Chapter 307 If I had nothing

“I have my own way.” I said in a mystical way.

I wanted to scare him.

Ward smiled and said, “it’s all small things. If Miss Jones doesn’t say it, I will forgotten it, but it’s not a shameful thing. It’s OK to tell you, but…” He paused and went on, “what can I get if I tell you?”

As expected, they were all businessmen.

“You don’t have to say that. It’s all in the past anyway. I was just asking casually.”

I knew who Ward was.

He took all the money from Marlin and Inez. They worked for a living and dared not look for him. At last he almost killed me with them!

I tried not to associate with such people.

I turned and left.

Ward didn’t call me again.

When I got to the intersection and was ready to take a taxi home, a familiar black car stopped by my side.

Sean got out of the car. He saw me and came quickly. He saw my thin ankles under my coat. Why are you dressed like this?”

“I want to go in and have a look. I thought if I was dressed up, I wouldn’t need an invitation.”

I looked at Sean. What Ward said just now still reverberated in my mind.

It turned out that Sean was with me when I was in a coma.

Sean frowned and pulled up my hand and said, “come in with me.”

At this time, Eric just got out of the car and followed us.

I looked at Eric and thought of Ward saying that an invitation could only be used by two people. I was afraid we would be embarrassed, so I asked, “can the three of us use an invitation?”

“Miss Jones, we have more than one invitation.”

Eric explained behind him.

I was relieved.

We were almost at Noah Center. A lot of people were waiting to enter.

I saw some familiar faces that often appeared in the news. Sean was married now, after all.

I hesitated for a moment and pulled my hand out of his warm palm.

Sean didn’t respond. When I took my hand off, he looked back at me. I blushed and reminded him, “you’re married.”

He understood and did not speak.

Eric looked at me and took two steps forward and walked with me.

It seemed that he and I were both Sean’s assistants.

We got to the door. The staff member just recognized me at a glance. He looked up at Sean and said nothing and let us in.

The huge Noah Center was full of people.

Our position was in the front.

Eric and I sat on both sides of Sean.

When I sat down, I began to observe the people around me.

“Who are you looking for?”

Sean reached over and took my hand again.

I felt warm. I looked at him and hesitated for a moment and said, “I just met Ward at the door. He said Ming would come.”

“Oh.” Sean responded lightly, “I’m not surprised.”

We sat there for a long time. I didn’t see Ming until the auction started.

In the beginning, some bad advertising time was auctioned.

Those small companies were bidding.

Sean’s number was 0009.

After a while, the advertising time was getting better and better.

The host said, “the next period is five seconds after the national weather forecast.”

This time was already very good!

Eric took out his computer long ago and was calculating Sean’s earnings for that time period and the price range they could afford.

At this time, some small companies began to bid, and the price soared to 4.2 billion!

In the past, the price was not high, but in recent years, the market had been saturated, and people had been relatively calm about the price of advertising.

Finally, Sean raised his hand and Eric entered the number.

The host shouted, “No.9, 4.5 billion!”

All the people looked over!

“No.9, 4.5 billion, once!”

“No.9, 4.5 billion, twice!”

When the host said that, I saw Sean’s face did not dare to relax.

I thought we had made it.

“No.723, 5 billion!”

When the host reported the number and the number, he couldn’t help being excited!

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned!

I saw No.723 was too far away from us.

It was hard for me to see.

But I was sitting on the side, and No.723 happened to be on the side. Although there were many seats between us, I turned around and saw them.

I saw the man sitting far away in a grey blue suit and glasses.

“It’s Ming.” I turned around and told Sean.

I unconsciously put Ming on the opposite side.

Especially today, Ward told me that it was Ming who hurt Sean’s AI Institute.

My marriage with him was also forced by him with those AI documents.

I didn’t like him at all.

“I know.” Sean’s face was calm.

While talking, he raised the sign again.

Eric entered the number.

“No.9, 5.5 billion!”

As soon as the host finished quoting Sean’s price, he said, “No.723, 6 billion!”

Hearing the price, Eric looked at Sean, “President Jessop, it…”


Sean said.

Eric got it.

Sean didn’t bid again so the host started shouting times.

“No.723, 6 billion, once!”

“No.723, 6 billion, twice!”

“No.723, 6 billion, three times!”

After three times, the host shouted, “deal!”

The audience began to applaud warmly!

6 billion was absolutely unprecedented!

At this point, I saw that Sean’s face was worse than before.

Eric kept banging his fingers on the computer in front of him, but his face was as serious as Sean’s.

I knew that there were more and more variables in this war.

Soon the host began auctioning better advertising time.

This time, there were more people competing, and Sean was obviously weak in the bidding.

Finally, the best period of time was expectedly won by Ming with 20.9 billion!

20.9 billion.

This was the most shocking number since Noah Center started this auction.

This time, Ming spent nearly 30 billion in Noah Center!

I turned my head a little and looked at Ming not far away and began to sweat.

I never thought that Ming, who had been with me for so many years, could have 30 billion!

At the end of the auction, everyone gathered around Ming and congratulated him.

Sean sat still. He suddenly raised his hand and held mine. He said helplessly, “if I have nothing, would you like to leave here with me for a while and start again with me?”