Chapter 142 Former In-Law Come Over

The gloomy that haunted her, dissipated because of these sentence, “You said it, don’t regret it.”

Her words end lightly, listening to the voice remind her of his arrogant expression. The coldness in his eyes mostly melted, his tone is spoiled yet indulgent, “I won’t. I’ll let you ‘check my body’.”

Lily curls her knees and mutters while blushing, “Pervert…..”

From last night till now, Rex hardly smiles truly from his heart, “Be quick, I’ll wait for you in the company, okay?”

Listening to his voice, Lily’s anger almost gone. His voice seems to be melted from a sugar, very sweet, “Okay.”

They chat for another few words. After hanging up the phone, Rex continues to call Karl. The softness in his voice has also disappeared. His tone is very formal, “Arrange two of George’s assistance to take care of her in the North Villa. Marina said she was dizzy last night. I was worried about her body.”

On the end, Karl has just arrived at his office, even the briefcase hasn’t been put down yet, “Dizzy? Is there any other reaction? This has never happened before.”

“No for the time being.” Rex has a lingering fear, “Will it because of taking a long flight?”

“It’s possible though.” Karl is sitting on the chair with a cup of hot tea on the table that Sally made for him. He takes a sip, the light jasmine smell spread in his mouth instantly, “I’ll send someone there this afternoon, and you can rest assured. As long as there is no other reaction, It’s fine. Marina’s disease has been a while. You don’t have to scare yourself.”

“Okay, sorry for the trouble.”

“Hey–” Karl sighs, “Why are you so polite?”

The two chat for a while. After talking about the business, they inevitably ask about personal matter, making Karl carefully ask him, “Marina is back, Lily doesn’t notice it?”

“I stay at North Villa last night. She is a little unhappy. I coaxed couple of words.”

“Did it work?”


“Hm, Lily indeed is really good, she really suit you. You just need to coax a few words after leaving for the night. To be honest, you’re really guilt, right?” Indeed, Karl has been with him for many years, he knows him well.

Rex is more than guilty, he even disappoints himself.

“I won’t do something sorry for her.” His voice is low, as if saying for Karl, yet also for himself.

This is the only an excuses that he gives himself.

Karl’s word has blocked his mouth. He curses indistinctly, “How can it be so hard to love someone?”

Before, he doesn’t have it. Now, this person has appeared, but Marina blocks it.

If he doesn’t have any patience, he might will bald his hair and become a monk.

Rex smiles bitterly, “You can’t treat feeling as you like. I’ve fallen in love with Lily. This is nonsense anyway.”

Karl breaths out a long sigh. He doesn’t know how to advise him.

On the other side, the driver has picked Lily up from the Villa on time. On the way, when she is checking out her mail, she suddenly receives a call from Bree.

“Hello, Mom?”

“Lily, where are you now?”

Lily looks at the scenery outside the window, “I’m on my way to work.”

“This is the case, this morning Jev suddenly called. I remembered you told me and Harry to stay away from them, thus we didn’t answer it. Who knows that they will come directly to the house? They’ve stand outside the house. If it wasn’t a big problem, they wouldn’t be here. So your dad and I let them in…..”

Hearing this, Lily almost chokes out, “What? You let them in?!”

Bree knows she’ll be anxious and explains hurriedly, “They knock on our door. All of our neighbors are here. I can’t let them make a fuss outside…”

After hearing it, Lily’s voice increased, “Did they make a fuss?”

“No no, Jev came here today to clarify. I told him, now that you and Tim have divorced, there is nothing to say anymore…..”

“Mom.” Lily cuts in. She couldn’t listen to it anymore. Afraid that Bree and Jev might do something that is not as good as a beast.

While she asks the driver to turn around, she says to Bree on the other side of the phone, “Hold them, I’ll rush there now.”

“Why are you coming here, aren’t you going to work…”

“They had gone all the way home, how can I go to work!” Lily couldn’t help but cries in a low tone, and feels uneasy afterwards, “Okay, Mom. Don’t worry about me. I can take permission easily. Tell Susan to wait for me.”

“Then, alright then…..” Looking at her persistence, Bree can’t hold her back.

After hanging up the phone, Lily immediately leaves a message for Kinsey. She doesn’t ask for long, only half day. After explaining her reason, Kinsey simply gives her permission.

The driver glances at the rearview mirror. When he sees Lily’s uneasy face, he opens up the warm air, “Ms. Lily, don’t worry. It’s very close. We’ll arrive within fifteen minute.”

Lily is distraught and sighs a long sigh, “Thank you, please hurry up.”

In the morning rush hour, the drivers squeeze in the bus lane to drive to her house. The car stops for only after thirteen or fourteen minutes. Lily gets out with her bag and trot all the way does the house.

She wears a high-heel today. From the first floor to the fourth floor, she stepped up two steps at a time, which accidentally crooks in the middle. It is too painful that she takes a deep breath but doesn’t pay more attention to it.

The doorbell, the door panel, she presses it again and again, knock it again and again, her sound is very anxious, “Mom, open the door.”

Inside the door, Bree still has water on her hand and comes to open the door before she could wipe it, “Why are you so anxious, we’re fine.”

She lowers her voice and nags. Lily sees her undoubtedly and then relieved after looking both of them are fine.

In the living room, Susan and Jev are sitting on the sofa, while Harry is sitting in the dining room. None of them are talking. Although their relationship has come to an end, Bree still pours a cup of tea for them.

Lily looks at the hot steam coming out of the tea cup, her chest is stuffy. Seeing their face again, she couldn’t help but recall those unbearable memories.

Harry sees her walk in and gets up to call her, “You’re here.”

“Dad.” Lily calls him and turns her head to look at the two who is also standing up and follows him. Her tone is a little harsh, “What are you doing here?”

Jev’s expression stiffens, while Susan forces a smile and says familiarly, “We’ve something to discuss with you.”

Lily nods and stays calm, then says to Bree and Harry, “Mom, Dad. We’ve something to discuss you guys can wait in the bedroom.”

“This…” Bree couldn’t leave her alone, when she just wants to speak, Lily interrupts her.

“Mom, this is our house, you can chill. I’ll call you after we’re done.”

Bree still wants to say something, but Harry raises his hand to stop her, “Enough, you guys talk, we’ll wait in the bedroom.”

The two of them walk into the room. Bree keeps on turning back with worries. After the door of the bedroom is closed, Lily walks towards Jev and sits on the sofa.

Her legs are overlapping, the posture is strong, there is some confidence in her chest, “What do you want to talk about, say it.”