Chapter 419 My Wife And Child Are Bullied

The voice is very deterrent and succeeds in stopping those people. They look at the door with scare but suddenly become normal.

Because they don’t know Alex, and of course Alex doesn’t know them either.

Alex walks into the crowd and takes Miya directly into his arms. He looks at the crowd and says, “Call your principal.”

These people are tired of hearing this, “We have said that the principal is…”

“If you don’t, I will call him.” Alex says, picking up his phone and dialing a number.

“Mr Alex, how are you!” There is a particularly pleased voice over the phone.

Alex doesn’t have such a good temper, he says, “Come to the promotion class now.”

“Now?” The headmaster hesitates. “I’m not in school now.”

“No matter where you are, I will give you an hour to get to school immediately.” Alex gives the order directly.

“Mr Alex, what happened?” The principal asks.

Alex glances at the people in front of him, “I really don’t know that the teachers in your school is a group of bullies.”

The headmaster’s heart tightens, he asks, “Mr Alex, can you tell me in detail?”

“My wife and children have been bullied, what do you say?” Alex yells at the principal directly.

The principal is panicked. “How can it be? Mr Alex? Mr Alex?” He yells, but notices that Alex has hung up the phone. He is attending an academic report in the Municipal Education Bureau, and he receives the call as a result. He immediately leaves the place, and rushes to the school. What do this group of people do while he is away?

After Alex hangs up the phone, he looks at the people in front of him. “Take us to the Academic Affairs Office now. Your principal will arrive at the school within an hour. We can wait there.”

The people around are stunned. They want to ask if Alex really calls the principal, but Alex has that kind of natural deterrent, which make people unconsciously follow his ideas.

Miya and Ben follow Alex to the Academic Affairs Office, and of course, Dennis comes with them.

“Uncle, why do you to bully me with them?” Dennis asks when he sees Alex.

Alex can’t get better when he hears this title, so does Miya. She asks, “Why is this kid calling you uncle! What happened between you and Grace?” Miya says, suddenly thinking of the day she leaves at the entrance of Alex Group… she is suddenly quiet.

Alex feels that Miya is suspecting him. He grabs Miya’s hand and says, “Nothing happens, trust me.”

Miya looks at Alex whose eyes are full of sincerity, so Miya subconsciously believes him. After all, she misunderstands Susan before, doesn’t she?

Dennis becomes angry without getting a response. Doesn’t that the principal is coming? He doesn’t believe it. If the principal comes, he will definitely help him. They are so stupid that they help him find reinforcements.

And those leaders are standing by the side, ready to wait for the principal’s arrival.

The headmaster arrives at the last minute. He glances at the watch, thinking it is a fortune that he is not late.

The group of people greet the headmaster and look at him respectfully.

And such respected headmaster is afraid of Alex, and he says, “Mr Alex, I don’t know how our school has mistreated your wife and your child?”

Hearing the headmaster’s words, those people are a little bit afraid. The headmaster even has such an attitude towards them. When Denniss family comes, he can talk to others calmly. What is the origin of these people?

“Mr, you’re wrong, it’s me who is bullied.” Dennis drags the principal’s collar, and he asks for asylum.

The headmaster lowers his head, and after seeing Dennis, he feels that this is really not easy, and he always feels like he is out of love.

“Mr Alex, can you tell me what is going on here?” The principal feels that he is really confused now.

“As you can see, this kid says that my child bullies him, but my child says he is bullied. Who do you think I should believe?” Alex still leaves the question to the principal.

The principal feels sweaty, with Dennis family on one side and Alex family on the other. Both sides can’t be offended. Why does these two children come together?

“Well… I don’t think it’s okay to only listen to the children.” The principal has also solved many problems before, and naturally knows how to escape.

Alex just looks at the principal without saying, letting the principal do it himself.

Dennis is still trying to talk to the headmaster, but the principal ignores him and calls his father instead.

“Hello, Mr Edward.”

“What’s going on? Is Dennis bullied by someone again?”

“Dennis says so, but the parents of the other party also say that Dennis bullies their child. I think it is better to tackle it by you and that child’s parents together. If you have time, you’d better come to school.”

“But I’m very busy now. How about asking my secretary to go.” Edward says while he is about to ask the secretary.

“Mr Edward, the other party is from Mr Augus family.”

After the headmaster says this, there is a silence on the opposite side. Then, Edward says, “I will be there later.”

“Eh, okay.” The principal hangs up the phone, he puts the phone on the table, and says to those leaders, “Why not make some tea. After all, waiting for people is boring.”

“OK, OK.” A bunch of people are going to make tea, and several flatterers also ask the children if they want milk or cola.

Miya looks at all these in front of her. She pats Alex’s chest and says.

“It seems that capitalists in this world always enjoy preferential treatment.”

“So are you complimenting me?” Alex pinches Miya’s little hand and looks at Miya with a smile.

Miya thinks deeply, she says, “It should be regarded as a compliment, today it seems that you are quite useful.”

“Thanks for the compliment, I am very happy.”

Alex says, kissing Miya’s hand.

It seems that no one is beside them, making others unable to tell whether they are envious or jealous.

“It’s shameless.”