Chapter 306 He was with you five days and five nights

“Happy broken pupa, gorgeous new impulse…”

When Linda asked me the name of my studio, my cell phone rang.

I took a look. It was Sean.

I told Sean my number yesterday.

I hesitated and answered the phone. I asked him, “what’s up?”

He was silent for a few seconds and said, “I just want to tell you that I went back to the company. I may be busy in the following days. I may not be able to contact you. I’ll contact you after the advertising auction.”

After the advertising auction…

“OK, I’ll wait for you to contact me.”

Even though I said that, I was not sure if Sean and I could meet after the auction.

When I hung up, Linda asked me, “how about our studio called Swallowtail Butterfly?”

“Swallowtail Butterfly?”

It was the name of my cell phone ring.

“Yes, we’re starting again. Swallowtail butterfly is the largest butterfly. It’s colorful. I think the moral is very good.” Linda picked up a pen and drew a picture on a piece of paper beside her, saying, “the logo of this name is very easy to design. It’s an unfolding butterfly. It has two colors, one for me and one for you.”

“I agree.”

I said.

Actually, at this time, my mind was full of other things. I was going to listen to Linda.

In the afternoon, Linda and I went to Tyloo Home. We told the director about our double studio.

And we said verbally that we could cooperate.

The auction was coming. I felt more and more uneasy.

Finally, the day before the auction, I asked Murray to take Lester back to Sceaux.

Murray knew more or less about Jessop Family.

He agreed without even asking.

Lester certainly disagreed. I promised to take him back in a month, and he reluctantly agreed.

The next day was the auction.

The auction was in the afternoon.

I woke up early in the morning. I dressed up and wore a royal sapphire dress. I curled up my hair and made a fine make-up.

In front of the mirror, I really looked like a successful person.

When everything was done, I arrived at the auction site of next year’s advertisement, Noah Center.

I wanted to take the opportunity to get in.

At the door, I couldn’t help but be frightened by the scene at the door.

Noah Center had a huge square and it was full of luxury cars. These luxury cars were not the Bentley and Porsche that we usually saw on the road.

I hadn’t seen the signs.

There were some common cars but I hadn’t seen their colors.

It seemed to indicate that today’s guests were powerful.

I immediately understood why Sean looked upset when he mentioned the auction.

After all, there were many successful people.

It was not easy to get prime time.

I walked across the square to the door of Noah Center.

I stood there and was stopped by the staff at the door. “Please show me the invitation.”


I was stunned.

It turned out that not everyone could enter here. I had to have an invitation.

I didn’t have an invitation at all. I was guilty but I pretended to open the bag and rummaged carefully. I said to the staff member, “I seem to have forgotten.”

“I’m sorry. You can’t enter without an invitation.”

The staff member said to me.

He was very disdainful.

Obviously, he had seen many such lies.

I was a little embarrassed and realized that I was too careless.

As I stood there, the staff member looked behind me. He looked up and said respectfully, “Mr. Pater.”

I looked back and only saw one man’s upper body.

I looked up and saw a familiar face.


Ward looked down at me. He just paused for a moment and then stepped in.

When I saw Ward, the first thing that came to my mind was the calls Daniell made before he died.

Maybe Ward knew the truth about Daniell’s death!

This man was too dangerous. I couldn’t expose myself to him.

When I saw Ward and I was confused, he came back. He stood in front of me and said, “Miss Carter, long time no see.”


I was surprised!

I didn’t expect Ward to recognize me!

I turned and wanted to leave directly, but I heard him behind me saying, “Oh no, you’re Miss Jones now.”

When he called me, the staff member asked, “President Pater, is this lady your friend?”


Ward admitted directly.

It was no surprise that he recognized me. After all, he told Marlin and Inez about me.

He had been watching me for a long time.

I turned and denied, “I don’t have such a noble friend as President Pater.”

Ward raised his eyebrows and looked at me and said with a smile, “noble friend? I don’t deserve Miss Jones. After all, Miss Jones turned two people in Jessop Family into enemies. Sean was with you for five days and nights when you was in a coma and didn’t care about the company. Ming seized the opportunity and cut off one arm of the Giant group.”


I was stunned.

What he said just now was meaningful!

But it also confirmed what Sean said that day.

Ming did it.

But the person who accompanied me for those five days was…

At this time, because the auction was about to start, there were many people.

The staff were busy checking the invitation, and ward stood there. A lot of people said hello to him.

Ward asked me, “Miss Jones, do you want me to take you in? An invitation can be used by two people.”


“But I have to remind you that they will both be here today. Then the auction will be a hell.”

Ward interrupted me.

His words stopped me from going in with him.

Ming and Sean were coming?

I was not fit to be here.

I shook my head. “Thank you for your kindness, President Pater. I won’t go.”

With that, I turned to leave. When I thought of Daniell, I stopped and turned around and asked him, “President Pater, do you know Daniell? I want to ask you if you know the cause of his death.”

I just wanted to ask him about it.

When I finished, Ward’s mouth moved. His handsome face was surprised. “Miss Jones, how do you know about this?”