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Chapter 143 Trick Exposed

Jev looks at Lily, who is sitting in front of him. After a while, he almost doesn’t recognize her. Since when did she dare to talk to him with that kind of gesture and tone?

Susan is also struck by it. Wondering whether it is because being with Rex for quite some time, her gesture is somehow similar to that man.

“We didn’t mean anything that we came here today. You want to divorce Tim. Now that it’s done and all the executions have been executed. I hope you can persuade Rex.” Jev’s voice shows a strong helplessness. His originally joyful posture has become quite old.

With Tim’s problem and also the divorce during this time, he must have taken a lot of care.

But what did he just say? Persuade Rex?

Lily frowns, “What does Mr. Jev mean?”

Lily doesn’t call him Dad, since they have divorce. She doesn’t even call uncle and simply call his official name, clearly making a boundary between them.

“What it mean, we all know it well.” Jev realizes that his tone is not good and quickly adds, “Now that you’ve divorced Tim, there is no need for Rex to keep on aiming Buy U. After all, Buy U is my effort all this time. No matter how many grudges there are between us, I hope you can let it go, stop aiming for Buy U.”

Lily understands his words, but also is a little surprised. Did Rex keep on attacking Buy U even after they’d divorce?

After a moment of though in her heart, she understand it. At the same time, Rex coincidentally calls her.

Lily takes the phone and glances at the caller ID, then walks aside to pick it up, “Hello?”

“Why didn’t you come to the company?” The man’s clear voice comes through the phone, slightly unstable. He might has just arrived and aware that she is not there.

Lily turns her back on the two people in the living room, her voice is very low, “Jev and Susan are in my house now. I’ve taken a half-day leave and go back in the afternoon.”

“They’re looking for you?” Rex’s voice is tense, “I’ll go there now…”

“No.” Lily cuts him softly, aware that he cares a lot, there is warmth in her heart, “I can handle it myself.”

Moreover, in the current situation, he will only make it worse when he comes. This man always been indifferent to outsiders. If he doesn’t like it, he will end Buy U.

Rex ponders for a long time without saying anything. Afraid that he might worry, Lily consoles him, “I’m not a kid anymore. Besides, I’ve divorced with Tim. They won’t be too bad.”

Even if they intended to do something, it is too late now. Therefore, Lily doesn’t worry about what Tim’s family will do.

She comes anxiously is because she is afraid that Bree and Harry will get mad and make a fuss. Now that she is here, there is nothing to worry about.

Rex listens to her usual tone, which make him at ease, “Okay, take care of it by you. If they trouble you, tell me.”

“Tell you?” Lily teases him, “then will you peel off their skin?”

“It’s not simple.” Rex sneers, “If they touch your hair, I won’t let them out of the house.”

Lily listens to his cool tone, which make her couldn’t help but shivers. She glances at the sideways to the living room and meets Jev’s vision, then closes her eyes to turn back, “I’ll talk to them first, talk to you later.”

“Okay, be safe.”


After a short chat, Lily hangs up and walks back to the living room with her phone. Before she even sits down, Susan asks her in sharp voice, “Is that Rex?”

Before this, she might won’t tell her, but now…

She sits down and puts her phone on the table then nods casually, “Yes, you’re right”

Short and concise, the admission is extremely refreshing. it is too refreshing that Susan feel a bit ironic in her heart. Those words seems like ‘Yes, so what’.

They indeed can’t do much. At least, Today’s Lily is not the old coward Lily.

Jev is obviously quite sensible. He keeps his purpose on track, “What do you think about what I just said?”

Lily looks at Jev, whom she used to call ‘Dad’. In fact, in the days when she lived with them, although Jev didn’t treat her well, comparing with Susan, we could take this advantage to say that he is slightly better.

However, they are barely an outsider to her now. In contrast, Rex is a person who is closer to her. Thus, even though she has an answer in her heart, she still has some reservation when it speaks out from her mouth.

“You told me to tell Rex to stop. First, I have no idea that Rex is aiming Buy U. Second, even if I know, he might won’t listen to me. All I can do is to tell him to stop, as for him listening to it or not, sorry, I can’t interfere.”

All Rex did is for her. Hence, she couldn’t betray him. Even though Tim’s family is barely a villain is his eyes, he also feels disgusted to be involved with such a person. No one is willing to walk on a shit, but you still can’t hide. What that man did is all because of her.

When Jev hears what she said, his face has turned into half-green colored, the fake smile gradually fades, “What else do you want. We’ve given all we should give, it should be enough!”

“Enough?” Lily smiles, but there is no smile in her eyes, “Shouldn’t I say this to you?”

Without waiting for the two of them speaks, she immediately adds in, “When Rex is on a business trip in Q city, Ms. Jade had framed him. Who knows if you’re involved?”

Ms. Jade?

Susan pauses for a moment, “You mean jade?”

Lily stays silent. Her expression has shown everything, “She pretended to meet Rex in Q and put a drug on him, letting us misunderstand with each other and took an advantage from it. She is now with Tim, who knows it’s your idea.”

Jade has never mentioned this matter to Tim’s family. After all, she can’t get along with Rex, which means she has to go back to Tim. At this moment, Lily deliberately mentions it, just to use others to cure her own wound.

There is no such a good thing in this world like, you have hurt me, yet I will still hide it for you. She is quite soft, but definitely not weak.

Sure enough, after hearing it, both of their complexion changes, and subconsciously refute, “Impossible!”

Lily laughs ironically, “I won’t lie to you. You can ask Jade by yourself or check her flight information at that time!”

She is not lying, as long as they check, they’ll find out.

The two look at each other for a while, before saying in a tremble voice, “Is, is it true?”