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Chapter 145 Do You Believe Me?

Just because of these sentences, the displeasure in Lily’s hears has been dissipated. And also with his cute posture, she lets it go.

The two of them have nothing to do, thus they dine in a hot pot restaurant, which is a famous restaurant in the city. Many people can’t even make an appointment before. Today, she learns that Rex is a regular here.

After ordering a table of dishes, the elegant man who is sitting opposite doesn’t eat hot peppers, he only eats white soup. Whereas Lily likes spicy pot, which makes her lips turns red after a meal.

When they checkout, she asks for a bottle of beverage. While drinking, she despises, “Life without spicy soup is incomplete.”

It transpired that they are in front of the car. Upon hearing this sentence, Rex drags the person in front of him and slightly leans to trap her between the car and his chest.

The deep dark eyes squints a bit and lands on her blushing little face, his sexy lips forms an arc, “Incomplete?”

After it, he directly lowers and presses down, kissing accurately at the lips that don’t know whether it is spicy or bitten that make it so red.

He breaks in directly, which make Lily startles. Her eyes glances at the street where people are passing by and her heart is about to burst out from her throat, “Hmmm…”

All the words she wants to say is blocked in her mouth. Rex doesn’t give her any chance to breath and sweeps all of her territory.

After a kiss, breathing is unstable.

The man straightens up, raises her chin with one hand, and satisfactorily admires the more swollen lips after being torment by him, “Now my life is complete.”

Lily freezes for a second before realizing what he meant. Her heart suddenly beats fast.

“Get in.” Rex bents his fingers to knock on her head lightly.

Lily recovers and pulls the door to get in.

After fasten the seat belt, she thinks about what happen earlier this day, then tells him cautiously, “Oh right, do you really aiming for Buy U?”

The man glances over her face, “Do you want to plead for them?”

“No!” Lily is afraid that he might misunderstand, and explains hastily, “Actually, now that Tim’s family has fallen into this stage, I have no more sympathy. But I don’t want to be involved with them anymore, not even a single point, do you understand?”

“It’s too easy to let them go like this.”

“I know you want to revenge for my sake, but all of this has happened in the past. Since the end of the lawsuit, I just want to be with you right now, I don’t want to continue to be entangled.” Lily looks at him sincerely, “For me, you are the one who worth an effort.”

She successfully dispels the confusion in his heart. He does everything for Lily. If she doesn’t like it, what’s the point of doing it?

After all, Tim’s family has already suffered a lot. Even if he doesn’t do anything, it only takes time. If they want to comeback, it will be very difficult.

After a moment of hesitation, Rex finally sighs, “Okay, I promise you.”

Lily is relieved in her head and smiles joyfully at him, “Thank you.”

Rex’s vision is all over her smiles, he raises his hand to touch the top of her head, “Stupid.”

The heater inside the car is very warm. It is easy to get sleepy after eating. On the way back, Lily is sleepy on the co-driver seat when his phone suddenly rings.

After ringing for a while, Lily thinks he is inconvenient to pick it up. Thus, she wants to reach out to take it, but unexpectedly is blocked by him fiercely.

“No need.” Rex has seen that the caller ID is Marina. He quickly declines it and puts it back inside the pocket of his clothes. His voice is tight yet tense, different from usual.

Lily watches all of his movements, which makes her sober up from the sleepiness, and blinks, feeling a little stunned. Did he just… decline it?

The atmosphere inside the car suddenly condensed. The aura between the two becomes subtle because of the phone call.

The hand in Lily’s side gradually tightens, she then tentatively asks, “Why didn’t you pick it up?”

“It’s unimportant.” Rex doesn’t look at her, the line on his jaw become a bit stiff.

Lily still notices that something is wrong. Her delicate eyebrows are pressed together, “How can you know it is unimportant when you didn’t pick it up? What if something happen in the company?”

“It’s fine.”

The two words come out from his mouth, and the temperature around them falls a little bit. The warmness from just now has become colder this time. Only two words ‘its okay’, no doubt he doesn’t want to talk more…

After recalling back his recent attitude, it is indeed unusual. Lily has a lot of question to ask him, but she is unhurried until they drive in the garage of the Villa. The car turns off and the sensor light above him automatically lit up, shining above the top of their faces. However, the dim light couldn’t melt the sharpness of his face.

Lily, who sits on the co-driver seat, unbuckles her seat belt but doesn’t get out of the car. Her vision turns to look at the side of his face, as if she has made a great determination before asking, “Rex, did you hide something from me recently?”

He knows that once she has asked this, she must have noticed something. He knows that Lily would have felt something, but never though how to respond it.

Continue to hide it?

Obviously, she would not believe it easily.

As long as you lie, it will be easy to find any flaws, especially in front of the beloved one.

He says nothing and stretches out his hand to open the dashboard of the car. A cigarette is placed inside. Lily peers at him and stops his hand, “Why don’t you speak.”

Her movement has already demonstrated her attitude. Today, she must have a result, he is really unusual.

Rex slightly narrow his eyebrows, his eyes fall on the place where the palms of them touch, his thin lips slightly moves, he could see the tangle in her heart, “Lily, I didn’t want to lie to you.”

Hearing the words, Lily’s fingers pressed on his fingers a little, and soon move away like touching an electric shock. His words make her uneasy.

In the end, Rex still lit the cigarette. When he is extremely irritated, only the cigarette could stabilize him.

For thirty-two years, he has never been so hesitate yet tense like this moment. His head is filled with two voices, which is fighting to decide whether to tell her or not?

After a while, he still dares not to take risks, afraid that he might can’t afford to take the consequences.

In his silence, Lily’s heart seems to be pinched. Her breath becomes weak, “What the hell… Is going on?”

“It’s none of your business.” A light smoke rises from his lips, “But it’s only a small issue, and takes time. To be honest, I know I can’t hide from you, but I’m not ready to be frank.”

The man’s hand that is holding the cigarette trembles a little. If you don’t pay attention, you might wouldn’t notice, “Lily, would you believe me?”