Chapter 144 Look at Me and Think about Me

Lily nods, “I didn’t lie.”

This time, not only Susan, but even Jev is left speechless. Both of their face looks very ugly, keep on blaming themselves. This jade is really hypocrite!

Lily knows that they will not trust Jade. Through this incident, she has successfully brought Buy U into Jade’s head.

She has done so many sorry things for her, which is also about time to pay the price for her own behavior. Countless of endurance cannot change her conscience that endurance has become indulgence.

“Do you still have anything to ask now?” Lily faces their green faces. After the lawsuit has over, this is the first time she feels pleasant to revenge.

For the past two years, Tim’s family has been to mean for her. What they had today is a punishment.

Jev doesn’t expect to get such a result on this trip, nor did he expect to be defeated by Lily. He is blocked till speechless, his old face blushes a little. After a suffocating long breath, he finally says, “I’ll definitely ask this matter clearly. If it is true, I’ll apologize to Rex!”

Lily is happy to see such a result, because what she says is indeed the truth.

Once Jev has left, it might be no way back. Jade has provoked such a big basket. He will have no more face to come again.

It takes less than twenty minutes for the whole conversation and Jev and Susan left in vain. They don’t even greet Bree and Harry anymore, the atmosphere is completely different when they came.

Lily still sent them to the door. After she closes the door, she sighs in relief and calls Rex briefly, then goes to the room to call the old couple out.

“Mom, Dad, they’re gone, come out.”

Bree rushes out immediately and asks her nervously, “How is it, what did they tell you?”

“Nothing.” Lily takes off her defense and smiles lightly, “It’s all settled. They will definitely not come again in the future. Both of you can relax.”


Lily nods helplessly, “Really, why should I lie to you?”

“That’s good, very good. Tim’s family is really shameless, they still have a face to come here after such a virtue. You dad and I are too mad that almost hit them, we’re just worry to trouble you….”

Which mothers in this world can just watch their children being bullied in vain? She has long unable to endure that family for a long time. She used to look like a human being, but since the lawsuit, everything is exposed.

Harry elbows his wife, “Enough, everything is in the past, we will not mention about them anymore in the future, forget about their existence!”

“Yes, yes. It’s awful to mention it, better not to mention it.” Bree walks over to the sofa while holding Lily’s hand to sit down, “Oh right, I haven’t asked you, what is going on between you and that kid called Rex?”

Bree is old enough, which makes her doesn’t really know about the society. Rex also doesn’t like to promote himself. All the meetings he attends are very private. Thus, in her heart, Rex is only a ‘kid’.

However, Harry aware of it and interrupts her when she says, “Who is a kid? He is a renowned lawyer, and also one of the best men in the word!”

Bree’s complexion slightly changes, “Really? Is he that great? Lily, what’s your relationship with him?”

When asking about her secret, Lily’s face unnaturally feels hot, “Nothing, we’re just close.”

When Bree still hasn’t said a word, Harry has chuckled first, “Your mom and I raise you up. Even if you raise your eyebrows, we know what it means. By looking at your expression, you might like him.”

Lily’s face is more red, “Dad, what are you talking about, nothing happened…”

When Bree sees her appearance, there is a stammer in her heart, but she doesn’t show it and unconsciously yet consciously points out, “You know by yourself what is happening–”

“If you didn’t want to talk about it, your mom and I won’t force you. But you have to know that everything will be fine. His family is not an ordinary one. They might not be able to accept your past.” After all, Harry is her dad, which make him think much and couldn’t help but splash her a cold water, it is all for her good.

Speaking of which, Lily immediately recalls the words of the old people that said through the phone, she still remembers every single words that can hurt people.

Lily’s expression stiffens for a moment, afraid that she might worry them again, she quickly covers it up, “You can relax, I know what I’m doing.”

After chatting for a while, Lily goes back hurriedly to the company. Bree wants her to have a lunch before get going, “Are you leaving now? Be careful on the way, don’t rush!”

“I know, bye mom.”

As they watch her leaving, Bree feels a little emotional, “Hmm, it’s not easy.”

“Hmm.” Harry snorts, there is more approval in his tone, “She has grown up.”

On the other side, when Susan and Jev go downstairs to pick up the car, they meet the other familiar Mercedes-Benz, which belongs to Tim.

The two pause their steps and shouts at him, “Go home!”

Tim looks at the apartment building in front of him and confuses, “Dad, didn’t you call me here?”

“You’ll lose your face once you enter!” Jev scolds him in a low voice and pulls the door of the driver’s seat.

Tim kicks in the air and whispers, “What’s going on with that old man again!”

With a long sigh, Susan walks to his son and tells her what Lily has just said, “You must not provoke your angry father now.”

“What?!” Tim could hardly breathe in the chest, “You said Jade seduce Rex? How is it possible?”

“You may not believe it, but Lily said there is a witness. You call her home first, you dad and I will ask her personally!” Susan says fiercely, “If it is true, I’ll kill her!”

It is almost 11 o’clock when Lily returns to the company. She greets Kinsey before busying herself. She is handling a case, which is related to work injury. It is the same with her first case before. Thus she has been conducting related case one after another.

This case is not very complicated, the preparation are almost complete. After working for it, Lily deliberately finds Kinsey, trying to explain that she wanted to use another type of lawsuit.

“Are you sure you can?”

Lily nods firmly, “I’m sure.”

“Your previous lawsuit is not bad. I have a more important case here, which is more complicated and tricky to deal with. Do you want to try?” When she says it, she has opened the lockbox and takes out the documents.

Lily looks at the leather portfolio, and burst out an excitement, “Yes.”

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you. If it’s done well, the newbie award will definitely be yours,” Kinsey says with a smile, “Of course, if you have any difficulties, you can ask Rex. He has a lot of experience.”


Lily’s mouth twitches, thinking of the previous accident, his condition… shaking her head, “I’ll try my best.”

“Take advantage of your position. Make sure you use the good sources.” Kinsey is very open-minded, thus she hands over the file, “Go, if you have any question, ask me anything.”

Lily gets a big case that she has been dreaming of. She is too excited that couldn’t express it, which makes her immersed in a state of ‘working makes me happy’ all day long. Thus, the neglected man’s face is bitter when he gets off work.

On the way home, seeing that she is still looking at the file, the hiding flames finally ignited. The big palm of him snatches the file and throws it to the back of the seat.

Lily looks at the man on her side in astonishment, “what are you doing?’

“You usually didn’t work hard, are you bored with me?” The old man shows his charm deeply.

Lily secretly rolls her eyes, “Are you jealous with my work?”

“Yes.” He starts to say something nauseous, “When you’re with me, you can only look at me and think about me.”