.

Tim directly packs all her stuffs and gives it to her. He will never be with her again, Tim’s family also have rejected her.

Jade hates Lily to the utmost. And also at this moment, she receives a call of a mysterious woman.

“Who are you?”

Marina rubs the string of a pearl bracelet in her hand, her eyes glimmers, “You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know that I can help you.”

“Oh, you’re so generous.” Jade doesn’t believe it at all, “You can’t even tell me your name, why should I believe you?”

Marina says coldly, “Just because I know you have no way to go now, because I know everything about Lily and Rex… you’ve been revenged by Lily, and also have lost Tim’s family’s support.”

Jade plans to hang it up, but after hearing her words, she suddenly pauses, “Who the hell are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am, you just need to act what I say, you can’t be wrong.”

“What do you want?”

“When it’s the time, I’ll tell you what to do. Just stay quiet for some time now, don’t make any more trouble, or else, no one can help you.”

Jade feels unease, “Why are you helping me?”

Marina is like hearing a joke, “I’ll help you get what you want, you should also give me what I want, is it fair?”

Jade still wants to say something, but Marina has no more patience to listen to it. When her sensitive ears hear a footstep coming from the outside, she quickly interrupts her, “I’ll call you next time, bye.”

As soon as the phone is cut off, Maxx approaches her. His vision lands on her phone, looking puzzled, but as a clerk, he has no right to ask more, “Ms. Marina, you’ve just finished the inspection, please take a rest.”

Marina quickly sorts her expression and smiles casually, “I’ve just called Rex. He has left his wallet. I’m going to rest.”

Hearing this sentence and looking at her happy expression, there is some bitterness in Maxx’s heart. Since he has taken her back the last time, he has a feeling for this sick woman. This feeling is really fast, even inexplicably, but it really exists.

He couldn’t ignore it.

Marina turns to walk to the bedroom. When she just takes a few steps, she thinks of something and turns back to look at Maxx’s somewhat rough face. She tries to swallow the disgust in her heart and pretends to be grateful, “oh right, thank you for giving me Jade’s number. I have no other intention; I just didn’t want her to keep on harassing Rex. Don’t tell others about it, okay?”

About what Jade did to Rex, Maxx has heard all of it. As for Marina, who has always loved Rex, she just wants to warn her. It can be understood.

“You can rest assured, I won’t say.”

The big rock hanging in Marina’s heart falls on the ground, “Thank you. Next time you can call me by my name.”

Even though she belittles Maxx, who has a rough figure, she finds him useful. So she endures it.

Hearing her saying it, Rex immediately feels that what he did is worth. A delight in his eyes is about to overflow, “Marina!”

“Yes.” Marina enters the house with satisfaction.


Lily and Rex have been in cold war for almost a week. During this time, they go to work on time every day, they also eat together. Although Rex occasionally works over time, he would go back home at night. But Lily still feels that something is different.

For example, when he is busy in the study room, he never takes an initiative to call her in. Another example, he always refuses to take an initiative to explain a reason for her.

For the first time, Rex makes Lily panics. She doesn’t even know what he is thinking about.

Depressed, suffocated, distressed, all kinds of emotions are mixed together. Lily still could not bear it. It transpired that Rex has some errand to do at night, thus she calls Abby out for a drink.

The old friends meet, but there is nothing to say. There will be no secret between you and me after a few glasses of wine. Lily blurts out everything that happened recently, which makes Abby keeps cursing for Rex. The two are holding a bottle of wine and giggling stupidly.

“This man is good at everything!”

“That’s right!”

“Why did he always do what he wants? It is not even worth!”


After drinking the wine on the table, both are full of excitement and go to a small bar nearby. After Abby paid it, the two transfer to another battlefield.

Abby is in the mood, and asks for a wine tower, which is stacked from high to low. A lot of men who sit next to their table are dumbfounded, but the manager of the bar is very thankful.

Drinking a wine doesn’t need anything else. You will have a great stamina after it. Lily is completely drunk after drinking all of it; she then takes her phone to the toilet and wants to wash her face, but then she is blocked by a young man.

“Hey girl, are you alone?” The man wears a floral printed long-sleeved shirt, his hair is stiff and motionless, and it is neatly comb and his perfume make people dizzy.

Lily, who has been dizzied, wants to vomit after hearing it. She then pushes him away to go to the toilet. Unexpectedly, when she takes a step ahead, her wrist is grabbed by him, “Don’t go, do you want to drink together?”

Lily struggles but still couldn’t break it away. After drinking, she becomes impatient, “No!”

“Yo, you’ve got a temper, I like it.” As he is saying, his hand is already on her shoulder, which is like a gesture of hugging her.

Lily feels nauseous. When she is about to speak, the phone on her hand suddenly rings. She doesn’t even see the caller ID and picks it up, “Hello, who is it?”

On the other end of the phone, Rex who is driving back to the Villa, hears her indistinct voice. He immediately slams the steering wheel. With a ‘squeak’, the car stops on the roadside.

The man slightly narrows his eyes, his sharp pupils are chilling, and his voice is more like an ice, “Where are you?”

“Me?” Lily glances around. Before she has time to speak, the man behind her couldn’t wait and hugs her, “Hey, girl, are you done? Call in my room; it’s very clean there….”

“I’m not going, don’t touch me……”

Rex is only a bit worried just now, but the anger in his body could not be suppressed any longer at this moment. Thinking about what will happen next, the shadows and anger in his eyes are scary, “Lily, I’ll ask you again, where are you now.”