Chapter 310 Call me aunt next time

“What are you doing!” At this time, the bodyguards pointed their guns at him!

The bodyguards’ guns moved with him but no one dared to shoot.

“Put down the hard disk in your hand. I’ve said that I don’t want these. I just want you.” He grabbed the hard disk from my hand and put it on the coffee table. He looked at me affectionately. “Don’t be afraid, I’ve given up you once and won’t give up you again.”

However, the muzzles of the bodyguards were on Sean’s body.


Ming called after me.

I was shaking all over.

I wanted to be by Sean’s side, but I knew I couldn’t.

I knew if I dared to follow Sean, Ming would dare to kill!

I thought about it before. I didn’t want to be with him. I just wanted him to live in this world.

Finally I stooped to pick up the mobile hard disk. I put it in Sean’s hand and looked at him. I said as coldly as I could, “President Jessop, take it. I’m your uncle’s fiancee. Call me aunt next time.”

With that, I was leaving, but Sean held my hand tight.

I looked at him, “let go. President Jessop, your company is going out of business, but Ming just spent 30 billion on the prime time ads of state TV. He has a bright future. No woman will choose you.”

My expression was cold.

But my heart was bleeding.

Every word I said was like a knife. It didn’t hit him, but it hit me in my own heart.

It left some blood holes.

It hurt.

I bit my teeth and didn’t let myself look sad.

Sean looked at me and said, “I know why you say that. I’m useless.”

“President Jessop, don’t speculate. Women like winners. Do you think I’m not a woman?” I raised my chin slightly and looked at Sean. “What’s more, you’ve hurt me so many times, and Ming hasn’t hurt me once. How can I choose you?”

“June, Becky, no matter who you are, I love you. I have only loved you in my life.” Sean held my hand tight.

He left a five finger mark on my arm, which was very obvious.

“President Jessop, let go. People need to look ahead. My relationship with you is over after you send me out of The Best Home.”

When I spoke, I tried very hard to get my hand back.

Sean didn’t let go.

Finally, Ming came and held me in his arms. He motioned with his eyes for several bodyguards to come over and aim the muzzles of their guns directly at Sean’s wrist!

I was scared and inhaled, “you let go!”

Sean shook his head. “Either beat my hand or you go with me.”

“You’re crazy!”

I couldn’t stand it at last.

Ming said, “since Sean says that…”

“Let go!”

Before Ming finished, I raised my foot and kicked Sean in the crotch!

Sean let go and curled up like a shrimp and covered his crotch.

I took my hand back and grabbed Ming’s arm directly and said with a smile, “let’s go.”

“Wait a minute.” Ming raised his hand and took the agreements from Andrew and said, “Sean, I can transfer these advertising periods to you without interest…”


Sean struggled with the pain and straightened up.

But he couldn’t straighten up completely because of the pain.

Ming listened and shrugged, “OK.”

After holding Ming, I kept looking at the direction of the door. I didn’t dare to see Sean. I was afraid that I would not want to go.

Finally, Ming was leaving.

I followed him like this and went out without looking back.

But I knew.

With every step I took now, Sean and I were getting further and further away, and my future and his future were getting further and further away.

The distance of our life was getting farther and farther.

Every step was heavy. I bit my lips and let my tears not fall.

Tears finally fell in my heart.

But there were too many new injuries today. Tears were burning my heart.

It hurt.

The distance from the sofa to the door had never been longer.

It seemed that it took me a century to take these steps.

Finally, Ming and I got to the door.

I worried about Sean and said, “let him go.”

“OK.” Ming patted my hand and didn’t look back. He said to the bodyguard behind him, “take Sean back.”

All the bodyguards came out.

Sean left.

When he came out, I saw him look at me.

But I deliberately ignored him.

The banquet after the auction began.

Ming was the winner so he sat in the first row of round tables.

And I sat next to him.

There were people coming around to toast. Many of them came to ask, “President Jessop, this lady…”

“She’s my fiancee.”

Ming said and held me in his arms.

I smiled reluctantly.

On hearing the answer, they would say, “congratulations.”

Someone said to me, “you are really lucky to find such a good husband as President Jessop! We are envious.”


When I heard these people’s words, I had only a sneer in my heart.

I would exchange it with you if I could.

But I couldn’t say. I could only smile.

Towards the end of the banquet, ward finally came from the farthest table. He held up a glass of champagne and said, “President Jessop, congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Ming was a little tired, but when Ward came, he obviously looked different.

Ward looked at me. “President Jessop, it’s enviable that you’ve had the golden time and a beautiful fiancee.”

“Yes.” Obviously Ming’s attitude towards Ward was very unfriendly.

He seemed to be a little wary of him.

Ward was not angry. He held out his hand and toasted Ming and drank it before he said to me, “Miss Jones, are you asking me something? If you are not busy in a moment, go to me and I can tell you.”

I was stunned.

What was Ward doing?

Ming took my hand and asked me, “what’s up?”

Ward looked at Ming mysteriously and smiled, “is President Jessop interested in killing?”

When Ming heard this, his face immediately turned bad.

I wanted to know it. Since I couldn’t leave, I hesitated for a moment and put my lips close to Ming’s ears and told him, “I’ve seen Daniell’s cell phone which he used before he died. Ward contacted him. I want to know why they contacted.”

Ming looked at me and seemed surprised that I told him about it. After a while he nodded, “you go with him.”