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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 146 Rivalry

Of course, Lily is willing to believe him. If she doesn’t believe him, she won’t hold until now. She doesn’t even ask much about him staying outside. She knows he is busy, afraid that it will add more burdens to him.

But now, he doesn’t even explain a word, how can she still believe him?

As if aware of her thoughts, the man’s voice murmurs, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but I still don’t know what to say to you.”

Rex suddenly takes a deep breath. Wondering if he gets choked, he suddenly coughs. Lily, who hears and sees his uncomfortable, locks her brows together. She acts quickly than her brains, and snatches the cigarette from his hand and throw it out, “Don’t smoke if you’re not feeling well, answer my question… why is it so hard?”

“Not hard.” He answers quickly, his eyes randomly looks at a spot, doesn’t look at her, “I just don’t want you to worry much.”

“But now I’m thinking much.” Lily doesn’t understand the reason behind his concealment, “Did you even treat me as your girlfriend?”

Hearing it, the man finally turns his head and faces her burning eyes, “For me, you’re more important than being my girlfriend.”

“Then why don’t you tell me?” Is there anything I cannot know?” Lily doesn’t want to force him or being aggressive, but now it is really difficult for her to control the speculation and doubts that is rising in her head.

Many words have to be spoken at that time, or else it may never have a chance to be spoken anymore.

Even though she doesn’t know how serious the matter is, at least by looking at his appearance, it is definitely not easy.

The handsome facial features is caged in the dim light, half bright, half dark, “Lily, can you give me a little time? Wait till I’m ready and I’ll tell you.”

Lily opens her mouth and closes it again. Her heart is filled with indescribable disappointment, “How low do you need?”

“I don’t know.” After he finished, he seems to be amused and snorts softly, “I’ll do it as soon as possible.”

There is a short period of stagnation inside. Lily doesn’t even know how to answer him. She wants him to explain everything now, but…. Looking at his somber face, she couldn’t say anything.

For a long time of silence, Lily’s hand that is placed on the side clenched over and over again, there is a hesitation in her heart.

In the end, she still compromises.

“Well, since it’s difficult to speak out, I won’t force you, wait till the day you’re ready and tell me.” Lily says easily, but the real word is not this, it is heavier.

Rex sees the clearance in her eyes is replaced by distrust, but at the same time, he couldn’t find any explanation.

He nods lightly for twice, “Okay.”

After a tense conversation, Rex’s concealment always harm for Lily. Until the next day, she is still emotional.

After work hour, Bree calls her to have some dinner at home. Lily, who hasn’t mentally prepared to face Rex, agrees to go.

After a dinner, she stays for a while. When it’s quite late at night, Bree urges her to go home earlier, afraid that it would be unsafe on the road late at night.

Lily doesn’t have any intention to leave. She wants to stay for the night, but fears that Bree will think more. After struggling for a while, she decides to leave.

She takes a taxi to go back to the Villa. The taxi stops in front of the entrance of the Villa. She looks at the three-story house in the dark. The expectation in her heart gradually cools down.

He doesn’t come home.

“Miss, we’ve arrived.” The driver urges her when looking her dazing off.

Lily recovers and pays him.

On the other side, after knowing that Lily will go back to her parent house, he drives to the North Villa. Today is the day for Marina’s weekly inspection. Karl and George’s assistant are there. The small room at the back of the Villa has been changed into an inspection room, various kind of equipment are available.

Rex watches as Marina being pushed into various of equipment. She stays inside for a while and then being pushed out again. After nearly twenty inspections, it ends.

Karl takes the result paper that is still warm, his expression looks at ease, “Not bad, her body is very good. You don’t have to worry much. It’s not a big problem.”

Rex sighs in relief. After all, this is the first time for her to come back after five years. He is afraid that she cannot adapt with the condition here and affects her condition.

After finishing it, Marina immediately returns to the house where Rex is located. Learning that the result is good, she is also relieved, “That’s great. I can really stay with you without leaving this time!”

This sentence, she has said for countless times since returning home. Rex has used to it, but it make Karl pouts meaninglessly.

“By the way, I think I’m no so sensitive to ultraviolet rays anymore. For five years, I haven’t enjoyed the outside world. Since I’m quite stable now, can we go out together?” Marina makes a suggestion in full of excitement.

Rex, who is met her expectant gaze, speaks in a calm voice that might let people chill, “No, you haven’t fully recovered yet, we need to be careful.”

If Marina’s illness is bad for a day, it is a hidden danger in his mind, nothing else. Whether she has a good or bad life now, he doesn’t know how to hide from Lily anymore.

His rejection is expected by Marina, but she doesn’t give up easily!

She looks at Karl on the side. The word has changed, “Karl, my body is recovering well. We don’t need to be particularly picky. We can find a private club together, nothing will happen. I know my body, you can rest assure.”

She deliberately uses Karl to block him. Karl, who is listening to it, twists his eyebrows, but says nothing.

He used to say that words are because he thought that Marina is weak, but who know she can speak like this?

Rex doesn’t speak, but also doesn’t continue to refuse her.

Marina knows that he is shaken, then steps forwards to lean to his side and says in a aggrievance, “Rex, I have such a wish, can you do it for me? I’ve been a ghost for more than five years, I really want to go out for a walk, just think that I’m begging you, okay?”

She has said till this point, Rex refusal will be seem ruthless.

Marina suddenly takes something from her pocket. It is quite lumpy that one doesn’t know what she is looking for. When she takes it out, it is a photo, a photo of her descent parent.

“I also want to go to this place. This is a place where my parent fallen in love with each other, I don’t know what it’s like now. if they know I’m going, they will be very happy.”

Karl finally understands why Rex is so hostile to the past. Not to mention other, it is only because Marina keeps on mentioning it, makes him hardly forget them.

This woman is too selfish, too extreme, too terrible.

In the end, Rex still fails to refuse her. Even though he is reluctant, he still agrees her request.

After Rex and Karl left, the smile on her face disappear. She picks up a phone and dials a number.

“Hello, is it Jade?”