Chapter 308 Becky, come here

“Yes.” I said without hesitation. I whispered, “it doesn’t matter if we don’t start again. I just want us to be together.”

Eric listened to our conversation and consciously took the computer and left.

All the people around left. Most of the people were around Ming.

Only the winner was the most brilliant star. The others were nothing.

The front row was soon empty, and only Sean and I were there.

He turned to me. “No, I said I would give you the best. If I can’t, I break my promise.”

“I don’t care. When I was a teenager, I made money to support myself. Now my age has doubled. Even if you don’t work, I have no problem supporting you!”

I knew Sean was in a very heavy mood right now.

So I tried to make my attitude easy.

He put his hand behind my neck and held me in his arms. After a while he said, “my woman can choose to work hard for her career, but she can’t have no choice.”

“I like my work very much and I am willing to choose hard work. I can support myself and you.”

I hugged him and continued.

“What about our son?”

Sean’s words made me nervous.



“I’m sorry. I was going to talk about a cooperation with Cindy that day, so…”

“It doesn’t matter. I know.”

I knew Sean didn’t mean to hurt Lester.

Even if I admonished myself, I always believed in him unconditionally.

He stood up straight and looked at me. He looked a lot easier. He smiled and said, “for you and our son, I will work hard.” With that, he tapped my hand and said, “let’s go.”

When we got to the door of Noah Center, a staff member came up and said, “the banquet is over there.”

It turned out that after the auction, there was a banquet.

“I have something to do. I’m not going.” Sean wanted to leave.

That staff member was only responsible for notification. He would certainly not force anyone to join.


As soon as Sean and I were about to leave, I heard my name in the noise behind me.

There were a lot of voices but I heard Ming call me clearly.

I turned around and saw Ming, surrounded by a group of people, coming to us.

People around him were trying to please him.

I looked at Ming and hesitated and said, “Congratulations, but I have something to do, so I’ll go first.”

I didn’t know what to call Ming.

Ming? He was exposed so I couldn’t.

Dr. Jessop? Mr. Jessop? President Jessop?

I didn’t know, so I didn’t call him.

Ming looked at me and then at Sean next to me. He was still gentle, “the banquet will begin later. I have something to say to Sean. Let’s go to the lounge.”

“No, we won’t bother you. We have to go first.”

When Sean spoke, I just felt my shoulders sink.

And then I found Sean’s arm on my shoulder.

He just put his arm gently on my shoulder but I faced Ming so I felt extremely heavy.

Ming stared at his arm and couldn’t stand it. He stopped smiling and held out his hand and said to me, “Becky, come here.”


“Have you forgotten that you are my fiancee?”

There was no gentleness in Ming’s voice but command!

“I’m sorry. Let’s talk about it later.”

I couldn’t say those things in front of so many people.

Then Sean next to me said, “let’s go to the lounge.”

Sean knew we couldn’t leave.

It had to be solved.

In this case, for the sake of Jessop Family, we had to find a private place to talk.

“I remember a few years ago that lounge was dedicated to Sean.” Ming said lightly.

It sounded particularly sad now.

We arrived at the lounge together.

When we opened the door, we found that it was full of bodyguards in black! Sean stopped at once.

He turned to leave. A lot of bodyguards suddenly appeared on both sides of the corridor!

These people surrounded us.

Ming looked out and said coldly, “please.”

He was not inviting us.

We couldn’t go back and we could only go in.

When we went in together, the lounge door closed. Ming said again, “Becky, come here.”

“Mr. Jessop, I’m sorry. I’m not going to marry you.” There were bodyguards here, but there were no outsiders, and I had nothing to hide.

“Because of Sean?” Ming looked at Sean.

My words did not surprise him at all.

“No.” I shook my head and stood there. I looked at him and said, “it wasn’t you who accompanied me during my coma, it was Sean, and what were you doing during that time? You set fire to Sean’s AI Institute! And Grandpa Jessop persuaded me to get engaged because you threatened him with the AI files!”

Ming listened to me and went to the sofa and sat down slowly. He said to the man next to him, “take it out.”

At this time, the man opened the package in his hand. He took out a black mobile hard disk and a few things that seemed to be agreements.

I carefully identified and found that the person who took the things was Andrew!

When I was disfigured, he came to see me as an assistant of the patron.

I looked at Andrew and thought about what happened. I said, “you arranged the kidnapping, didn’t you? You are the one who protected me and prevented me from being insulted and made a false impression!”

At that time, I believed Ming was a good man!

I was really stupid!

“Even if I say no, now you don’t believe it, do you?”

When Ming said this, his eyes were full of sadness.

But he was right. I wouldn’t believe him.

I didn’t answer him.

Ming took two things from Andrew and said, “do you know what this is? Sean.”

“All the information about AI research, and the agreement for this auction.”

Sean answered.

He and I sat on the sofa opposite Ming.

He kept his hand on my shoulder.