Chapter 309 I’ll divide your body into three parts

Ming waved the agreement in his hand and asked him, “do you want it?”

“No.” Sean declined directly.

I knew why he refused.

Because I knew what Ming would offer later.

“Really? It’s a pity.”

Ming winked at Andrew.

He immediately brought a small fish tank in the lounge.

Ming smiled and held up the hard disk and put it on the top of the fishbowl. “Since you don’t want it, I’ll throw it in. By the way, this is the only copy. There is no backup.”

When he said that, I suddenly felt nervous and wanted to move.

But Sean’s five fingers clasped my shoulder, and I couldn’t move at all.

“Throw it.”

Sean said calmly.

I couldn’t do that. I looked at Sean. “You’re crazy. It’s all your money.”

“It’s not as much money as he spent today.” Sean’s black eyes were cold.

It seemed that the current mobile hard disk had nothing to do with him.

Ming took his hand back and took out a piece of paper. He wiped the hard disk carefully and said, “Sean, I advise you not to do this. If it’s just a little money, how could the Giant group be so miserable? The project is about to bear fruit. I heard that you spent a lot of money to order equipment in the factory and prepare to put it into production. Are you sure it’s just a little money?”

When Ming said that, I clearly felt Sean’s fingers pressing against my shoulders.

It seemed that Ming was telling the truth.

Sean straightened up and looked like he wouldn’t lose to Ming.

But I knew he was sad.

Sean had always been a decent businessman. Every penny in this was earned by him.

“You don’t have to worry about it. If you want to throw it, hurry up. We want to leave.”

Sean said calmly and leaned against the back of the sofa.

He folded his legs and looked very laid back.

“Oh.” Ming raised the hard disk again. “Now that Sean says that, there’s no way. I’m sorry for the tens of thousands of members of the Giant group who are going to lose their jobs.”


When he said this, Sean couldn’t sit still.

Ming seemed to have captured Sean’s sense of responsibility as a boss.

He looked up at Sean. “What’s the matter?”

“Tell me your conditions. Anything but her.”

Sean said directly.

But Ming said, “I just want her, and you take the rest.”

“It’s impossible.”

Sean declined.

“Then I’m sorry.” Ming stood up and let go.

The black hard disk fall freely.


I cried in my heart and rushed straight to it. I caught the hard disk and my back was on the goldfish tank!

I fell down!

My spine hurt!

I lay on the coffee table in pain and did not dare to move.

But now all the bodyguards were rushing over and trying to rob the mobile hard disk!

I grabbed it and wanted to give it to Sean!

As soon as I reached out, all the bodyguards stood in front of me and blocked Sean. Ming leaned slightly and lifted me up and said, “are you ok?”

I struggled with the pain and sat up from the tea table. I held the mobile hard disk in my hands and watched Ming warily.

He smiled and patted my head. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t rob it.”

“This thing is Sean’s. Aren’t you family? Why?” I looked at Ming.

I tried to persuade him.

But when Ming listened to me, he sneered, “he’s the president of the Giant group. Does he treat me as his uncle?”

“From the first day you entered Jessop Family, I knew you were insidious.”

Sean said through the bodyguards.

“Really?” Ming stood up and walked to Sean. “President Jessop, do you know where I was when you and your father had the best life and lived at the top and were flattered?”

Sean looked at him and didn’t speak.

Ming stood up and looked down at him and said, “my mother was ill. I could only wear a sweater that others threw away in winter. I ate the soup made by the leaves left in the market and often went hungry. Even so, I had to work and wash dishes. I dared not spend money. I wanted to buy medicine for my mother.”


When I heard Ming say that, I felt sad.

Did he ever go through such a life?

“You didn’t expect that, did you?” Ming looked at me and then looked at Sean. “So every time I saw news about James and you on the restaurant TV! I hated it!”

“It’s a choice.” Sean also stood up and put his hands in his pocket. “My grandfather said that he was drunk that day, and then he gave your mother a lot of money to abortion, but she didn’t listen. She gave birth to you and kept asking grandpa for money. Grandpa gave her money at first, but later she gambled and kept asking for money, so…”

“Shut up!” Ming had a fake smile on his face. “Even so, the child did nothing wrong! Sean is the best in Jessop Family. I will definitely divide you into three parts after you die. I will send one piece to your parents abroad, one piece to your dear aunt, and then I will bring your head to your grandfather myself.”

When he finished, all the bodyguards in the room suddenly took out their guns from their clothes!

Several people close to Sean pointed their guns at the back of his head, heart, and abdomen.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense!


For a moment, I was scared. I didn’t dare to move. I could only look at Ming.

Ming waved to me and said again, “Becky, come here.”

This time, I was obedient. I walked slowly to Ming and stopped.

Ming put his hand on my head and tapped it. “Good.”

I watched so many guns and sweated with fear. I looked at Ming nervously and begged him, “give him back this hard disk and let him go, and I will marry you. I promise not to contact him again, OK?”

I begged Ming.

He held me in his arms and lowered his head and kissed me on the forehead. “OK, I’ll listen to you.”

At this time, Andrew came up to me and reached out to me.

But Ming shook his head. “Becky, you give it to Sean, and then you tell him what you just said.”

He is too cruel.

But I had no choice.

I took the hard drive and walked slowly to Sean and wanted to give it to him.

But when I walked up to Sean, he reached directly and pulled me to him.