Chapter 223 Don’t you want it

Bella was so embarrassed that she couldn’t look at the screen. “Don’t you think this is more appropriate for your subordinates to do this job?”

“They’ve done it, but found nothing.” James Grayson said coldly.

“I might not find it out either,” Bella said immediately.

It was not that she hadn’t seen it. Amelia William’s computer has a lot of it she just didn’t want to watch it with him.

“I can’t decide until I saw it.” James Grayson said, clicked on one of the videos and looked at the screen seriously, “all three of them have clicked this video.”

“Have you seen it?” Bella asked, with a strange feeling in her heart.

James Grayson’s face was expressionless. “Not yet, but now I’m ready to watch. Don’t be distracted. Looked at the screen.”

Bella, “…”

His remark showed as if she was not serious.

Bella looked at the screen.

A woman and two men in an area outside the city, a high definition and uncensored video.

Bella knew it was part of her work, but watching it together with him was embarrassing. She picked up the mineral water bottle on the table, turned it open, and took two sips.

James Grayson looked at her quietly. “You and I haven’t seen this kind of video before?”

“You’ve never seen such a video before,” Bella said.

“Was I so boring?” James Grayson asked again.

Bella, “…”

“Almost.” She said perfunctorily.

“How many times a week did we do it before?” James Grayson’s questions were becoming intimate.

Bella swallowed her saliva, “I don’t remember.” She also felt that she often said these three words and maybe sounded too perfunctory, she immediately added, “in the past, we didn’t have many opportunities to meet, you were very busy with your work, so I can’t count by weeks.”

“You have a lot of complaints about me?” James Grayson guessed.

His statement seemed like she wanted to do it and he was busy.

Bella didn’t want to continue the discussion, “Chief, don’t you have to work?”

James Grayson looked at her deeply, as if he had already determined the answer. That look always made Bella feel uncomfortable.

Bella looked at the computer screen, she suddenly saw some problems and paused the screen.

What she paused was the scene of two men and a woman doing it together. Bella deliberately ignored the vulgarity.

“Did you find anything?” James Grayson asked.

Bella took the picture out of the bag and compared it.

“The title of this video has written that it is in the wilderness, but it’s not the wilderness at all. It’s in the castle. It’s just because of the black background. It seemed a night scene. Look at it.” Bella pointed out part of the picture, vaguely analyzed between the black bricks, and there was a white spot.

It was on the picture, and it was also on the screen.

“You mean, they all saw the video, and then they all saw the castle, so they all went to the castle?” James Grayson twisted his eyebrows.

Bella didn’t speak. She resumed the video and watched it till the end. The woman licked her fingers and said in a seducing voice, “will you come to me? I am waiting for you in this place.”

“It’s written on the file that they all watched this video when they were on vacation. Maybe, they ever drove to that castle, and then something unexpected happened there. I think this woman is a clue. You’d better find out who she is and let someone check it.” Bella suggested.

James Grayson called out, “Find this woman, I will send you the photo, through face recognition you should be able to find her.”

Bella looked at James Grayson and then turned her face to the mailbox.

“There are several other videos that they all have watched. You can watch them.” James Grayson said, pointing to the next video.

“James Grayson, don’t you think that your subordinates… are a little…” It was hard for Bella to speak. She looked at James Grayson.

“It’s natural for men, in the days without training and on vacations, it’s normal, even if they don’t see it they will be abnormal.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella looked at him strangely.

He means… he has also seen it?

She felt uneasy.

James Grayson suddenly closed the computer.

Bella didn’t understand, “what’s the matter?”

She turned, looked into his eyes and missed a beat. She got up quickly.

However, it was already late.

James Grayson put his arms around her waist and took her to the bedside.

Bella felt hot and tried to take back her hand. “We are on the train.”

“My soldiers are outside. Even a fly can’t fly in. What are you afraid of? Don’t you want it? You complained that I stayed busy with my work and haven’t had it in a week?” James Grayson said, his voice was low and slowly fell in her ear.

“How can I blame you for it? You have misunderstood, chief.” Bella wanted to get up.

James Grayson pushed her down on the bed and looked down at her, “With our relationship, you have been calling me chief, do you think I won’t be angry?”

“Even a little thing makes you angry. You should learn forbearance. You want to become the president of the country. You should be more generous.” Bella pushed his shoulder.

James Grayson took her hand and pressed it on her head. “I can control my temper if you keep calling me chief, but if you always keep refusing than I can’t.”

Bella’s heart trembled for a moment, and there was a kind of strange palpitation flowing.

He was too straightforward.

She had no room to refuse.

He lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Bella didn’t want to, but she also knew that if she resists, James Grayson starts to fight harder, and it will be her own self who will get hurt.

He didn’t have a long process. He did it.

She refused at the beginning, but she was ashamed of her later reaction. She wanted more, but she was ashamed to speak, she looked at him and her eyes were filled with desire, such a Bella looked more beautiful.

James Grayson kissed her lips fiercely, “next time if you refused and I will let you suffer more.”

His tone was fierce, but he was very spoiled in action. He took out for a rest and controlled the impulse and waited for her to be satisfied. He really cared about her feelings.

After finishing, Bella was sweating all over. “Can I take a bath here?”

“There is no hot water. It’s not good to take a cold bath. I’ll let someone boil the water and send it in.” James Grayson said.

Bella was embarrassed, “then they all will know.”

“You shouted so loudly, don’t you think they already know? No flies can fly in here, but it’s not soundproof.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella felt ashamed and lost her face badly. She lay in bed, turned over, turned her back to him, and pretended to be dead.

James Grayson took a look at her. He has some pity in his eyes and sat beside the bed.

Bella ignored him and scratched her nails.

“The people who are here are my confidants. Even if they have to die, they still won’t say it. Don’t worry.” James Grayson said with relief.

“I think you shouldn’t force me,” Bella said.

“When did you volunteer?”